Do you know what time it is?

It’s Halloween, my most favorite holiday! It’s socially acceptable to scare children. There’s tons of candy. You don’t have to buy anyone a present. What more could you want from a holiday? The arrival of Halloween also means that we’re now less than a month out from Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday. I know, I know… it’s a little overwhelming to think about.

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me every year, hunting deals

People can hate on the gross consumerism of the whole thing, but the truth is that there are great deals, and I have horses that love the vet, so… there’s a lot to like about a good deal, if you ask me. I’ve been bookmarking sites over the past few months, specifically to wait and see if they offer any specials or discounts. Partly so that I don’t forget things in the onslaught of emails and social media posts, but also to help prioritize things. I always have a little bit set aside to spend, but I sure can’t buy everything. There are the high priority items, and then like… dozens of “I WANT IT” items. The I WANT IT’s don’t happen unless the sale is just way too tempting to pass up and there’s room left over after the NEEDs. How does that shake out this year? Let’s take a look…


I’ve been thinking more and more lately about trying a nebulizer with Henry, since he struggles so much with his breathing in warm weather. I had a hard time justifying the cost of the Flexineb though, not knowing how much it may or may not really help him over time. My vet said you can make them yourself, but… I don’t trust myself on that one when it comes to medical equipment. Seeing that Riding Warehouse just started carrying the Jack’s version, which is less than 1/3 the price of a Flexineb… hmmmm. There are a few other cheaper brands out there too, so I need to look more closely at all of the ones near that price point and compare them.


Image result for coveralls insulated

Ok I know, all the northerners are laughing at me because I live in Texas so I’m being a BIG BABY, but since I’m going to be on my own out at the farm this year I think I want some coveralls. It would be nice to be able to have my house clothes on, pull on the coveralls, go out and do chores, remove said coveralls, and still have clean and wearable house clothes. Especially since I go in and out a lot. It just seems easier than keeping track of multiple jackets and sweatshirts and constantly having to change. Also I am lazy. Also it was 33 degrees this morning, wtf. I haven’t decided which ones I want, gonna keep my eye on the sales.

Big mounting block

Image result for 3 step mounting block

You know why I need this. His name starts with a Pest and ends with an o. Hoping Tractor Supply has a coupon so I can just go pick one up at a bit of a discount!

Horse Vacuum

Image result for horse vacuum

Well realistically I’m thinking more along the lines of a quieter shop vac, since they’re considerably cheaper and can do the same job. The great thing about the new farm is that the soil is very sandy, much sandier than anywhere else around here. It drains well and doesn’t get nearly as hard. But, it IS sand, so the horses get it down in their coats and it’s hard to get out. Also have I mentioned I’m lazy? A vacuum sounds nice. I could use it on my sheepskin pads, too. I’ve done a lot of googling about different shop vacs, but I’m definitely open to suggestions on what other people have liked and used!

Fuzzy show pads

I’m loving my everyday navy ones, so it’s time to pick up some white ones for shows. I’m definitely leaning towards the merino wool pads from Premier (especially if Premier has a more sitewide sale, since I also want to try a few of their other things… we’ll get to that…) but I’m open to Mattes too if there’s a too-good-to-pass-up sale somewhere. Definitely keeping an eye on Hufglocken.

Those are the higher priority things on my list. All pretty practical. Nothing that exciting. But you know me… you KNOW I have all kinds of stuff bookmarked that I don’t need but has caught my eye. My Riding Warehouse wish list (I both love and hate whoever decided to add that feature to their website) is looking a little ridiculous. The New Items page right now is enough to short circuit my brain completely.

And look, I just… I WANT TO TRY THE SPACE BOOTS. I’m so intrigued. Plus if I had these Henry could go as an astronaut for Halloween. Dual purpose.

Back over at Premier Equine there are a few things I could “add to cart” and not be sad about. I really want to try their breeches, and I don’t have any burgundy in my collection anymore, which seems borderline criminal when you have brown boots.

I also really want their shipping boots, in navy for Henry and green for Presto (because color-coded horses, naturally).

Waaaay on the other side of the world, Australian company Black Horse Clothing continues to make shirts that I want.

