I’m starting to think that there’s something about me that makes packages want to avoid me like the plague. I’m kind of getting offended.

Almost as offended as Henry when the dumbabies got a new round bale and his chonky ass didn’t

I seem to be a magnet for shipping problems lately. First it was the PSoS/Horselet situation where they shipped the package as “freight on delivery” and thus I got a bill for $263 dollars before they would deliver my package. Lol. No. It’s been a month since this all started and there’s still no resolution. It took a while to get an original response to their mistake and for them to get a handle on just how many packages were affected (lots) but on May 26 they sent an email saying they were taking care of it and all packages would be delivered within 1-4 days with no charges due.

GIF schitts creek david rose pop a pill - animated GIF on GIFER ...

But, like… I’m pretty patient. I know with covid and all this other stuff going on across the world, things can be delayed. I waited two weeks before I emailed again. The response was a little huffy “you can see it’s still on hold, so we’re taking care of it”. Bro, I’m not the one that said 1-4 business days two weeks ago. But ok, if it’s still on hold then fine… I’ll give you more time. In the meantime I got a bill in the mail from UPS and two harassing phone calls from them trying to get me to pay. I explained the situation, and UPS seemed totally uninterested in anything I had to say.

And then I check it again and see that the package has been rerouted to… Kansas? To UPS’s lost/damaged/unclaimed packages location. I lost it. Turns out there is an end to my patience and we found it. I messaged the Horselet and they spent 3 paragraphs apologizing but providing no actual assistance before lamely giving me the email of their UPS rep, which made me lose it even more. This isn’t MY problem to fix, y’all did it, y’all fix it. Don’t push me off on your UPS rep. When I emailed my PSoS contact she copied said UPS rep directly on her response to me, which was slightly better but still real irritating. The UPS rep responded within a few hours saying “Ok it’s done, I fixed everything, the package will be delivered to you by Wednesday”. Which… 1) it was that easy? If so why has it taken a month?? 2) I can’t tell if this is true or not because the original tracking number stopped working yesterday when the package got delivered to Kansas. 3) I don’t believe him. At all.

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But ok, I’m still a (slightly) reasonable person. I asked for the new tracking number, since the old one is marked as Delivered to Kansas City. I’m waiting for a response. I have a UPS account so I know when there are packages en route to me and right now nothing shows up. I’m trying very hard to tamp down my rage but I’m losing that battle. I don’t NEED what’s in the package immediately, it’s not time sensitive, I understand that shit happens and people are busy and blah blah blah. But… don’t lie to me. THAT is enraging. I don’t know if it’s UPS’s fault or PSoS’s, but I’m over it.

Also a wasp stung Henry’s lip while we were riding last week and I almost got off and murdered it with my bare hands

On top of that, there’s been major weirdness with my Pivo package. I ordered on May 22, a Friday afternoon, and got ship notification on May 26, the following Tuesday. All good. That tracking number showed slow but steady progress across China, all the way up the customs/export stage on May 30 when it stopped. Then on June 1 I get a “shipping update” from Pivo with a different tracking number. Huh? So I watch that tracking number for a few days and see it making it’s way across China too. Meanwhile, the original tracking number stalled out and had no new updates.

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So I email Pivo to ask them which one was the right tracking number. Either the original shipment was seriously stuck, or they didn’t actually ship anything for over a week after my order date. The customer service person I talked to seemed equally confused, but finally said ok the original tracking number was the right one. Great! Except… that one now showed no updates whatsoever. Not even the ones that had been there originally showing it moving across China. Now it just said “no order information found”.

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Emailed Pivo again and this time they said no, the second tracking number was the right one. Sigh. Ok. That one does show that the package is at least in New Jersey (it’s been sitting there since Friday), at it’s latest update. I guess we’ll… go with that? Meanwhile people who ordered their Pivos after I did have already had them for a week. Just like people who ordered from Thehorselet after I did have had no issues getting their stuff. I’m cursed.

It also doesn’t help that I finally caved to a Smartpak clearance item (I try to avoid ordering from them because I’ve had a lot of problems in the past) a week ago and that still hasn’t shipped yet. Things are behind, I get it, but I’m not having any problems with Corro, Riding Warehouse, or even Dover. It’s a sad day when Dover beats you.

Did I mention the bitless bridle I ordered in March is still on indefinite backorder?

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Cursed, I tell you.

And speaking of all this covid/everything running behind stuff… Austin is not looking so good.

In the few weeks since everything re-opened, cases have started to sky rocket. Our mayor officially extended the “work from home” order through at least mid-August, which I’m hoping my company follows. I’ve been watching these numbers go up and thinking about how bringing people back into the office in July just seems like not a great idea. They also officially moved the city into Stage 4 risk.

