Famous Last Words

Remember a couple weeks ago when I was talking about all the stuff Presto puts in his mouth on a daily basis and a few people were like “hope he never goes for your reins!” and I was like “that’s one thing he hasn’t really done!”.

Yeah, I should have known better than to say that.

Yesterday while I was riding he put them in his mouth three times. While I was riding. THREE TIMES. Pretty much every time we halted and stood for more than a few seconds he’d reach around, grab it, and just hold it between his front teeth. Great. Super. Cute new trick. I find myself really glad that I bought him some super cheap clearance reins a couple months ago…. I won’t be upset when he inevitably trashes these since they were only $25.

This is why he can’t have nice things, probably ever, since this particular brand of lifelong mouthiness seems to be genetic. I’ve definitely given up on the idea of him growing out of it. Was hoping he wouldn’t develop an affinity for reins like his sire though.

On the subject of things that Presto will likely destroy, his pre-order unicorn sheet finally came in. His monkey blanket came months ago, but I wanted a no fill sheet in the unicorn pattern, which didn’t exist in his size at that time, so I had to request one on their next order. And then I promptly forgot all about it until I got the email the other day saying that it had arrived in stock.

So now he has a unicorn sheet and a monkey blanket waiting for him this winter, and I’m going to absolutely strangle him with the remains after he kills them both, because I know he will.

I also realized the other day that I seem to have misplaced my neck strap. Which doesn’t really make me too sad, because I was thinking about getting a new one anyway, maybe something with a little color. I like the Clever with Leather one, which I could do in brown leather with navy padding, but by the time I add the saddle attachment and a plate and pay for tax/shipping it’s now a $90 neck strap. That’s a lot, I’m definitely not convinced I want to spend that much for what is essentially a belt.

I do kinda like the customizable biothane ones that SuperXCountry sells, they’re fully custom and you can get the saddle attachment as well. In a way biothane is a little more appealing to me for a neck strap, since it’s so easy to clean and Presto sweats a ton. Of course they’re in the UK so I’m looking at around $58 by the time all is said and done, which is definitely better than $90 but I’m still not totally convinced I want to spend that much on a neck strap. What else have you guys seen out there that a) has color (ok navy – navy is the only color) b) has the saddle attachment c) isn’t too expensive? Extra bonus points if you can have a name or saying printed on it or attached to it.

13 thoughts on “Famous Last Words

  1. I don’t know anything about neck straps but I do know all about mouthy horses. He is 25 and we’ve had him almost his entire life, and he has always had an affinity for natural fibers. Cotton. Leather. All consumed in a blink on an eye. Cheap reins were a staple for years. Crappy nylon lead ropes are a must have for him. He’ll still chew them if he gets the chance, but they last a bit longer.


  2. http://www.thedistancedepot.com

    They make custom Biothane tack. I’m willing to bet that if you call them, send over the link tot he one from the UK you like, and ask if they can duplicate it, they probably can and for less than $58. The gals over there are great, and bonus, you’d be supporting a small family business! The “beta” biothane is the kind you’d want, it feels most similar to leather.


  3. I don’t know how well it would work with the breastplate you’ve been using with Presto, but I have a racing yoke from Big Dee’s tack. They come in hunter green but not navy, and they’re under $20.


  4. I bought a clever with leather one during the land rover sale (I think?). I am very very happy with it. It matches my tack perfectly. I got brown leather with navy padding, with the attachment piece. I love it. I did get it on sale, but it maybe one of my favorite things, even though it is so simple


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