Friday Funny: This Ball, Y’all

Remember on Wednesday how the parting words of my post were “What kind of shenanigans will Presto get up to today? Stay tuned to find out. I’m sure it’ll be something.”? Bless him, he never fails to deliver.

I was secretly a little disappointed because up to that point he hadn’t shown a ton of interest in his ball. He’d played with it a little on Monday, mostly when I made him, but otherwise I hadn’t seen him touch it. And then I got home on Wednesday, rode Henry, and was in the barn cleaning stalls when I heard a commotion. I looked up, and there was Presto out in the field, chasing his ball. He was running after it, stomping on it, laying on it… the whole 9 yards. I WAS SO EXCITED. THIS IS WHAT I HAD DREAMED OF WHEN I BOUGHT THE BALL.

I never knew that this what what my life needed until it happened

And once he started playing with the ball, he didn’t stop. On Wednesday he played with it for a good hour while I cleaned stalls, and when I got home on Thursday somehow it had found it’s way into the pond and was deflated by a good 4″ from what it had been that morning. Presto came with me to the pond to fish it out, I tossed it to him, and he took off with it again. Clearly he’s really gotten into now. I’ve got a good 20 minutes of video on my phone of him playing with it on my phone at this point, because I keep stopping what I’m doing to film it. I might be even more entertained than Presto.

What does Henry hate more, Presto or the ball?

The baby dressage horse, JB, who is still quite skeptical of it, even played with it a little bit yesterday too. He mostly tries to kick it or stomp it to death, but still. Last night I put some air back in it and tossed it back out in the pasture for them. It’s too cute, I can’t get enough.

So since it’s Friday and it’s been a long week, and a long January, I compiled my favorite few minutes so far of Presto playing with his ball. I think it’s what the world needs right now. I know it’s what I need, at least.

Happy Friday!

13 thoughts on “Friday Funny: This Ball, Y’all

  1. I think I would spend hours watching him play and not get anything done..
    I love that Henny comes closer to judge…like a cat following you to make sure you aee that they’re ignoring you..
    Does he still run when the ball comes closer?


  2. I love Presto and his ball! Joey has one but has never been this entertaining with his. Maybe now that he’s eating like an athlete and stalled a lot I should see if he has more enthusiasm for it and take it to Trainer’s for him to have in turnout. 😂


  3. Damnit, Amanda. I will not buy Griffin a ball. I will not buy Griffin a ball. I will not buy Griffin a ball. I will not buy Griffin a ball.


  4. Wow, he is ROUGH with that thing – I can’t believe it’s still holding air! You need to leave a glowing review on whatever website from which you purchased it, because you’re certainly getting your money’s worth. So entertaining for Presto AND you!


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