Nerd Shoes

I am here to testify to the fact that horses might not all be expensive to buy, but they’re definitely all expensive to keep. Need a walking, neighing, eating, pooping example of that?

still the best $900 I ever spent though

I’m relatively certain that my horses have some kind of award, just between them, to see who can spend the most money. Like instead of employee of the month, it’s Equine of the Month, except their criteria is to see who can be the biggest spendthrift and clearly the “winner” must be the one that I love most. Pretty sure they’re keeping receipts. I’m not sure how to convince them that my love can and should be measured in cookies instead of dollars.

All of this is the really long preamble to say that Henry got his new glue-on shoes put on this weekend. Somehow, despite 20 years of horse ownership and over a dozen horses, I have never had a single glue-on shoe experience. Wedges, pads, eggbars, aluminum, stud holes, clips, square toes, trailers… been there, done that. But non-metal shoes, and glue-on shoes… nope. Until now.


The GluShu’s are a favorite of my vet and farrier, and my farrier uses them on several other horses with good success, so he’s quite comfortable with them. He said that the majority of his other clients horses are pasture-kept and still manage to keep them on for 6 week cycles with no trouble, so I really friggin hope that Henry didn’t hear him say that or there’s no way in hell he’ll keep them on that long. I mean, this is the horse that managed to pull off his other front shoe IN HIS STALL last week.

But at least Henry had done part of the farrier’s job for him, so we just had to remove the 45 layers of duct tape and vet wrap (I’ve been through a lot of wrapping supplies lately and also I’m crazy) from his fronts, then lightly trim and prep his feet. Farrier sanded the outsides a little bit, checked the shape of the shoe against the shape of his foot, then cleaned the hooves thoroughly to prep for the glue. The GlueShu is vulcanized rubber but the core is aluminum, so they can be shaped slightly to the foot if needed. Henry’s feet are quite round so not much had to be done – they fit him well. On went the glue, then the shoe, and then the farrier tightly saran-wrapped the foot to let it set. I’ve definitely never before had a farrier experience that smelled like a nail salon and looked like we were wrapping up Thanksgiving leftovers. First time for everything I guess?

Henry walked off looking pretty normal, and even seemed comfortable crossing the small patch of rocks at the entrance to his turnout. He looked great, really. Instead now I was the one in pain, writing the check. Ouuuucccccchhhhhh. Hope no one wanted a Christmas present and thank goodness I’m already stocked with ramen.

I’ve left Henry alone the past couple days to let him get used to his new kicks. I did give him access to his stall’s run again, which he was super happy about. No more spinning in circles in his stall. Yesterday afternoon he came GALLOPING up to the gate in his pasture and performed one of those majorly cringe-inducing and heart-stopping sliding stops at the last second, then turned around and trotted off looking quite sound. I’ll give him a few more days before I really try to properly assess how he’s looking, but he does seem pretty comfortable and happy in turnout, at least. We shall see! For now he kinda just looks like a huge nerd. But hey… if he wants to be sound and wear nerd shoes, I’m okay with that.

6 thoughts on “Nerd Shoes

  1. A couple years ago Frankie started just stepping out of his shoes and we had a SUPER FUN SUMMER coming up with new and creative ways to keep them on and him feeling comfy. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen again because wow ok $$$$$$


    1. Apparently there is quite a science to the application! Or so it sounded anyway. I was glad that my farrier already had extensive experience with them, I can imagine it’s definitely a learning curve. Hopefully Henry will be kind to us all and leave them on.


  2. Glue on’s are a huge part of my farrier’s business because she does a lot of work for the vets around here. I feel you on the cost. Your farrier can dye the glue black – I think she gets the dye at the farrier supply store – I’m sure you don’t really care but if you ever have to compete in them in the future the dye does make them look slightly less dorky.


    1. Yeah I don’t really care, hopefully they’ll just be for the one cycle! We only did them because his foot was too ouchy to hammer into, so if that’s the case again he def won’t be showing anyway lol.


  3. Oh those are way different than Badger’s glue-ons. Badgers just looked exactly like regular shoes and were steel (I think… possible they were aluminum… but I think steel). Glad to hear they seem to be doing the job. They better for what they cost!


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