First Foal Friday of 2020!

Yeah I know, two baby posts in one week but is anyone really complaining about foal pictures? Yeah I didn’t think so. I’m pretty psyched to be able to be able to roll back out with a new edition of Foal Friday, starring Remi!


His hobbies include galloping, napping, whinnying at Michelle, and stomping through mud. His greatest talent so far though? His ability to strike a pose. I mean… LOOK AT THIS KID.

is it legal to be this cute?

He’s practicing for his winner’s photo at Badminton, obviously.

cue “Eye of the Tiger” as he gallops around, getting in shape
uh oh, alien abduction
*hold music* gotta re-fuel
ok back to the serious training
wait what’s this? must stomp it.
oh she’s looking STRIKE POSE
Aunt Grace contemplating a kidnapping
he even strikes a pose in his freewalk, this kid is too much
naps must occur in the dirtiest possible places
now that he’s un-squishing you can see how nicely he’s put together
it’s hard work being this photogenic 
Aaaaaand one more ridiculously cute pose to close it out

This kid is something else.

If you missed the video of him jumping over the pole the other day then I’m sad for you so here you go.

Happy Friday everyone, courtesy of Remi.

12 thoughts on “First Foal Friday of 2020!

  1. I need Foal Friday: Remi every day thanks! God he is adorable and I am obsessed with him. It doesn’t hurt that Michelle could take a photo of anything and jazz it up but jeez he is nice. 🙂 Thank you for making my friday!


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