Top Creeper

You know how on Facebook if you interact with a certain page a lot they’ll be like “You’re a TOP FAN, here’s your badge!”?

Facebook Top Fan Badges – And Why You Should Be Interested - Isentia

I dunno about y’all, but for me personally when Facebook tries to tell me I’m a “top fan” of a certain page it really means either “top person who really just doesn’t know when to shut up” (look, I got real frustrated on COTH’s page during all that SafeSport/GM nonsense) or “top mega creeper stalker” (whaaaaaat? meeeeee? noooooo…). Facebook ain’t playing when it calls me out with that Top Fan badge.

OK YOU CAUGHT ME I’m a real creeper about certain pages. Particularly the above farm who stands a stallion that I really love that of course is only available for breeding in Ireland. I have talked about him a little bit on here before because he’s the sire of my favorite 5* horse Tullabeg Flamenco, among others. As the kids would say, I’m a major stan.

Watson chips in for victory
Tullabeg Flamenco. Go ahead, try to judge me.

And see, since this stallion isn’t available outside of Ireland, it’s possible that I may have developed a wee little fantasy about someday trying to buy a filly by him to import/ride/breed. (note: by wee little fantasy I mean major obsession because I don’t really do much of anything “wee little” let’s be honest, it’s all or nothing)

Therefore, naturally, I stalk the farm’s page like it’s my damn job. Particularly during foaling season. I like all the foal pictures, I comment sometimes, heck I’ll even friend request Irish people who breed to him (note: y’all shouldn’t accept my friend request, I’m a lunatic. but also please accept my friend request so I can stalk at a more in depth level.). It’s a compulsion and I can’t stop. Ok I don’t want to stop.

I’m obsessed with her – out of a full sister to Imperial Sky – but they don’t know yet if they want to sell or not

Like… is this the true motivation behind the Ireland trip I wanted to take this year? YES. OK? YES IT IS. I wanted to see Tullabeg Fusion and some of his foals in person. But then ‘rona ruined that idea so I just turned into an even more epic online stalker instead. If there is a Tullabeg Fusion filly listed for sale publicly in Ireland, I guarantee I have seen her (note: I’m probably also stalking the owner and/or farm on facebook. please don’t tell anyone). It’s also possible that one day I got really side tracked because one sale website also listed Irish farms for sale and I was like “Ooooh yeah, this seems like a reasonable possibility”. (note: moving to Ireland is not reasonable) (subnote: it did not stop me from casually perusing real estate for an hour)

It’s also possible that I may have roped Michelle into being an accomplice to this scheme. I mean… a filly with top Irish bloodlines? Makes total sense for a breeder. (note: I can rationalize anything) (subnote: this is why it’s dangerous to be my friend) I mean, think about it… the filly could even stay in Ireland until she was 3, get bred to another stallion that’s only available in Ireland, of which there are many, and then be imported. It’s cheap to raise them there. Or ya know, if you import under the age of 2 it’s not that terribly expensive. (note: see above note about how I can rationalize anything)

Potential Eventer: Dun 2yo by Tullabeg Fusion |
This one’s 2. I volunteer as tribute.

Clearly it has to be a buckskin or palomino though, because this is my wee little fantasy and I said so. Preferably buckskin. We’ve talked about my secret obsession with this color before, don’t clutch your pearls. And if I can get it in a super sporty package… no judging.

So ya know, it’s possible that every time the farm posts a new buckskin foal I come screeching in out of nowhere like “hI iZ  tHiS oNe A fIlLy AnD iF sO iS sHe FoR sAlE???”

Crazy Eyes GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I’m creepy, I know. But geez Facebook, why you gotta call me out? I feel attacked.

(note: did that stop me from accepting the Top Fan badge and displaying it proudly? no it did not. fly that freak flag high.)

12 thoughts on “Top Creeper

  1. I had to look up this “stan” thing. I feel so hip now. I guess I’m a major stan of my Stan. Gah, this could get weird…


  2. Haha FB should do a top creeper badge instead of the fan… So buckskin happens to be my favourite horse colour too, so I totally support this obsession of yours! I’ve been the same way stalking stallions and foals with certain breeding too…I’m luckier I guess since mine are just in the US and not Ireland. My friend and I have also tracked down/stalked owners of foals from certain mares to ask all kinds of questions. Amazing that a lot of people actually answer PMs about horses. lol

    I hope you can import a filly one of these days – that would be so exciting!


  3. Have you seen this filly:

    Also: it does *not* take much to get the “top fan” badge. I think I commented on two or three of you fb posts and was a top fan… 🤷‍♀️


  4. The weather in Ireland would likely suit Henry better. That alone justifies a potential move. 🙂
    Be still my heart, a buckskin filly. The boys would love a little sister. 🙂


  5. Oh how I understand your obsessing ! After all, is there really such a thing as “casual interest” ? I think not 🙂

    And isn’t at least half the enjoyment the planning and the dreaming ? It sure is for me. Good luck on your future breeding and riding endeavors.


  6. I’ve already told my husband that my belated 30th bday present for myself is going to be a trip to Ireland where I will retrieve a baby brother for Francis. Hit me up and we can go be creepers together.


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