Sorry, I let Presto title this post and he got a little carried away.

it happens a lot

This past weekend was another fairly quiet one at home, something that is rare enough for me to always be appreciative of it when it happens. It was a loooong stressful work at week and I really needed a minute to breathe. So on Friday morning I hopped on over to the local Dover store for their “tent sale”… I use quotation marks because there was no actual tent involved, they just had tables full of boxes out in front of the store.

not as fun as a tent, but I’m still down for a good bargain hunt

I’m ever hopeful that I’ll find some kind of fantastic deal at that sale, but once again I left empty handed. That’s not to say that there weren’t good deals to be had, if you were lucky. They had a few Kastel shirts for $11, a pair of what looked to be returned Lister clippers for $100, a returned Neue Schule D-ring for $100, etc. Nothing I had to have though. And the regular “sale” items were laughable – like things were still more expensive on sale than they are at Riding Warehouse regularly. So, nah. $0 spent.

By Friday afternoon after work I was completely braindead from the week, so I tossed Henry’s sidepull on and we went out to jump. Because you know what cures a long work week?


As usual, he was awesome.

Saturday was a conditioning day, and it was 85 degrees, so Henry got a nice thorough hosing after we were done. Which is good, because he was pee-crusted. I am thankful every single day that he’s a plain bay.

Spoiler alert: he went out, pawed up a fresh patch of dirt, and rolled in it.

I was going to do something with Presto but he is still really ridiculously hairy, and it was so hot/humid, I ended up just hosing him off (how to make the baby horse angry in one easy step) and practicing his groundtying/standing at the mounting block. He knows now that the mounting block is always where he gets to stand and rest, so he was happy to put it in park and take a nap while I stomped up and down it and jumped around.

It’s possible that I did jumping jacks behind him while he napped

The real highlight of the weekend was on Sunday (well, after The SO forced me to go bed/mattress/bedding shopping, a thing that will take years of therapy to recover from. I haaaaaate shopping for non-horse stuff. Just order something online please, I’ll learn to like it.) when Bobby brought Cannavaro – now known in the barn as Gryffin – over to play! It was his first off property hack, so we just went on a walk through the fields and he was a superstar. Super brave and quiet, I still love him. The horse, not Bobby. Bobby was spooky and tense. Bobby needs some groundwork. His horse is super cool though.

All four dinguses (dingi? what’s the plural?)

The most exciting part was Gryffin meeting the boys. Presto loved him, because Presto loves everyone. I think he just assumes any horse he meets is his new bestest friend. Or in Presto terms: BESSSSSESST FREEENNNNN. Gryffin seemed unimpressed by the baby horse, just as everyone else always is when they meet him.

Presto was so hopeful that someone would finally like him. He’s got no chill.

The truly weird part was that Henry seemed to like Gryff quite a bit. Normally Henry is the sniff-sniff-squeal-bite-kick type, but he just kept sniffing Gryffin over and over for the longest time. It was a little creepy. We think it’s because Gryff kinda looks like Henry, and Henry is nothing if not a egotistical narcissist.


Gryff was foot perfect in a new place, and I’m really excited to see how he develops over the next year or so. I just love him.

It was a fun, relatively relaxed weekend with friends, both horse and human. Can’t beat that! And I hope it was enough to recharge me for a while, because starting this weekend the schedule gets crazy again. Dare I say that spring has officially arrived in Texas? I’m so ready.

13 thoughts on “BESSESST FRENNNSS

  1. Glad Gryff is settling in for Bobby (I may have giggled at the disclaimer that you love his horse not him and that Bobby needs more ground work)! Supposed to be 60s today 70s here tomorrow but wicked storms coming again so Spring not here yet. Glad it is coming fast in TX!

    And Presto…:) Ha ha ha he loves everyone. Is he shedding yet? Remus and Tate just started increasing their hair loss (Tate went thru a phase but then stopped for a while but is back shedding).. Presto looks like he needs body clipping again 🙂 HA!

    Shopping for a bed is equal or worse than having your fingernails removed. HATE…LOL We just bought one and we spent a fortune and I Like it but….i still hate shopping for them.

    Glad you had a relaxing weekend except for the bed shopping.

    And I find that Dover tent sales are odd. Like a lot of things seem to be marked up more than you would pay then they mark them down like 60 cents. Um no.

    The only things I bought there before really were steals were my boots (I am sure they were returns) and the tipp vest that also was a return.


  2. Sounds like a solid weekend full of pony fun. I’m a little jealous of your warm weather. My horses are starting to smell pretty rank. And can we talk about snow coming off the indoor roof? Perfect Eros has met his nemesis.
    Speaking of ordering beds online, my brother got that purple bed that’s all over FB and says it’s fantastic. You should have had SO just order that. I got a new bed when I bought my house. I walked into the bed store with a photo of the tag from my old one, and said I want this but queen size. They said are you sure, that’s a shitty bed. And I said yes I’m sure, gimme the shitty bed. And it’s perfect. Not sure how long they’re supposed to be good for, but I can still get out of it in the morning, so it must still be good right?


    1. I would have settled for literally any mattress that involved ordering it rather than going to a store to look/buy. But he won’t buy ANYTHING online. Drives me fucking batty! We ended up with a Casper because they have a store here.

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  3. Hahaha we bought a new bed/mattress after the wedding and I was giddy for weeks leading up to and away from it. I’ll let you buy all my horse stuff for me if you let me shop for non-horse stuff for you.
    And I echo Stacie with the jealousy about the baths, Francis is RIPE right now. Counting down the days to bathtime.


    1. I’m 100% ok with that. Next time YOU can go spend 6 hours getting dragged from store to store, and then get in an argument in the middle of Living Spaces because he wants you to have a stronger opinion on shades of wood but you don’t, and you try to strangle yourself with your own ponytail just to make it end. Not that any of that happened or anything…

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