Foal Friday: A Day at the Lake

A few weeks ago, during the last triple digit heat wave, you guys may remember that the babies got their very own little splash pad in their pasture. Ollie loved it the most of course, and kept playing in it even as it slowly dried up and dwindled to nothing but a wee puddle of muck. But this week brought another major heat wave, so their splash pad got refilled, and this time with even more water. Now I think it’s officially graduated from a splash pad to their own private lake. And they are here for it.



Ollie is the first to dip his toes in of course, no matter how awkward
Remi was a bit more elegant about it
Oakley, ever the polite one, was on her way to greet the lake’s proprietor when she got SadieSmashed by Ellie. I swear there is a gene for having a tendency to sit on things or ram them with your butt, and Sadie and all of her babies have it. 
but Oakley made it through and greeted the proprietor before they got down to business

Once everyone was settled in and re-introduced to the water, it wasn’t long before they were in it. At first Ollie was distracted by antagonizing Oakley…



so it took him a few minutes to notice the toys. A couple balls and a couple pool noodles, clearly placed there JUST FOR HIM!

deez for me

Oakley came to check them out too, and while her back was turned Ollie tried to prank her.

Imma get this nood…
Imma sneak up behind her…
aaaaand BOO!

Yeah, that didn’t work. All these babies are noodle-proof by now. So Ollie abandoned the yellow one and figured he’d try the red one instead.

she’ll never expect it!

And… yeah nope. That didn’t impress her either. In fact, she just slowly walked away and left him standing there alone holding his “scary” noodle.

Womp Womp

Not one to be deterred for long, Ollie tried another tactic: a game of tag.

Imma just sneak right up in here and BOOP YOU’RE IT!

Except he forgot that it’s never really a good idea to antagonize a filly enough to make her chase you, so he did the only logical thing he could: ran to the other filly for protection.

Ollie: ELLIE WILL SAVE ME! Ellie: Um, what. 

Of course, Ellie had been in the middle of laying out by the lake, soaking up some vitamin D and having a bit of a snooze. She was not the most pleased about being interrupted.

It’s okay, this happens a lot

Luckily Oakley had gotten distracted in her pursuit of Ollie anyway, and all was quickly forgotten.


Ollie eventually made his way back to the lake and continued to play by himself, running circles through it long after everyone else had gotten distracted or opted for a nap.

Ollie is Ollie whether anyone plays with him or not

Not a bad way to ride out a heat wave, that’s for sure. I feel a little jealous of these babies sometimes.

Happy Friday, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Foal Friday: A Day at the Lake

    1. I would not get anything do e with these 4 in the field… I would watch them all day!
      Is there a reason why Remi is wearing a halter?


      1. He has his on because either I forgot to take it off or the kids turned him out and I let them just unsnap the lead rope 🤔 I should go take it off lol


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