Remember a few months ago when I confessed that I had been nabbed by an Instagram ad? The situation has continued to worsen. Facebook must have stepped up their creeper algorithms or something, because lately they’ve been inundating me with amazing things. Or at least, that’s what my morning brain thinks.

Image result for magic spoon cereal
Morning brain be like “omg OF COURSE you need this low carb cereal that’s $7 a box”

See, I seem to be at my weakest before 8am. I’m an early riser, and I get to work before 6:30. Even on the weekends you’ll find me awake in my living room, probably on my computer, well before 6am. That, it seems, is my own personal witching hour.

As the day wears on and the more practical parts of my brain start to wake up, I can talk myself out of just about anything. But before those parts are firing on all cylinders, if you throw an ad for something AMAZING at me, the odds are much higher that I’ll buy it. Especially if there’s a sale or a coupon code involved, because apparently even my morning brain is a sucker for a deal.

Image result for its on sale gif
You know what I like for breakfast? COUPON CODES.

I also tend to make these small purchases and promptly forget about them, which makes the mail really fun a week or so later when I’m like ooooo what is THIS fun surprise??? Highly recommend buying gifts for yourself this way.

So the weekend before last an ad for Yes Custom popped up on my feed with something like this:

The memory, it is vague. But according to my receipt the shirts were on sale for $12. Therefore I can totally understand what had happened next.

My morning brain, being a cheeky little bastard, was like “omg, we should get one of these with HENRY’S face all over it! It would be EFFING EPIC!”. So naturally, I ordered one, at 6:41am. And naturally, I completely forgot about it. Until yesterday when it showed up in the mail.

Morning brain was right – it is EFFING EPIC.

look at it

Your eyes do not deceive you. That is Henry’s patented cracked-out-dolphin cross country face, plastered on a shirt over and over and over again. Of all the Henry faces, that one is my favorite, so it makes perfect sense. Morning brain really hit this one out of the park.

it’s this face

This time I have absolutely no regrets about my morning brain purchase. It was worth every penny of the $12, and quite honestly it might be the best piece of clothing I own. Do I look like an absolute nutter wearing it? Oh hell yeah. Do I care? Oh hell no.

Nothing says “I am obsessed with my horse to the point of being insane” quite like this shirt. And that’s accurate, so why not fly that freak flag proudly.

I will 110% be rocking this thing on the regular. Friends, you have been warned. And yes, it’ll definitely be paired with the matching Henry socks that I already owned. It’s all about the outfit, y’all.

20 thoughts on “It. Is. GLORIOUS.

    1. This looks like one of those 3D pictures that were all the rage in the 90s ..where you had to ler your eyes go slightly unfocused to see the 3D pibmc? In fact, I can’t look at this tee for too long before my eyes are starting to cross…
      But it is glorious, indeed. I want to second the need for leggins with Presto’s face…


  1. I only wish they console thrown one very small image of him in the blonde wig with his tongue out somewhere hidden in the shirt. A derpy where is Waldo effect would have topped this off. But, this is pretty solid as is. Well done, morning brain!


  2. Ya know, when I initially clicked on this, I thought the purchase would be something like a custom fly bonnet, maybe a new saddle pad with an odd print. Thought it might even be a new, spontaneous pair of boots. I was pleasantly surprised.


  3. Now I feel like there needs to be a Presto shirt with one of his derp faces on it. He has so many to choose from.


  4. See, this is what happens to me at night. Midnight rolls around and POOF! I own new boots. If only it were $12 tee shirts.
    That said, I’m gonna need a Rio shirt probably. And DID YOU SEE THE SHOES?!


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