Review: Stockbubble Stock Ties

Yeah, I know, I’ve complained a few hundred times about how much I hate stock ties. It’s definitely not my favorite thing to wear, as someone who is lazy and likes to just slap on a show shirt and not bother with layering more fabric under/around my chins. But now that we’re going Prelim, I finally caved and picked up a simple pre-tied one last fall. Mostly because it had navy unicorns on it. I like it because it’s simple, but I don’t really like the satin fabric, and I don’t like that it sits kind of flat and sad-looking. I mean, I don’t like a super poofy stock tie, but it just looks weird when its really flat. I decided to go on the hunt for a real stock tie, one I’d have to tie myself like an adult (ugh, so whiny) so I could get to lay exactly how I wanted under my coat. I have really grown to love the navy unicorns though, and I knew I wanted something similar. Because if you’re going to make me wear a neck noose, it better at least be fun. But do you know how many unicorn stock ties exist in the world? Very few. Enter: Stockbubble.

If you haven’t seen Stockbubble before, you’re missing out. Even as a begrudging stock tie wearer/buyer, I have to admire the brand. Paging through the Etsy store is almost a little bit of sensory overload, with all the different fabrics available. Owner Halley makes some really pretty stock ties, and isn’t afraid to be creative with her fabrics. I had also heard that she can make pretty much anything by request, so I decided to put that skill to the test. I messaged her letting her know what I was picturing – white fabric with navy unicorns for me, and some kind of elegant navy and white or gray and white anchor fabric for my trainer. Within a few hours she had somehow found both, like some weird fabric magician. She must have some serious sleuthing skills too, because the anchor fabric had to be ordered from Germany.

glittery little anchors! So perfect. Thanks Germans.

Once I gave the green light to the fabrics, she placed the orders, and then we waited for them to arrive. And, no joke, within a couple hours of her having the fabric in her hands, she had the ties completed and ready to ship. She kept me updated every step of the way, and sent me pictures when they were complete. I paid, she shipped, and I had them in my hands a few days later. The ordering process was ridiculously easy, Halley was great, and I got them extremely quickly for a custom item. The price was also super reasonable, with each tie coming in at under $50. Considering the fabrics were a bit pricey and one had to ship from Europe, I thought that was pretty good.

Great packaging, too!

The construction of the tie is top notch, I couldn’t find so much as a stitch out of place. They have a nice loop built into the back to make it easy to thread the the tie through, which I much prefer over just a slit. The length is perfect to get just the right knot and have enough left over to stay tucked under your coat. As soon as I put it on I found my deeply ingrained stock tie hatred plummeting a few notches.

I’m pretty excited to have a unique, one of kind tie that looks really good under my navy coat but still has a little bit of fun flair to it. It’s pretty subtle, and you can’t really tell that it’s unicorns until you get up close. The anchor one is gorgeous too, the little bit of glitter from the anchors makes it just fun enough, but still really elegant looking.

Paging through their Etsy store or Instagram, there are so many cool stock ties that I find myself having grabby hands for more. There’s such a wide variety, from really plain to really bright, simple smooth cotton to fabrics with texture. And if you have something specific in mind that doesn’t already exist in the store, I’m relatively convinced that if you can dream it, Stockbubble can make it a reality.

For those of us that like to match (which, DQ’s, I’ve seen those matchy sets y’all are obsessed with so I know that literally all of you like to match. Eventers, we already know about y’all, calm down.), she can also make matching belts and dog bandannas.

Do I need this? Maybe.

Having a friend that is a male rider and can so rarely find fun things for men, it was also pretty exciting to see that Stockbubble makes neck ties. Did I peer pressure Bobby about buying an OTTB neck tie? Maybe. Should more people peer pressure him about it? Absolutely. He has two OTTB’s now, clearly he needs one. Plus $5 from each sale of an item made with the OTTB logo fabric goes to RRP. You can’t beat that.


Halley is a fellow eventer and OTTB owner/rider doing a mad side hustle game (which I have a lot of respect for, obviously) so it feels pretty good to support her business and give her a few of my dollars. The products are gorgeous, the process was so easy, and overall my experience was absolutely 5 stars. If you’re looking for a stock tie, definitely check out Stockbubble! I’ve already got her on the hunt for just the right magic-themed fabric, since clearly I will need a special tie for Presto too…

14 thoughts on “Review: Stockbubble Stock Ties

  1. Damn you, lol! I didn’t spend more than two seconds looking at her store before I saw the Morgan breed logo stock tie and bought it! Now I just need a time/place to wear it…


  2. Wow, these look so cool! And yes, we germans do like our anchors. On everything. They have been a big Thing here for a few years now.
    Will Presto´s colour be hunter green and navy? Because something “tartan-y” in white, green and navy would look pretty nice, I think…
    And yes, Bobby so needs that OTTB necktie and belt set! *coughs* you, Hillary and trainer do, too!


    1. Oh, reallllly??? *grabby hands* I had no idea that Germans like/have anchor stuff! I am way big on anchors, thanks to being a sailor and having a son in the Merchant Marine and Navy. I think I’ve been shopping on the wrong websites! Care to point me in the right direction? 🙂


  3. I follow her on instagram purely because it’s eyeporn. I love all the different fabrics she finds. The wine glass and corgis were some of my favs, but she had an amazing tone and tone black that I loved too!


  4. So I *had* to get the OTTB belt….and then because you said she would, I messaged her to see if she could whip me up an autism awareness one too. :). Buzz and I are strictly low-brow noobs at this point, but hey, it’s all about presentation and if we have a great outfits, it’ll blur the performance details ever so slightly. 🙂


  5. I loved the review as it is so worthy of everything Halley does with Stockbubble ties. Every detail has been taken care of for her riding customers. I love her belts, too! Her learning how to tie a stock tie videos make the fear of tying a tie disappear. It is really easy!! So much fun to wear and to receive compliments from others because you are wearing something so special.


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