Is this a thing? It should be a thing.

Me and Bobby were discussing (yeah, you should be cringing, that never ends well) blankets a while back when I was trying to talk myself into buying the unicorn or the giraffe blanket for Presto.

hard to tell those are giraffes until you get up close
it’s kinda like a rainbow ombre friesicorn, really

I ended up getting neither, because 1) cheap 2) neither of them was QUITE perfect. I didn’t love the graphic on either one, or the blanket color. Loved the content and the idea, of course, because what could possibly be more appropriate on a blanket for Presto. Henry is far too dignified for such nonsense, but Presto can definitely pull off a whacky print.

I did find one other unicorn print, and it was on green – Presto’s color! – but the graphic is awful. It’s like a unicorn and a fairy had a weird lime green baby.

it creeps me out

Despite not generally being a fan of prints in general, I do love a good cutesy theme on a horse blanket. Like the Panda weatherbeeta one that’s out right now… doesnt suit either of my horses, but I love it anyway.

I also really liked this fox print.

Image result for fox print blanket horse

So Bobby and I were talking and we decided there should totally be a company that prints custom graphics onto horse blankets. Like cafepress or zazzle, but instead of shirts… horse stuff! Pick your size and color, upload your graphic, and ta-da! You could have your barn logo, or a name, or even a poop emoji.

Image result for poop emoji

Would I make a blanket for Presto with poop emojis? Yes. Yes I would. Hunter green with poop emojis. Click Add to Cart. Done.

I mean I know logistically this would be way harder than printing shit on t-shirts, and probably impossible given how the machines work and the fabrics and stuff, but still… I’m living in a fantasy customized blanket printing land. Think about all the other products you could offer, too. Bridle bags. Boot bags. Helmet bags. Hay bags.

Bobby agreed that it was brilliant, because he could totally get a black blanket printed with red #HERRLERR (Halo’s official hashtag) all over it.

it would match his #herrlerr bonnet!

This is one of those ideas of mine that would totally work if only I was smarter, and had more money, and if it was a possible thing. Ya know, like all my other bright ideas.

What would you have printed on your horse’s blanket?

9 thoughts on “Is this a thing? It should be a thing.

  1. Ditto. Dying to know about Bobby’s baby horse. 🙂

    I would buy everything in the world with a fox on it in hunter green for Simon. Sterling had a unicorn theme going bc he’s grey/white, but he’s out on lease. Coco would need all things Chanel, but I don’t feel good about copying a designer’s logo.Maybe make up her CC logo?!


  2. I love foxes too! I would totally grab a fox blanket for Amber if it was a really nice navy. Although I would most definitely love a blanket with dachshunds all over it lol. I actually found a magnet on Amazon for clean/dirty dishes on the fridge – unicorn for clean and unicorn-colored poop emoji for dirty. It is mine. I love it. I vote for the rainbow poop as a design for Presto LOL


  3. I also came to comment about Bobby’s baby. It feels like forever since we’ve had a Bobby update! Personally, I feel like a creeper, but I’m invested in these lives.


  4. prints custom fabrics; don’t know if they could do high-dernier fabric for blankets — they offer cotton canvas — it wouldn’t hurt to ask them. I have ordered lighter-weight stuff from them for Regency gowns and it came out very well.

    Now you need to find someone to stitch it up.



  5. I’m a big fan of that fox one too. Not enough to buy it, but I enjoy looking at it.
    And yes, brilliant. I’d probably just do my logo all over it, cause you know… I like to logo everything. But seriously. Brilliant idea! I hope it doesn’t actually exist though because the holidays took all my money.


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