Presto and Mimi – Part Deux

Some of you may remember my post back in the spring where I introduced our French friend Mimi, and spoke of the… um… special bond she has with Presto. They haven’t actually met, but they’ve become internet friends of sorts, as Mimi has been recreating her own versions of classic Presto pictures for most of his life. As their relationship has evolved, we’ve discovered that Presto and Mimi really are kindred spirits, sometimes so alike that it’s borderline creepy. Like that time Presto ripped out his braid and, turns out, Mimi already had a similar tuft of hair from too many straightening treatments.

Plus they share a bit of a French connection, with Presto’s sire living in France just a couple hours away from where Mimi lives. They also have kind of an eerily similar personality, energetic and perky with lots to say, and because of that, Mimi really seems to “get” him. The Mimi recreations of Presto pictures is definitely one of my favorite things ever, and endlessly entertaining. She manages to nail it pretty spot on every time, in a way that only those with a true spiritual connection could pull off. We’ve even had thoughts of making a calendar or a coffee table book and donating the proceeds. Working on it. Sort of.

Until then, enjoy round two of Presto and Mimi!

It’s not just the clothes in the mouth, it’s also the devilish expression. Nailed it.

Mimi’s very unwilling husband also nailed his role as Henry for this shot, even though he didn’t mean to. See, Presto and Mimi both have the same effect on those around them.

What, you don’t eat salad in front of a fan on the regular? Judging.


Ah yes, elegant Presto/Mimi basking gloriously in the sunlight (we’re working on Mimi’s ear hair, it’s not quite up to par).

Turns out they eat cookies the same way too.

Clearly they detest being roused unexpectedly from their naps.

And of course, they both agree that hydration is very important.

What kind of shenanigans will Presto and Mimi (Primi? Mimo? Misto?) get up to next? Only they know. Guess we’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!

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