You know what’s really annoying? TWO YEAR OLDS.


Good lord this thing is mouthy. I’ve had other people tell me that their Mighty Magic’s are really mouthy, and I’m starting to think they aren’t joking. Presto isn’t happy unless there’s something in his mouth. Preferably food, but anything will do really. He’s such a BUSY horse, he’s always got to be engaged with something. I’ve had my fair share of busy, mouthy babies, but none quite as extreme as this one. He is kind of a pest. If he was a human kid the doctors would be trying to put him on Ritalin. And apparently the other horses feel the same way, because:

He got a swift kick in the ass

His level of pest seems to get higher when I don’t interact with him as much. Like he was ignored for most of July and the barn owner has about had it with his antics by now. He also destroyed two buckets just for funsies. So I’ve secured a few things to try to make toys for him (maybe he can destroy those instead?) and his ass is officially Back to School.

trotting up the hill

He’s ponying a couple times a week, and lunging once or twice. The timing kind of works out anyway, because we’re about 7 weeks out from Championships, and it would be nice to get him a little stronger. I ponied him a lot last year before FEH Championships and it seemed to help (a little strength is never bad for their gaits or topline…) so he can do it this year too.

Eating while he works out. Living the dream.
his cuteness is punctuated with a lot of OMG DID YOU KNOW I’M TWO moments
I have to make the exercise harder to keep the hamsters busy

Ponying is admittedly not as easy as it used to be either. He knows the rules, and he knows how he’s supposed to act, but… two. Did I mention he’s two? Because he’s two. His favorite thing is to randomly slam on the brakes and yank his head down so hard that I can’t stop him, grabbing as much grass as he can get before I wrestle him back. He’s a turd, guys. Too smart and conniving for his own good. I’ve already started to imagine all the ways I’m gonna end up falling off this thing. I think I’m going to have to be very crafty about keeping him occupied so he can’t use his powers for evil. As soon as he gets too bored with something, out come the tricks.

Also, he’s big.

July 2018
July 2019

Luckily he’s still rightfully terrified of Henry (who is probably the one that gave him that swift kick in the ass) so I get a little bit of assistance keeping him in line when we’re ponying, at least. Granted, Henry is the one that taught him the sneaky grazing trick.

We’ll be going back to the round pen a little bit too, so he remembers that manners aren’t optional. When he’s good, he’s really good. He knows “whoa”, “walk on”, and “trot” really well from voice commands. He wears a saddle and bridle happily. He steers and stops on the long lines… mostly. He loads and trailers well. You can tie him up and leave him alone. But when he gets the devil inside him, he’s got a naughty streak that rivals that of a Thelwell, and he can turn himself into quite the pest.

Image result for thelwell pony

I have to be honest though, don’t tell Presto but I secretly am pretty amused by his cheekiness. It reminds me of Henry, and what’s not to love about Henry? They both know where their boundaries are, even if they quite enjoy toeing the line and driving me crazy. There’s something that I admire about that, even when it’s really really really really annoying.

So if you want to know what it’s like to own a baby horse you’re welcome to come over and spend a day with Pest-o any time. He is the babiest horse that has ever baby horsed. At this point I’m just counting down the months until I can actually ride this creature. I think having a job and purpose and something more mentally and physically difficult to do will help him a lot. Also… not being two… that would be greeeaaaat.

12 thoughts on “Pest-o

  1. 🤣🤣 What a turd! Teach him to fetch and teach Henry how to use one of those Chuck-It things so everyone can get a break from him and he can be mouthy in a productive manner lol!


  2. Presto and Henry are my entertainment, thank you! I have an 11-year-old OTTB, his mental age is about 3. I feel your pain every day knowing his behavior is not actually baby horse., it’s teenager unleashed. He’s mouthy, orphaned at birth, hand raised, believes humans are his playmates and doesn’t bond with other horses. He’s mischievous and one of his nicknames is Frat Boy. If he was a human, he would be class clown and Most Likely To Be suspended for its pranking a teacher. Keep the stories coming!

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  3. Wow. He’s really getting big!
    Maybe teach him tricks (smile, step up, bow, etc) to keep him busy? Pony him in a surcingle and bit with overcheck? Not pony from the bit, of course, but make him wear something that discourages the diving and is neutral when he behaves. He’s not underfed, he can go 30 min without eating. We used baling twine overchecks on camp ponies for trail rides, but one of them would take the hit and snap it early so he could snack the rest of the time.

    You’ve said he’s not really dedicated to being naughty and gives up easily, so if you can come up with something it may only take a few times to fix. Best of luck with FEH!
    Betsy in WI


  4. Terrible twos aren’t just for humans I guess! He looks so great though! That kick looked ugly. Did it come down yet? Ouch!
    I agree about just a touch of cheekiness. Pammon got loose the other day and played the you can’t catch me game. Which of course was horrifying because I was so afraid he’d go out in the road. But he didn’t, and in the end, I did find his antics mildly amusing. I wasn’t sure there was much personality in there, but now I know it just hasn’t fully shown through yet.


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  6. Two year olds. Horses, dogs, humans, maybe all species. The mouth. The attitude.

    Good thing they’re cute and funny! 🙂


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