All I want for Christmas is…

LOL yeah right, like there would be one thing.

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This year promises to be a bit lean all around, as I have to pay for things like Presto getting gelded, insurance renewals on 2 horses, shots/coggins for errybody, membership renewals, and truck registration. Oh, and Christmas. Seriously, Dec/Jan are the freaking worst. Hopefully no one expects a particularly good present from me, and several people that I normally exchange gifts with have all agreed that maybe let’s all just do cards this year. But the SO and a couple of relatives asked for a list of stuff I might want, which I know some people think is lame, but man do I love it. Partly because it gives me an excuse to go gallivanting around the Internet maniacally, like a modern day version of Supermarket Sweep.

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seriously, what a great show

Perhaps it’s less fun when you try (I said try) to keep everything on said list under $150ish, because hahahaha horses are expensive and I’m not gonna be the a-hole that puts a whole bunch of stupidly expensive stuff on my list. Whatever. Still fun. Also proof that I could easily blow through a lot of money in no time, not that any of us needed proof of that. Anyway, here’s what I came up with!

Back on Track’s Limber Up liniment spray

This is intriguing to me since it’s got all of my favorite liniment things: arnica, witch hazel, and peppermint oil. This is relatively new from BoT so I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s interesting and it’s only $10, so it’s a great stocking stuffer or add-on item if you’re trying to make a free shipping minimum. Or if you only want to spend $10, which is also fair.

Samshield V-skin gloves

I’m a diehard Roeckl lover, but I also think the Samshield gloves are really pretty and would love a navy or brown pair for shows. Plus gloves are something that I always need, and will always use, so you can’t go wrong with that as a gift. At least not for me, the glove lover.

Horze Grand Prix breeches

These breeches have quickly become my go-to, especially for shows. They’re so comfortable, and relatively inexpensive. I only have one white pair though, and I would gladly take like… a dozen more. Or at least one or two more, so I could wear them on both days of a multi-day show. I did happen to notice that the suede knee patch version is on closeout, if you happen to fit in the sizes they have.

Airowear AirMesh safety vest

I actually NEED this, although it’s a bit too expensive to actually ask anyone to buy me for Christmas. Except for maybe the SO… I can usually sell him pretty well on safety items. I still haven’t quite decided if I want the AirMesh or the RaceSafe ProVent, though. Sizing is the real question mark on the Racesafe, since I’ve never tried them on. I know that I love my current Airowear, and I know what size I need, so that’s probably the more practical choice. Neither of them come in navy though, which is some real bullshit.

Clipper Blades

This might seem like the equestrian version of “underwear and a toothbrush” when it comes to Christmas gifts, but when in doubt, buy me more clipper blades. I will ALWAYS use them. I feel like this is pretty standard across the board for equestrians. Ulcergard would fall under this same heading, along with fly spray and horse shampoo and hoof pack and horse treats. And it’s way less weird to give someone any of that stuff than it is to give them underwear or a toothbrush.

Orscana sensor

contenu orscana capteur connecté cheval

Y’all know how I feel about wearable horse technology. This is a neat little sensor that attaches to your blankets and tells you via an app if your horse is too hot or too cold or just right, how much time they spend laying down or standing still or moving around, etc. Do I need it? Prolly not. Do I want it? Of freakin’ course.

Cambox ISI3

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Look, I wanted this on Black Friday and I still want it now, even though I have the original ISI2 and there’s nothing wrong with it except for the fact that the ISI3 exists and is better and therefore I want it. Also they still have their Black Friday pricing deal. So.

Alessandro Albanese Motionlite

OK OK I’M CHEATING A LITTLE. I know I already have a navy one, but I want a green one too. Or… like… get super festive and get me green and burgundy. A girl needs options, ya know? I can’t help it.

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If we’re really testing the boundaries of how much someone loves me, I’ll take these:

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Or this:


Because he said he wants to do RRP with me. Oh, btw, I’ll also need approximately $700 a month every month forever to accompany him. Ya know what, better round it up to $1,000. Please and thank you.

Or you can just get me liniment and clipper blades. That’ll work too.

What’s on your Christmas list?

25 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is…

  1. I have the Samshield gloves and really like them for shows, good grip and good feel. In case you needed another reason to want them.
    Also yeah immediate family members are all getting a book and everyone else is getting my sincerest wishes for a delightful holiday season. Between the wedding, hock/SI injections, insurance renewals, and more training rides for the Beast, my best wishes is about all I can afford.


  2. I’ve also been really intrigued with BOT’s liniment. I’ve been a die hard fan of Sore No More since high school (probably about the time it was created ha!) and this could be something else worth having around too. And Omg the Cambox ISI3! The new updates seriously make it really difficult to NOT buy!


