Help me find…

How about a little group shopping experience? I’m having a hard time finding very many options in exactly what I want, so I figured the hive mind might be able to help come up with some things I haven’t.

Ever since Henry outgrew his PS of Sweden quarter sheet a few years ago, I’ve struggled to find something else I like to replace it. By the time I sold this one, PSoS no longer made this style, or I would have just bought another one in a bigger size.

love you, miss you.

It was by far my favorite quarter sheet that I’ve ever owned. It had leather straps that looped through the girth, it was wool, and it had a tail cord. The shape was great, it stayed in place perfectly, and it was easy to take off/put back on while in the saddle. Everything I’ve bought since then has… well… displeased me. I’ve learned that I really just hate the style that goes under the saddle or over the rider’s legs, and I cannot, in any circumstances, do fleece. Not even as the lining. I dunno if Henry’s swishy helicopter tail is some kind of electricity generator or what, but he is walking static in the winter and I’m done with any hint of fleece. Done. Burn it all.

So basically, here’s what I’m looking for:

  • the “loin rug” style that sits totally behind the saddle

Back on Track loin rug

Image result for catago exercise sheet

But I would much prefer that the straps be set lower, like the PSoS was. Failing that, they at least need to be long enough to loop over my stirrup leathers (not looping it through my stirrup leather keeper, no thanks).

  • NOT FLEECE. Wool or thermatex are preferred. Nylon would do, as long as it isn’t fleece-lined.
  • Must have a tail cord, because wind.
  • Must be under $100 shipped to the US.
  • Prefer navy. Dark green or gray are fine too.
  • New or used, I don’t care.
  • No I’m not interested in making my own or modifying one. If it requires sewing I’m out. I just had to sew new buckles onto a couple of my blankets and the torture is too fresh. I know, first world problems.

I’ve only found one so far that ticks most of the boxes, a wool B Vertigo.

The attachment is not my favorite, and lord that logo is giant enough to be seen from space, but it’s my fall back if we can’t find something 100% perfect.

So, friends… what have you seen that might fit the bill? Help Henry’s apple booty survive the winter.

31 thoughts on “Help me find…

  1. Someone who is far more handy than I am should start making custom ones of these. I really hate traditional quarter sheets. They create too many pressure points under and around the saddle. As for finding one online, No luck here!


  2. I almost bought from awhile back. I had also talked to Saratoga Horseworks and they said they’d make one for me like that. But then they ended up having that ridiculous sale on purple wool quarter sheets so I just got one of those because money and also because I almost never use a quarter sheet anymore.

    Curious to see what the hive mind turns up!


      1. yeah that was the issue i had. the website looked super affordable but ‘all in’ it was no longer affordable. Also we got in a bit of a kuffuffle about VAT -_-


          1. I actually ordered that exact blanket, from that store, and it got VERY lost. About 3 months later it finally did show up but it wasn’t the loin rug it was just the regular nylon BOT quarter sheet.


        1. That one is sneaky because to get it in a normal horse size adds 18gbp and then shipping from UK on top… puts it over budget. I’m watching it though, in case someone does a Black Friday sale.


  3. Endurance riders use rump rugs that mostly fit your bill and come with the added bonus of snaps to roll it up once the horse warms up and you no longer need it. They generally attach to d rings on the back of the saddle but can be attached to billets. I searched online just now and it seems they are either fleece or fleece lined but places like Wild West Endurance make custom everything so I’m sure they could use wool if you want.


  4. No suggestions. Only here to say the drop noseband on that huge horse in the first ad photo is making my eyes bleed. 😂 Best of luck to you on your search!


      1. Darn. I was hoping it was some type of knit material.

        Horze makes a vail wool riding blanket that would fit the bill, but I just looked on the distributor part of their website and it’s all sold out except for one pony size. Double darn.


  5. Not a Quarter Sheet because I can’t find anything that hasn’t been posted, but this stuff REALLY helps with static: Spray on and brush into the coat. A little goes a long way, it doesn’t bother my super-sensitive-skinned Arabian, and she appreciates the lack of static shock. (And we have TONS of that here because humidity in Colorado is basically non-existent…)


  6. Seems that that is the standard type in scandinavia. If you could find one at the right price point in Sweden the postage to the US is around 40 USD. Personally I would get a standard quarter sheet altered then you would know it would fit.


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