Pioneer Boots: Initial Impressions

After spending over two weeks stuck in customs, my Pioneer boots finally showed up on Monday!

Technically these are semi-custom. All Pioneer boots are made to order, but I am pretty average size and was able to order a size combination from their standard size chart – 39 foot, A height (tall), +4 calf (the biggest calf option they offer in stock sizing, so if you need bigger they become full custom). I went off of their size chart and my own measurements, hoping they were both right.

I chose to order from Equizone, since a) they had one of the best prices b) I’ve ordered other things from them in the past and had good experiences. They’re based in Germany, so it was maybe a little bit riskier if they weren’t right, but they also do a TON of these boots and I’ve yet to hear anything negative about the company. The model I liked most, the Atena, came with a patent leather top, which I don’t really care for. I emailed to ask about other options for the top and their customer service people were helpful in narrowing down my options and giving me the price differences for each. I will say, there aren’t any good swatches for all the Pioneer options online. They have little ones that are hard to see, so I did the best I could to scour the internet for pictures but ultimately just had to go with my gut and hope it all looked good together. In the end I decided to go with the darker brown leather, black sole, and brown lace top. The final price was 365 Euro all in, since Equizone has free shipping on purchases over 270 Euro.


My order went in on April 10th, and my boots left Germany on their way to me on May 14th. Considering they had to submit to order to Pioneer, then the boots had to be made and shipped from Italy to Germany, then prepared to be forwarded to me, I thought the turnaround time was very quick. The shipping from Germany to my door took almost as long as making the boots did, thanks to customs.

I chose the Atena because they were a soft, close-fitting dress boot. I like the clean slim look and those seemed to fit the bill. The outside panel was said to be made in “stretch leather”, which I didn’t really fully understand until I got them. The outside panel is literally elasticized leather. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of the boot. For the price I kind of expected a lower end leather, and while they aren’t as nice as my Tuccis (which, to be fair, cost 3x as much), they’re pretty darn nice. Nicer than the similarly priced Ariats or Ego7, for sure.  They seem well-made, with some nice details like a double position spur rest and a rear zipper guard at the ankle. The zipper is a little bit small, and there’s no tab on the zipper pulls, so zipping them up the first time was a little challenging. If they were super tight I would probably have concerns about the longevity of the zipper.

First zip! Or mostly zip… couldn’t quite get them up all the way at first.

The foot feels a touch smaller than my Tuccis which are the same size, so if you’re in between sizes I might size up in the foot. The calf and height seem totally spot on with the size chart, and fit perfectly. Like for real, they fit like custom. That outer elastic panel definitely helps with that, it molds the whole thing to my leg. The first zip was a little difficult, and I wasn’t able to get them all the way up until the ankle broke in a bit, but once they did it was like magic. For new boots they’re quite comfortable, no rubs or blisters anywhere despite lots of walking.


Aside from that outer stretch panel the rest of the boot is a regular leather, not super thin but not super thick. I’m optimistic that they will wear pretty well, but we’ll see over time. Overall I’m super pleased with the ordering process and how the boots turned out, especially for the price. So far they’ve exceeded expectations. Pioneer has about a bajillion different boot and leather and color options and you can customize literally anything you can imagine. Considering how affordable these things are, this could be the beginning of something dangerous…

16 thoughts on “Pioneer Boots: Initial Impressions

  1. Your blog posts are dangerous, and these are now firmly on my wishlist. Just last night I was looking at the swatch video you found on Facebook, sadly deciding that the blue floral would be too much for dressage, even if it would be perfect for my new navy coat with a royal blue collar.


  2. So…. what color are you getting next?
    They look beautiful, and I like the concept of stretchy leather. It’s more attractive than the elastic panel I usually get in boots.


    1. HA yeah… we’ll have to see. I like the idea of navy but don’t know if that’s a really wearable color for me. Maybe black with some colored accents. Which is what my Tucci’s are… but whatever…


  3. Happy owner of a pioneer boots here. So glad you like them! The brown lace top is beautiful (I have that in blue😊 so I’m a bit biased). Thanks for the review and videos. I can relate to the: ‘how will my next boot look like’. I have stored the different leather color options in my favorites:)


  4. I think they are just gaw-jus! 🙂 Hope they wear as well as they look. Can you please show us the zipper, though? I went over to their website and boy is it confusing. Which style did you get?


      1. Ah, sorry I missed seeing that link. I was just wondering how the zips worked without any pulls. Obviously fine since the boots look great on. 🙂


  5. Hi! I am considering getting a pair of Pioneer boots from Equizone, how have these held up over the year?

    I have to go custom due to large calf/small feet-itis, so my bill is much higher than yours. Already had trouble with LM, so I don’t want to go through a problem company again.


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