When in doubt just add dolphin

Apparently the universe is just pushing me for funsies, because once I absolutely lost my mind with frustration Monday/Tuesday (and yelled at a Swede. sorry? no I’m not), everything finally started to move.

PSoS has given up on UPS resolving the shipping mistake, so today they sent me a whole new package. It makes me sad to think of the original sitting abandoned in a warehouse in Kansas City (what do they do with all the stuff that ends up there, anyway?) but I’m pleased to finally have some resolution. Hopefully. Maybe. If UPS tries to send me another bill it won’t be pretty. PSoS has been really apologetic about how this whole thing went down. Every UPS rep I’ve talked to in all this, which would be 6 including the Swedish one, has been 0% helpful. Absolutely the damn worst. The Swedish one tried to tell me that they delivered the package to me on Monday – I responded and said no they didn’t, they delivered it to “UPS OVERGOODS” in Kansas City, you can see that right there on the tracking page – and I haven’t heard a peep from him since. Useless. Just as useless as all the US-based UPS reps that just shrugged and said I should talk to the sender.

Schitts Creek GIFs | Tenor

The Pivo package also finally showed some movement and made it into Texas as of yesterday. Maybe I’ll get it within the next couple days? I’m feeling more hopeful anyway, especially seeing it heading in the correct direction that would indicate that the second tracking number they gave me is actually the right one. It would be nice to have it in time for Presto’s weekly ride.

And my Smartpak order shipped! it’s as if everyone’s ears were burning yesterday now that my blood pressure finally went through the roof. Thank goodness I have horses to “talk me down off the ledge” so to speak, because omg I was irritated.

well ok by “horses” I meant I have one dolphin and one giraffe

Between the annoying UPS people and some work BS I had steam rolling out of my ears yesterday as I headed to the barn. It was really humid and already getting hot/gross even at 9:30… Henry was contently grazing but already starting to sweat. Humidity is his kryptonite. I figured with my mood and him already pre-melting, we would just keep it light and fun. We went out to the back pasture where we have our little gallop path/hills for just a light w/t/c.

Well that’s what I intended anyway. For a horse that can’t really get any oxygen when it’s humid, someone was real full of himself.

I used a hair tie to secure my phone to a tree (while cursing Pivo the entire time) and had originally just planned to get a couple passes of us trotting and cantering past it. Cuz, ya know… need something for the ‘gram. But as soon as we’d made one lap of the track at a trot and I turned around to trot the other way, Henry decided he was done trotting. Jig, yes. Canter in place, yes. Walk, yes. Gallop, yes. Those were my options apparently. Trotting iz stoopid. So we galloped a lap each way, with him dolphining most of the second lap (he likes to give himself a warmup lap or two before he starts yeehawing, it’s his thing).

As usual, I was cackling at him the whole way. He knows how to be just ridiculous enough to make me laugh. Cheeky little shit. But he 110% fixed my mood, that’s for sure. All of my ire was magically gone by the time I rode back up the barn and dismounted. What do people without horses even DO with their emotions?

Also Presto was the last horse I’d ridden, and when I slid off Henry I did that thing where I misjudged how close the ground was. Henry’s withers are really the only thing giving him any height, his back itself is probably a hand lower than Presto’s. I guess my body forgot, because WHAM feet into the ground. That was still kind of entertaining because hey… that means I’m getting used to riding Presto.

By the time I got back to my computer I was in a much better mood than when I had left, that’s for sure. Thanks dolphin boy.

11 thoughts on “When in doubt just add dolphin

  1. I have the exact opposite problem when dismounting! I forget that Simon is 2-3″ taller than Coco and when I get off I feel like I’m free falling! LOL!
    And ditto on the pony-mood-reset-button! I love my WFH days bc I ride before work and it just makes my day SO much better!


  2. I just saw this, thought you might need the laugh. https://rubaiyate.tumblr.com/post/34434013895/this-is-my-youngest-colt-dante-he-is-half

    A quote: “He is now 6 years old, and his antics over the years have included: opening gates, untying every knot that I know how to tie, undoing various buckles (on halters, headstalls, saddles, harnesses, *my belt*), pantsing his farrier, attempting to steal his vet’s wallet, opening doors, climbing stairs (up *and* down), climbing into the back seat of the truck, opening the trailer door, locking his brother in said trailer, treeing a raccoon, outsmarting the electric fences (fence posts are insulated, thus do not shock him + if the wire touches the ground, it shuts off = remove the fence posts, ground the wire, escape)”

    May he and Presto never meet? 😉


  3. Sometimes you just have to let it all out on the interwebs to get things moving I guess? Glad it seems things will mostly be working out.
    Henry look like to be having an absolute BLAST! So nice to see him feeling good despite the weather!


  4. I ride a friend’s horse, a similarly cheeky 25YO Arabian. She sometimes “bucks” when she’s fresh (because she’s semi-retired so only ridden a couple days a week)….but it’s really mellow at this point and really just funny! She’s also great at picking the days I really need a mood lift to do it. I relate to this post on a deeply personal level!


  5. I’ve been trying to reinstall Piggy’s canter departs. Right now they look a little bit like a backstreet boy stuck his finger in a lightsocket. 🤣 I should hook up the Pivo for him so I can share. Silly flailing ex-race-dramas!


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