Like this perforated zip top

and this sunshirt

and also there’s NAVY LACE.

Blogger Meg has got me a little obsessed with eGlove, who makes a dark green glove. Those are so hard to find. I did promise myself that I wouldn’t buy anymore gloves, since I have like 6 pairs right now and still only one pair of hands. I don’t have any green gloves though, so does that count as a loophole? I really love gloves.


What companies or items do you guys have your eye on this year?

40 thoughts on “Do you know what time it is?

      1. I love my nebulizer for my TB gelding with breathing issues! I’ve been really happy with the Silver Horse Care one and its a pretty good deal…worth seeing if they plan to have a sale!

        As far as the horse vacuum I have that exact one and it hasn’t been used in ten years I bet. Maybe if I had somewhere to keep it at the barn I would use it more but I just keep taking it to tack swaps hoping someone will buy it lol.

        I definitely need a sheepskin pad for my thin skinned princess so I’m anxiously awaiting your annual sale post! Haha.


  1. Amanda, from cold Maryland here and I’ll recommend the bibs instead of the full coveralls. Much less cumbersome to get on, and if you get hot, you can remove a top layer and keep the clean factor mostly and not sweat. Love my coveralls especially for night check in my pajamas!

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    1. Ditto the bibs vs coveralls. I’m a Montana girl relocated to Texas and the bibs are much more useful. You can layer to stay warm, they are super easy to wear over “work” clothes to stay clean and when you get hot you just take off your coat!


        1. Technically yes, but if you drop the top, you have sleeves hanging down or tied around your waste which is annoying and hot. And just unzipping won’t cut it if you do get hot, which you will. It’s Texas after all. I’ve had my carhart bib coveralls for like 5 years.


          1. I grew up in Alaska and moved to Kansas. Apparently I just like cold weather. I also have bibs and would recommend them over full coveralls. I often get hot once I start moving, so I can get by with a sweatshirt and the bibs once I get too hot with my coat on.


            1. To be fair, lots of people did own coveralls in Alaska for barn work, but it’s typically a lot colder there. I never owned coveralls or bibs before I moved to Kansas because I always had snow gear that doubled as barn gear. My husband does prefer his coveralls over the bibs for the reason you mentioned (less jackets and sweatshirts). Does anywhere near you carry bibs that you could go try on, or would you have to order them online?

              To me it would be worth at least trying on the flannel lined ones and walking around in them to see what they feel like to you.


                  1. I’d definitely check Academy. Their house brand stuff (Game Winner and Magellan) are really reasonably priced and we’ve been happy with them for the money. All of my camouflage Hunter gear for winter is Magellan and I’ve been happy with it. However, I’d stay away from the suede type materials (they don’t make noise when you walk, so they’re ideal for hunting) hay sticks to them horribly and you’ll never get it off.


                1. I’ll put in my two cents: in Georgia (so not too dissimilar to Texas, although we do get a little colder in ATL), the best solution I found for winter barn work was bib-style ski pants over my regular clothes but under my big puffy jacket. At the worst the only ‘regular’ layer that gets dirty would be my sweatshirt or midlayer. I would definitely recommend it over coveralls – my chest and arms tend to get very hot while my legs remain freezing; every time I tried something where I couldn’t easily remove a top layer I got all sweaty and as we know that is not ideal in the cold!


        2. Opening it helps, and you can drop it and tie the sleeves BUT the heavier duty ones, the sleeves like to come untied and the entire thing falls off your butt, usually when you have your hands full with something wet and cold. x.x Bibs and a jacket are the way to go.


    2. Ditto again on bibs. I just wear thin leggings under mine (mountainous VA) with a long sleeved t shirt, then I layer a hoodie on top (then a full coat on that if we’re talking serious weather…). So the hoodie and the insulated bibs are the only things open to barn funk unless I get hot and shed a layer. I just hate feeling bulky/immobile around my arms when I’m doing chores.


