Foal Friday: That Thing You Do

This week was a little bit more sedate with the babies. Nobody got special toys or a lake or played dress-up. Summer is starting to feel long and tiresome to everyone I think. But they do continue to be their adorable selves and show off their personalities, which I think we’ve all come to know pretty well by now.

Like how Ollie can always be found at both ends of trouble.

the only part of Ellie he can easily reach
Ellie practicing her (angry) half pass
So many bossy fillies, geez
Even the ultra-patient DudeBroRemi has enough pestering sometimes
I really felt like we just needed a closer look at that face

Yet he also always continues to be quite pleased with himself, 24/7.

Remi is definitely still the more sedate older brother – calmer, less antagonistic, a bit of an Adonis, and getting blonder by the day.

the Ramiro B face is starting to show more
OG big bro and little sis, still BFF’s. He loves her.
Just slightly egotistical, he knows he’s bound for greatness

Oakley has certainly calmed down a lot from her very early days where she was almost as bouncy as Ollie. Now she’s perhaps more into snuggles and naps, but does still enjoy a good romp and definitely doesn’t let anybody boss her around.

I have a lot of Oakley pics like this. Someone loves attention.
Nap Queen
Watch out Ollie, she’s awake!

And there’s dear sweet gentle giant Ellie, who definitely inherited the big floppy ears and familial derp factor. She’s a bit of a momma’s girl (Sadie thinks it’s super convenient that she birthed something that can already reach high enough to give a good wither scratch) but she definitely has a silly, playful side to her too.

A little more derp every week

It’s fun to see how they’ve changed a little bit over time, but also how they’ve stayed the same. They’re definitely four very distinct personalities. I know everybody had their original favorite foal – has yours changed at all over time as their personalities have come out more and more? Despite my obvious bias towards Ellie, Ollie’s little devil personality (which is a bit like Presto on steroids, a thought that is both hilarious and terrifying) makes it hard to not love him. Mostly because I’m not the one having to clean up after his various antics or deal with him 24/7. There’s something really likable about all the babies though – Remi’s got an undeniable “it” factor, Oakley is really friendly and smart, Ollie is the most entertaining foal on the planet, and Ellie is super sweet and goofy – it’s hard for me to pick a clear favorite! What do you think?

Happy Friday, everyone!

8 thoughts on “Foal Friday: That Thing You Do

  1. Ollie is by far my favorite….. but the one I’d actually want to own may be a different answer.
    Oakley may win that because she seems the most practical.

    If course I’d happily take any of them!


  2. That close up of Ollie’s face is meant for meme-dom πŸ˜€ I think Remi is just gorgeous, like breathtaking-ly gorgeous! Those blonde highlights next to that gorgeous chestnut is just amazing. But, secretly Ellie has been my favorite all along.


  3. I don’t think you can pick one… If I were picking what I’d want in a riding horse, probably Remi. Cause he’s chill and goes with the flow. Ellie will be too big for me πŸ˜‰ But I love both ponies too. They’re really a great little herd. Thanks for sharing them with us!


    1. Don’t make me choose!
      I love them all, such distinct characters and all so beautiful, too!
      Ollie definitely is the most entertaining from afar, I bet he can get a bit much with those antics 24/7.

      Why is Remy the only one with a halter, if I may ask?


  4. I can’t choose lol! I love seeing all four of them. Were I to buy one tho, I’d probably go with Oakley. I love duns, and being Paint with the athleticism of Usandro just sounds like a wonderful mix that I’d love to ride.
    And is it just me, or does that close-up shot of Ollie look like Sid the sloth? LOLOL


  5. Oakley then Ollie then Remi then Ellie (Nothing against Remi and Ellie who are both gorgeous but i have no need for elephants) I also have no need for ponies but that dorsal stripe of Oakley and Ollie’s general cuteness with a smidge of evil get me everytime. HA

    Love how they are all growing up! SO FAST πŸ™‚

    And now I cant usee Sid the Sloth, thanks Mandy haahahha


  6. If I was in a position to snatch Oakley up right now, I’d have her in a heartbeat. She’s exactly my type – sporty pocket rocket with a really people-friendly personality. I’m only 5’1 so little is good! I’m also really partial to mares, and the flashy unique colour is a bonus, too. If I was baby shopping she’d honestly tick every single box for what I’d ideally want.

    That being said – Ollie is HYSTERICAL (and shares a name with my pony gelding), Remi is just a straight up bombshell, and Ellie has a major “must snuggle” factor. ❀


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