Austin Public Health explains new risk-based guidelines for COVID ...

It’s extra frustrating, because I constantly see people out and about with no mask. Drive past the water park or the outlet mall and it’s packed (with very few masks in sight). It’s as if people took precautions for the first week or two, decided they didn’t like that, and everyone just went back to normal. And our local government can’t do anything but make “recommendations” because of the state’s order. This just kind of has SHITSHOW written all over it.

I’ve still been avoiding anything except the barn and my bimonthly grocery store run, aside from Presto’s trail ride which required zero interaction with anyone but Hillary (who is also self-quarantined). There’s nothing out there I particularly need or want and I really don’t want to be part of the problem. The SO still has to go in to work, since it’s kind of impossible to be a work from home mechanic, but their work stations are quite separated and everyone has their own tools and they’re wiping all the car’s surfaces down, so his job seems quite low risk compared to many. I’m hoping my work will update us this week on whether or not their return to work plan is going to change, given these new updates from the mayor.

How are things in everyone else’s world?

35 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. I think your Pivo is in the same shipment as my original order. I ordered the red, but then changed my mind and realized the silver would be better. Unfortunately it was too late to cancel the original order so I’ve been waiting for it to get to me so I can return it. The silver, which I ordered a few days after the red, arrived over two weeks ago. It don’t make no kind of sense. :/


  2. I ordered a Pivo silver on the 27th, it just arrived at my towns post office yesterday, so hopefully it will arrive today or tomorrow for me. It was in limbo from the 27th until about the 11th when suddenly it was in NJ and then yesterday it told me it left NJ.


    1. Mine shows that it’s been in NJ since the 10th, going from one facility to another. Been in the “waiting for usps pickup” there since the 12th. :/ IF that’s even my actual tracking number anyway. I give up lol.


      1. I’m crossing my fingers for you!!! I’m in MA so maybe it went left faster because I’m closer to NJ? It’s all very weird I will give you that. I got double notifications it was on a plane and then a ship leaving China which was really weird.


  3. I have had a handful of shipping issues, too. One personal mail, the rest work mail. The work mail stuff is a nightmare. That is so weird about the Pivo, how some people get them right away and others are waiting weeks. That makes zero sense.


  4. I ordered two pairs of horse boots from Premier Equine on Monday, June 8. I also ordered a new safety tap from SmartPak on June 8. Guess which arrived at my door on Thursday, June 11? Guess which still hasn’t been delivered yet?


    1. I can guess, too! Though to be fair SmartPak WAS good about sending email updates. They must simply be shorthanded in their warehouse because my package didn’t even ship for a week (?) after I ordered it. But at least it DID arrive! Dover has been terrific. They had lost my business for many years but nowadays I am firmly back on Team Dover, along with Riding Warehouse which has never, ever done me wrong (I do wish they hadn’t raised the minimum amount for free shipping, but I guess they wanted to match the competition).

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      1. SmartPak didn’t email me at all until it shipped on that Friday – I only bought the safety tap from them because it said it would arrive with my barn order on that Weds! I get though that COVID has everything screwy. I mean, this is all 1st world problems, right?


        1. Yup It’s totally first world problems, which is why I’ve tried to be patient and understanding. I get it if things are slow and it’s not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things.

          God I hate being lied to though, I will say that much.


          1. Well, you have an exception to “1st world problems” here. The package WAS shipped, it arrived, there was an error, and now three companies cannot agree to give it to you even though the one company admitted a mistake and is purportedly fixing it. THIS is bananas. Like, WTAF? Bonus at least it’s 1,000,000,000 Kelvin in TX right now.


  5. What a nightmare and I am so sorry about the quarter sheet mess in particular. I would be enraged as well! I also agree about the flat-out lying. Okay, so it’s bad news, maybe that I’m NEVER going to get my package but just TELL ME so I’m not sitting around fuming and wondering where on God’s green earth it actually is. UPS better stop harassing you for the money, too, because that’s all kinds of not okay. This Horselet place isn’t going to last long if they don’t fix their mess!

    I’ve ordered a bunch of stuff online during quarantine and while some things shipped more slowly (Smartpak) and others more quickly (RW and Dover, same as you!) everything has at least made it to my door. Items have come separately that were initially out of stock, but all the stores have been great about sending emails with updates. I’ve been patient and just gotten in the car and gone to the bricks-and-mortar tack shop, too, for things that couldn’t wait (they were doing curbside pickup and are now fully open with reduced hours). The farm stores have also been helpful as they never closed at all (and the clientele seems to have taken the entire virus situation very casually, given the lack of masks every time I visit),

    I went to the first show of the year over the weekend and while the traffic pattern requests in the barn were completely ignored, we did limit the number of people/horses in the warmup and the stalls were spread apart so I really wasn’t in any human’s space very much. Having more room was rather nice, truth be told. I also had a GREAT show – two firsts and good ribbons in tough company for other classes.