  2. Definitely interested to see where you end up with the shop vac. I’d love to find a quieter version, too, because the ever-stoic QH surprisingly flips his lid over the shop vac when it’s on and becomes the most terrified version of a horse you can imagine.

    re: coveralls, everyone around our part of the country gets the Carhartt ones. My mom went to a discount store that sells overstocked things and recently found me a pair (brand new!) for only $60. WINNING. We’re gonna drop 40° overnight tonight coupled with some damaging winds. I’m pretty excited to have insulated coveralls to put on in the AM.

    I’m on the hunt for a mounting block, too. Also keeping my eyes peeled for good deals on hoof boots so that I can get the boys some that fit. I was looking for rainsheets, buuuttt then Smartpak had a deal this week that I took advantage of to grab Stan and Grif sheets for $50 each. Whoops. I’d also really like to see Kerrits re-release their Coaches Coat before Black Friday so I can nab it for a discounted price. I’ve coveted that jacket for awhile now and am ready to pull the trigger.


  3. If you’re looking at bibs instead of coveralls you can look for ski bibs on sale. They are super light weight, usually weather proof and warm. Carhartts are really warm, but they can be very heavy when you do a lot of barn chores and they aren’t great in wet weather. I got ski bibs for Christmas last year and they kept me SO WARM in Kentucky’s horribly cold and never ending winter.


  4. I used to have to wear coveralls for work, and they suck to take off for a bathroom emergency. Trying to wriggle out of them and undo pants is a bitch. Bibs are so much easier


  5. Ditto with the shop vac and taller mounting block. Both of those have been on my list for a while. Although, I’m in Canada, so all of the good cyber Friday/black Monday deals are often moot for me to due insane shipping prices. Probably a good thing in the end, since I just bought a new (used) truck and paid for a breeding…so, I’m kinda broke!


  6. Meh, here in Maine I use the Carhartt coveralls (or knock-off brand) and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I also have a pair of bibs but I definitely reach for the coveralls more often. My current coveralls are so worn out after four winters that I just finally caved and bought a knock-off version from Tractor Supply last week for this upcoming year. I have honestly found no difference between the Carhartt and knock-offs because when it is so friggin cold and sn*wy, I could be wearing sixteen layers and still be cold haha.


  7. The horse I’m not leasing is completely deaf (something about his ears being too close on the top of his head or something) and ENDLESSLY dusty, and I’ve thought about bringing the shop vac with me since it’s way too cold to bathe….I love that I’m not the only person crazy enough to drag it out to the barn!


  8. I never went the coveralls route but looove my “trainer’s coat” calf length. I got it big so I can put it over my bathrobe or whatever with fuzzy PJ pants for quick morning feedings and night checks. I also recommend some good rubber boots. So far the only ones that have made it multiple seasons and have been wearable for the whole weekend at shows are Xtratuf.


  9. Guess I’m in the minority and love coveralls! Raised sheep in western WA for 10 years and had three different weights of coveralls for all the seasons and two weights of bibs (thermal and unlined).


  10. I’m in MO and have the full coveralls and you can pry them from my cold, dead fingers haha. Occasionally I get warm and unzip them but I WAY prefer them to bibs. I can wear pajamas under them and still do chores when it’s -20 and not want to die.


  11. I definitely agree with the bibs over coveralls here in NJ. I have both from Carhartt- but find I appreciate the freedom of movement through my shoulders and arms with the bibs. The coveralls are just too heavy and tiring to keep moving in while doing stalls and barn work.

    Definitely love a good horse vacuum! Most of the horses seem to love it too. We have three full size Electro grooms at the farm and found them all used for a very reasonable price online! They’re a life saver when it’s too cold or you don’t have time/want to bathe. Quick vacuum + damp rag is my go to for time efficient grooming!


  12. I was pretty relieved when I went to get those gloves and found they don’t come in my size (my hands are super stubby). Please get the space boots and review them for us! I’ll loan you my silver boots for next halloween if you do.
    And definitely do the shop vac. I researched motor size in the most popular horse vacuums and found the same size motor in a shop vac for like $50.
    Nothing on my list yet for Black Friday. I’ve done a lot of retail therapy lately to cope with my depressing my horse life. I guess what’s on my list is a cure for a giant ligament. Let me know if you find that on sale!


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