  3. Oooh, that blanket sensor looks really neat! Gonna have to stick that on the “someday” list. I just got some of the BoT spray, and while it hasn’t made it to the barn, I have tried it on myself. I had a big honkin’ knot in my calf that WOULD NOT GO AWAY. Sprayed it on, gave it a half hearted rub and forgot about it. It wasn’t all tingly and intense like some liniments are, but the knot disappeared without me noticing it, maybe within 40 minutes? And didn’t come back. This bottle might not make it to the barn (sorry Truby!)

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  4. I almost exclusively bought Christmas gifts for my family on Black Friday this year. Between buying and fixing up/furnishing a house, a full show season, a wedding and a honeymoon, this has been an expensive year. Sorry, fam, my budget for each of you is about $15.
    But in all seriousness, I am very proud of the gifts I found in that price range on Black Friday. Some of them are awesome.


  5. That blanket senros/monitor thing seems cool…..until it disappears. I’d get one if they gave me a new one when my horse lost it LOL.

    I’ve bought everything my horse has needed so there isn’t much on the horse list other then cookies for the best pony.


  6. RIGHT. Christmas shopping for equestrians is so much fun but oh so expensive. My MIL has just come to expect that I want horse stuff every year, and asks for direct links to items (although this year the DH and I actually asked for American Airlines gift card so we can go to destination weddings of friends HAH).


  7. Husband noticeably goes into a full-body clench when he asks what I want for Christmas/birthday/anniversary, etc. My mom got me a Kastel shirt for my birthday and my sister later told me she almost fainted when she got on the website to shop. Horse stuff is stupid expensive. I really need that show coat and am determined to make that happen before next summer. Same with the ISI3. I almost buckled with the Black Friday sale and it’s still floating around on my FB feed. I hope you get some good stuff!


  8. interested to see which vest you end up with. Also the cambox is on my wish list but gets moved down cause if i dont ride i dont need a helmet am. Same with vest, coat, and so on…Don’t need. LALALALA that liniment looks interesting but as Tucson Truby says for me not my horse. These leg aches are real (I think its from tromping thru mud the last million weeks my calf muscles kill me!)

    I wouldnt want the sensor cause if remus was asleep in the field i want one that would jolt him if I pushed a button and make him get up. Hey this could be a good idea 😉 HA

    My husband wouldnt know what to get me if i sent him the link and paid for it myself. Sigh. I just told him to get me a tractor supply gift card LOL. Romantic right?

    And you need another horse like a hole in your head. What are you going to do give up sleep so you can work three horses? HA HA HA


  9. I need some new stirrup leathers so that’s about like asking for a belt or tie. Most epic adult moment of the season so far, asking for and getting a nice pet vacuum…. for my birthday. Your list looks pretty fun. The BOT liniment has me interested! Far as I can tell you can wrap with it?


  10. I have a new truck bed tent on my list, since I threw mine away at Meadowcreek in the spring. Also a new laptop because mine is turning 7 and has plastic missing. I also might have added those Burlingham jump standards but not holding my breath on those.


  11. I’m hoping to get a few essentials for the gym, but most of my horsey stuff is saved for spring (just before show season!). I’m hoping to get some new reins and … maybe… a shadbelly! In green.


  12. god DAMMIT they still have the black friday pricing on the cambox? i thought I escaped from that.

    clipper blades are such a good ‘stocking stuffer’ idea lololol. I have so many TI84 blades because it was cheaper to just buy a new pair than f around with getting them sharpened which is… so dumb…


  13. I always have, like, glitter and glow in the dark stuff on my horsey Christmas list. Because I am a grown adult and can put glitter on my ponies if I want to. I mean, there’s practical things like new saddle pads and treats for the treat-monster mare and all that too… but… shinies.


  14. I put 2 of the orscana sensors on my Christmas list (because you gotta have one for each horse right lol) and hubby did buy me one (yes only one lmao). The downfall of him using my Amazon prime account to order my Christmas presents, I know everything I’m getting lol. I cant wait to get it and use it!


  15. Great list. I told the Hubby he isn’t to buy me anything since I just bought a saddle and am figuring out a month of training which is $$$. If I did have a wish list item it would be a pixio or soloshot. I ride alone pretty much all the time and never get any media of me actually on the horse beyond through the ear shots. It would be really nice to have.


  16. Just got that liniment for free with Eros’ new BOT sheet. If he’ll let it near his legs, I’ll let you know how it is… (He’s a little weird about liquid touching him.)
    The Samshield gloves are as nice as the Roeckl’s. My local tack store gave me a pair with my helmet purchase awhile back.
    I’ve been incredibly irresponsible this holiday season with buying myself presents, so there’s not really anything left on the list… Oops. I mean, I’d take a new horse I guess? Eros and the bay boys are ready for a little brother I think. And then I’d probably need a saddle since mine doesn’t fit my ass anymore.


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