Check-ups and Check-ins

First order of business: did the baby boys’ blankets survive the cold snap? I know, y’all are probably just totally on the edge of your seats about this. The answer is, shockingly, yes. Both blankets are still in tact even after several days/nights of wear. Although I think perhaps it’s a testament to the blankets more than it is a credit to the boys.

opened up the camera app on Saturday morning to see Presto insisting (with his feet, of course) that JB get TF out of his hay because it’s time for breakfast
followed by a bit of morning yoga

But yesterday I found a Unicorn blanket and now I really really want it so I need to find an excuse. Henry can’t wear it, since it’s not a HUG, but Presto could. I mean… I guess I could just get a bigger one and keep it for Presto for next year. Does he need another sheet? No. Not right now anyway. He probably will next year since I don’t own anything bigger than a 78 and there’s no way he’ll still fit in a 78 in a year’s time. So technically I kinda need it but not right now. But… unicorns. Rainbow unicorns.

Speaking of unicorns, the vet came back out this weekend to check on Henry’s mouth and do some annual maintenance. Having a big hole in his head (ok fine it’s in his mouth) is still freaking me out. Despite flushing it twice a day with the hose he still had some chewed up hay stuck around there, and the vet got it flushed out then checked the hole. Seems to be healing as expected. I don’t think I’ll relax about it for another like… year, probably.

someone’s getting chonky

Henry seems to be feeling fine though, considering he spent Saturday morning’s ride squealing and crowhopping with his nose planted between his knees. I’m totally okay with it though, because my cool weather horse is so much happier than my hot weather horse. It was a gross summer. I think we’re both more than ready to get back to our regular schedule, even if it means I’m riding a cracked out dolphin.

Henry got yesterday off, so I brought Presto in for his weekly “remember you’re not feral” session. He still comes to the gate and happily marches away from his pasture without a peep, so I’m pleased. I haaaaate herdbound shit, so I’m glad to have avoided any issues with that so far, knock on wood. Presto has always been pretty confident in himself, though.

He’s already really mastered the “bored with you” expression

I brought him up, brushed him, and threw a saddle on him. Fun fact: he fits in Henry’s girth now. It goes up to almost the highest holes, but still… it fits. Ha. Hahahahaha. Helpme. Anyone want a used twice 22″ FlexRider girth? I will add it to the pile of things I need to sell.

I didn’t really know what else to do with Presto at that point, he stands in the crossties pretty darn well and was half asleep, resting a hind foot. So we went around the barn investigating everything, sniffing all the cool stuff, and looking at the other horses.

I feel like he posed and said “take a pic of me with my new Trakehner friends” so I did

It was uneventful. He’s the same dude he’s always been, which is a really freaking nice quality to have in a 2yo. I bred for the brain first and foremost, and he hasn’t let me down yet.

I also finally caved to the peer pressure and put a stick on him for the first time in months. I have regrets. He’s 16.2h at the wither. The butt is higher so I didn’t put a stick on that because I just can’t. I thought we’d agreed that he wouldn’t be bigger than 16.3h at maturity but I’m starting to think he’s not going to keep his end of the bargain. But hey, until he actually passes 16.3 I can still pretend it’s not going to happen. Denial, it’s my chosen coping mechanism.

remember a month ago at FEH when they said he was too light and weak? lol

When he was sick so much as a foal I was worried that he might end up stunted. I’ve changed my mind, some stunting would be fine. We’ll also ignore the fact that the saddle actually sits much taller on him than it does on Henry because this creature’s withers haven’t really popped yet, therefore his back is actually like SEVERAL inches higher than Henry’s. My eyeballs are solidly at mid-knee pad level. Maybe I should have bred Sadie to a Connemara stallion instead.

This really just reaffirms that my highest priority Black Friday purchase will be a bigass mounting block. Definitely feeling reaaaaaally glad that I’ve already done lots of mounting lessons with this giraffe, otherwise I’d be dreading the idea of trying to climb on it come spring. Maybe I should just stop feeding him? Joking. Sort of…

26 thoughts on “Check-ups and Check-ins

  1. He really filled out in the last few weeks….interesting, considering that at least his hind end didn’t stop growing.
    I don’t believe he understood the bargain you made. I would be really surprised if he’s done at 16.3 ….
    I do wonder what Sadie would produce with a more refined pony stud. It would probably be a “normal-sized” riding horse.
    That reminds me-how is Presto’s baby brother doing?


  2. Re turnout sheets–Just a thought. You might want to try the Amigo MIO Lite turnout. I’m on the second year with mine (horse lives outside 24/6 in a herd of 15-20 depending on training horses that are boarding) and it’s the only sheet I’ve found that truly keeps the animal dry. There are several horses in our barn that wear them and they all stay dry too. It’s a different design, and to look at it you’d think it’d never work. It’s light as a feather, it has no leg straps and the front closing is not adjustable. The fit is a bit loose and baggy. I don’t know why this works, but my horse can be in a downpour and come into the barn with water rolling off the sheet and still be dry except for her exposed areas. Oh yeah, and if she rolled in mud and it got under the sheet she’ll be wet there too. Our barn horses all have good winter coats, and the lightness of this sheet keeps the hair fluffy and insulating. Even in snowy weather they still wear these unlined sheets and they’re fine. Best of all, many online tack sites sell it for only $50-$60.


  3. I legit almost bought that blanket for Stan just now until I got to the shipping point and those extra dollars spooked me. Find me a discount code for free shipping and it’s as good as done lol


  4. I think Presto just plans to be a Rio twin. He was around 17 hands, and it was totally fine. It’s gonna be FINE! But yeah, get the bigger mounting block. Definitely. And the unicorn blanket. Presto wants it for xmas.


  5. I think my comment got eaten… but if this is a duplicate, my apologies.
    I was trying to say that I think Presto is going to be a Rio twin… He’s got the star and snip, he’s got the best brain… And well… Rio was just about 17 hands. (Sorry.) But it was totally fine! Everything will be fine. The jumps look way smaller the higher up you are. But definitely get the tall block. And the unicorn sheet. Presto wants it for xmas.


  6. There could be a bright side to the future towering package of talent aka Presto! 😉
    I have a friend who has a big gorgeous WB mare, just under 17h. Friend is a confident but not overly bold rider. She can point the mare at a hefty 3’9″ table and put some leg on, the mare canters down distractedly, looking around at the trees, thinks about dinner, hey there’s a jump right here! and she lifts her knees casually and floats over it in perfect form. There’s just never a question that this big mare will go easily over any size jump, barely trying. Maybe this will be Presto! (with more focus) 🙂


  7. If the mini one was cheaper, I might be tempted… But I don’t love 4″ increments in mini blankets (42-46″) so I’m assuming it will either be too big or too small… And no one else needs one. Not worth the shipping or the drive down to Chick’s to pick it up.


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