Quarantine is going just fi- oops.

What’s today, Thursday (who can tell anymore)? Still haven’t seen another human since Saturday. If only I could get people from work to stop calling, texting, skyping, and emailing me, life would be complete. Really though, a) I’m glad that our business is considered essential therefore doesn’t have to shutter, b) I can work from home. But, ya know… they could email me less. Just saying.

Image result for stop emailing me gif

So far this week aside from working I’ve been able to drag the arena a few times, pull up some weeds, move some jumps to the arena, paint a few more jumps (hey I’ve discovered I hate painting jumps), ride, and record a podcast. Far more productive when I don’t have to spend so much time driving. Quarantine has been… enjoyable.

Also I haven’t worn real pants in over a week. Breeches and leggings only. And by breeches I mean tights, because I’m firmly anti zipper and buttons right now. Might be losing weight, might just be stretching out the elastic, who can tell? I’ve been limiting myself to one Little Debbie a day (I have Star Crunch, Cosmic Brownies, and Swiss Cake Rolls. My only regret is not buying Fudge Rounds too. Can we have a side discussion/fight to the death about what the best Little Debbie is? It’s Fudge Rounds.) and I’ve got enough for at least a couple more weeks at that rate of consumption, so… that’s really all that matters.


While I’m doing pretty well in the snacks and no-pants department, I did make one teeny tiny little bitty slip up yesterday. Itty bitty. Teeny tiny.

See, I don’t know if it was the heat


or if all the people who think sacrificing millions of people to right the economy is ok

combined together just stressed me out to the max, or what.

But I uh… bought a bridle.


See, what had happened was, I was scrolling innocently through Instagram, as one does. It’s been awesome for comic relief with all these things like the chip challenge and the see a pup share a pup. I’m 100% here for it and loving social media right now.

But ya know, anyway… doo dee doo… there I was scrolling Insta when BAM.


Image result for slide glasses gif

That is about 10,000 times prettier than the sidepull I ride Henry in. The one I have is too reddish-orange, which is not his color AT ALL. I originally bought it because I wasn’t sure how much I’d really ride him in it and didn’t want to spend much. That was… 6 years ago. And I ride him more in his sidepull than I do in anything else. You know what I’m tired of looking at? That cheap reddish orange bridle.


And then I found a coupon code that put the Dy’on at just over $100, which… um, ok, sure, give me a Dy’on bridle for basically nothing. Twist my arm why don’t ya? And in my defense, this one looks like it might have a little more whoa, so maybe I’ll be able to use it for jumping at home too. His current sidepull isn’t quite enough whoa, but his hackamore even on it’s loosest settings and a leather curb strap is a little bit too much.

In my defense I resisted for like… hours. I mean at least 5 or 6.

Image result for gold star gif

Let’s be honest, it was over with as soon as they posted it. A done deal. Fate sealed. Foregone conclusion.

But hey, at least I haven’t eaten all the Little Debbies?

38 thoughts on “Quarantine is going just fi- oops.

  1. Fudge Rounds for the win.

    As someone “casually” looking for a bridle… care to share the coupon code (or the source of it)?


  2. Being retired, I am only going out for necessities – grocery store, pharmacy and the barn. My barn is about a 20 minute drive which is a welcome trip out of the house. There is only a few people there at a time and all are careful to stay a safe distance, etc. Barn owner is going around disinfecting door knobs, etc. I smiled when you said you ordered a bridle because so did I, yesterday. I had been eyeing a Solo Equine ShowBiz double for months. Actually, tried to order in January but they were out of stock then saw on Instagram, they were back in. It ships from Canada and I will be camped out by the door til it arrives.


  3. Totally laughing when I got to the part of me shutting up (GET OUT OF MY HEAD YOU KNOW IT WAS IN THERE AS I WAS READING)….then i got to that line and hahahahahha omg.

    Anyway I sat there in the first part of your post arguing that it was Weds NOT Thursday..soooo you are not alone…

    It is going to be 80 today and its already sunny i want to sit out side today….and soak up sun. Also i had a ruby throated hummingbird at my window today which made me happy too! Doesn’t take much.

    So if a new bridle makes you happy I say go for it!! Also those temps in TX are insane. We are 80 today then 70s tomorrow then low 60s over weekend (WITH MORE RAIN GOD FORBID WE DRY UP) UGH

    and yes the emails could stop. anytime now. People go away you bug me (work people not horse people) HA


  4. Okay, my vote is for the Swiss Cake Rolls! I really can’t keep them in the house, because my tendency is to finish the entire box in like 24 hours. No self control with them whatsoever.

    And wow, I LIKE the looks of that bridle! My newest horse, Shiloh, was kicked in the face as a foal and has a slightly offset jaw. He seems so much happier going in a bitless bridle so I have two different kinds in my collection. I wonder if he’d like this one you show here even better . . .


  5. I’m glad it’s not just me trying to single-handedly keep the economy going by shopping online. As a proud member of the work-from-home-in-elastic-waist-pants club, I decided a few more pairs were totally necessary. And hey, I can wear them to the gym, if it ever opens again. Plus, I needed some summer clothes, and they were on sale…and maybe a pair of shoes. Thank goodness I don’t have a horse right now or I would be completely broke 🤦🏻‍♀️


  6. Re Bitless bridle and how Hot Henry is (temperament and not his handsomeness), how did you introduce to him and what was your actual “roll out” to ride without fear of death


    1. I’ve been riding him in a bitless since I first got him. He’s not really hot, just sensitive, which works in my favor with the bitless. Really though, in order for the bitless to work well, the horse needs to be trained well to the leg and seat. If you can’t half-halt or steer without using hand, the bitless transition would be difficult. So if you want to go that direction, I would tune the horse up on all the other aids first.


  7. I saw that bridle in my email the other day. I need zero bridles. I have two already and I own no horses. I just about bought the plain noseband version of that bridle. I added it to my cart then didn’t complete the order. I got a text and an email asking if there was a problem. One of my gloves got a big tear in one of the fingers on Monday thanks to a stupid accident at the barn, so I bought navy Roeckels yesterday to replace the black torn Roeckels. I’m going to be really broke, really overweight or both by the time things get back to normal.


  8. Zebra Cakes.
    What are ‘real pants’? I’ll have to google that. I pretty much wear the close/legging type jogging pants that I ride in everywhere, because ya know, it saves time changing. I vaguely remember that back when I had an office job, I didn’t wear them to work. Hmmm.
    Beautiful bridle !!! I ride in a side pull as well … do not need a new one, do not need a new one …


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