    As of yesterday Missouri is “fully open” with zero restrictions. We shall see how things go… I personally will continue to wear a mask, except to the barn and the swimming pool!


  6. UGH! I hate all of the package woes with you/for you.

    And the case load in Austin rising is super scary. My brother and future SIL got there just in the nick of time it seems (3 weeks ago for her and 1 week ago for him). Fortunately, they’re holed up now and should be safe from the chaos. I’m pretty sure they’ll be there permanently now as both of them are super put out with NYC after everything that has happened (they fled the city on March 12 before shit hit the fan).


  7. Ugh, I hope your shit shows up soon. Especially the bridle but that’s only because i want mine too.
    We’re supposed to go back to the office possibly next month too, and I don’t want to. I also don’t go anywhere but the barn. Though I had a socially distant driveway visit with my mom. So I guess I go two places. I get the groceries delivered. Just zero interest in being indoors anywhere but my house. Cases are up, but testing has increased significantly, so I’m not sure what that all means. Either way, I’d rather avoid it.


  8. They had Austin’s mayor on NPR this morning talking about the recent spike. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see that here in Boise. I am SHOCKED by the lack of masks and ho hum attitude. But, as of last report there was only an 11% increase since the community opened up, so they are still not shutting things back down. Fingers crossed. And fingers crossed your package arrives!


  9. We have had our own shipping issues. Mark ordered Flexshot from Flexseal oh a month ago?? Still havent gotten it. No phone number to call we have had vague emails back. FINALLY i think it shipped this week. But early May he orderd it. If you can’t handle the orders stop taking them!

    I ordered fence post lights for our dog fence in APRIL from Home Depot. Was going to pick up but popup thing said OH look we can hand delivery in 24 hours for 9 bucks. SOLD. I ended up having to go thru PAYPAL to get my money back since I never got the lights (and multiple calls to HD that didn’t resolve anything). Guess what we got this past weekend? Post lights. And Paypal said they refunded my money. In case anyone is checking its JUNE now. I cant decide what to do repay Home Depot or just shake my head at how stupid they are (OH and they took their online chat functionality off lately, yeah not smart). You sit on a phone for 40 minutes on hold. UGH….

    Stateline took four weeks to deliver me some fence posts for the electric fence. This was right back when Covid really started up so I will give them a break. BUT OVERALL why does all this shit going on mean that we get shitty service??

    Let’s not even go to the fact that FedEx lost three boxes of food from Imperfect coming to me. I finally cancelled my account.


  10. WordPress just really hates me today.

    We had someone in our building tested for Covid the Friday before last I believe. The test came back positive beginning of last week. So now we all get to be tested. It’s a person not in our department, but he came to our office when he was at work with symptoms (why he didn’t call in, I don’t know). None of us had direct contact with him, two people in our office talked to him through our front window which was cracked about 2 inches. More than likely a waste of testing supplies, but better safe than sorry I guess. Due to some recent health concerns, I’m also not in the moderate risk category.

    My sister lives in Austin and works for a big accounting firm downtown. Last she told me they weren’t returning to the office for a while, with a big reason being that many employees use public transit to get to work. I’m not sure if they have a return to work date set yet. Thankfully they can work from home without many issues.

    We are still in the phases of reopening in our area. Many of the city pools aren’t opening at all this year due to budgetary issues. So no places for people to really have mass gatherings. I still have to make once a week grocery store trips, but I typically avoid taking my son if I can. Other than seeing a person here or there, I really haven’t been around many people other than the people I work with in the past few months.

    I am still waiting to see if my package that has been sitting in customs since April 28th will ever arrive. I ordered a secondhand bit from a store in the UK and so far it still sits in Chicago.I hope your packages all arrive soon!


  11. My shipping here has been crazy too, Bahr Saddlery is one of my go tos and usually ships in a day or two. Apparently Canada Post is holding packages for 14 days (their own quarantine???) so the tracking just stops for two weeks. It says on their website “Don’t call, we dont have any more information than whats here”. OK like thats helpful LOL. My Mattes pad from Hufglocken tracking doesnt work so just fingers crossed on that one LOL

    Also sending positive vibes, watching your numbers and they are getting scary. Stay safe!!


    1. I just got a package via canada post that shipped May 6th from the UK…went through customs in 24hrs and then sat in Ontario for a month with Canada Post and same as you the tracking just stopped. Then finally reactivated and it took them just two days to ship from there to my door in BC. Fingers crossed you get yours too!


  12. On Friday, I got something from Amazon that was projected to arrive on July 3 (which was already bonkers, but I didn’t need it, so whatever). But I did NOT get something that was listed as “out for delivery” all day. Good grief.


  13. I had something similar happen to me, twice now. The first was an order for mask fabric from Joanne’s. A couple yards of dinosaur fabric. This was for curbside pickup. TWO WEEKS after the initial order, I got an email from them cancelling it, with the explicit stated reason that someone AFTER me had basically bought the entire bolt. >.< I got my fabric from Missouri Quilt Co, who were shocked to hear what had happened with Joanne's. (My new fabric is glow in the dark dino bones!)

    The other one's actually an ongoing Amazon issue. Over a year ago, I reported a driver for throwing my packages from her truck window. Only when she saw me on the porch did she get out of the truck, walk over, pick them up, and hand them to me. I had said nothing to her to make her do so, the look on her face was very much, "ohsh*t I'm caught." Since then, NO packages addressed to me, delivered by Amazon Logistics, have made it to my house safely. They have ALL been sent to various neighbor's houses. My parent's packages, with the exact same address, arrive safely. I ended up changing the account name to my mother's name.

    The last straw was right as the pandemic and lockdown orders began. I bought a webcam while they were still cheap. It took a MONTH to even ship, and of course it had my name on it. So the UPS driver, ignoring all instructions on my account, claimed that he'd "handed the package to a resident," and DID NOT take a photo. I was home. We have porch cam footage. No truck came NEAR my house that day. I called UPS, and got an investigation started, since by that time, webcams were going for $400. Unless the driver could provide PROOF he'd actually delivered the package (he hadn't even gotten the required signature), they told me it would be treated as package theft by driver.

    The very next day, I got a knock on my door. It was a neighbor from about 1/4 mile away, firmly holding onto her teenage son. (Both masked, of course.) Sullenly, he handed me my opened package and opened webcam. It seems the UPS driver had thrust it into his hands the day before, and left. Instead of returning it to me, the kid decided to open the package first. His next thought was, "ooh, free webcam!" His mom found him playing with it the next morning, and upon searching his room, found the Amazon packaging. She immediately marched him over to my place and made him give it back and apologize. Thankfully, the cam is undamaged, and I have been able to use it for my online class, as intended.

    I hope your packages arrive with no further drama!


  14. Governor Abbott’s press conference today explained that really everything is fine, it just looks bad in the numbers. Unless you are a prisoner in Beaumont, because that prison is where the cases really shot up. Something like that. This county is also spiking, the mayor is advising extra caution, but the Governor decides if we need to do more protection or not. Hmmm.


    1. I trust Abbott about as far as I can throw him lol. I already know people here that are getting sick, and looking around at the lackadaisical approach doesn’t inspire confidence considering the spike in cases. We’re good on ICU beds now, but… we just barely reopened things. The cities are for sure going to be the bigger concern for now.


  15. Shipping has indeed gone bananas. 2 weeks ago I got a CHRISTMAS food/treat giftbasket (the Harry & David kind). I was beyond confused and laughing hilariously. Who would send me a Christmas giftbasket in June? Was it an accident? A prank? Turns out it my sister bought it for me as a Christmas gift ya know, on December 14th 2019. It had apparently been sitting in some warehouse for SIX MONTHS before some UPS driver finally delivered it.

    Going through my texts, I do see that she texted me to see if I had gotten my Christmas gift and I said “Nope not yet” and promptly forgot about it. All of the stuff was chock-full of preservatives (caramel corn, cookies crackers etc) so no crazy mold at least. I’m also still kinda surprised my sister got me a weird gift basket but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  16. I placed a Riding Warehouse order on May 25, and the main item (helmet) I needed was backordered, which was fine. Well, the website has been showing it as in-stock for a week now. I had a fall last week and it became more urgent to replace it, so I decided to try ordering it again on Friday, and just got it. My original order still hasn’t been filled, though, and I got no response when I emailed them. You’d think they’d fill backorders before new orders.


      1. They actually just emailed me back.It seems they have the helmet held for me but were waiting for a different backordered item I had ordered to come in so they could ship them all at the same time. Which is fine, I just didn’t expect them to do that since in the past they’ve shipped items as they’ve come in. Hopefully all sorted now!


  17. I ordered from SmartPak a couple of weeks (right before their clearance sale) and my items were listed with an estimated ETA of last Wednesday (standard for the day I placed the order). My order didn’t ship and then said delayed. It finally shipped Tuesday. They must have expedited shipping as I still got everything on Thursday, so one day later than the ETA.

    Dover, on the other hand, I can’t understand. I’ve ordered several things from them lately and most of them have arrived via FedEx (whole other issue) next day. But, they’ve shipped from my local store in DE. It seems that while most of the stores were closed, they were using them to fulfill orders? Items from the warehouse were arriving in 2-5 days which still isn’t bad for free shipping.


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