Jumbled Parts

You know what’s awkward? Being a 19 month old baby horse.

Sup y’all, I am a magnificent giramoose.

Poor Presto. He is so sweet, and such a good boy. He’s in a particularly (suspiciously???) quiet and compliant phase right now too. Like to the point where he’s been so still in the crossties that I’ve taken his temperature to make sure he wasn’t dying. He comes to me in the pasture, stands still as a stone while I tie his halter on, follows me docilely into the barn, and stands in the crossties while I groom and fly spray him and sometimes leave him unattended for short periods.

He really likes to hold his grooming tools for me. Such a helper.

What he is, though, is a weird collection of body parts right now. Some things have grown and developed and are looking more like they belong to a horse. Other parts are scrawny and small and look like they belong to a baby. The overall effect is a little… strange.

Also he is really dirty and scruffy right now, living his best donkey life

His head is… well it’s pretty big. Like, as big as Henry’s. His butt is starting to lengthen and fill out a bit too, and his barrel is taking on a little more depth. The neck and shoulders, though? Scrawny AF. He’s still SO narrow in the shoulders and without much topline. I was kind of thinking (or secretly hoping) that waiting a little longer to geld him would help out his topline a little, but judging by his behavior I don’t think he’s got much testosterone running through him. Still almost no colt-like behavior. Which… thank goodness. Both of his little cojones are easily visible now though, so whenever the weather decides to get cold enough to kill the flies, those little nuggets are coming off.

I has big horse head on wittle baby shoulders, and no clue that I has nuts.

Grooming him yesterday I took a good hard look at where his withers were in relation to my face (WHY ARE THEY LEVEL WITH MY FOREHEAD?) and went off to the tack room to dig around for my good measuring stick. He definitely isn’t growing at the same crazy rate that he was in the spring, when he grew a hand in 3 months (that was relatively terrifying) but no doubt he’s continued to add a little bit since the last time I sticked him.

Yeah so he’s just a teeny smidge shy of 15.3h now. If he could slow his roll a little, that would be greeaaaaat.

I couldn’t resist throwing my saddle on him either. I haven’t done that yet, but he’s worn a lot of saddle pads and his surcingle so I figured it would be a non-event and I was correct. He stayed asleep. And the saddle doesn’t look all that big on him, either. Granted, I think he would need like a 12″ girth if I actually wanted to attach this thing to him.

Very tired. Much sleepy. I used all of my energy to grow my butt and my head.

I’m guessing that the shoulders and neck will be the next things to grow. I hope? With every day that passes, he looks more and more like a horse and less and less like a baby. We’ll ignore the fact that he’s the same height now that his mother was at 2 1/2. I’m in denial about that.


He also seems really freaking bored, so this weekend we’re going to revisit long lining again now that I’ve got real long lines. Maybe I won’t have to stack every saddle pad I own to make the surcingle fit now? Ok I probably will. #babyhorseproblems

16 thoughts on “Jumbled Parts

  1. That saddle looks totally normal on him. HA he will fill out. My morgan gelding actually filled out MORE after gelding than he did before. And we did not geld him till 2 or so due to the same ahem issues Presto had 🙂 HA

    He is ginormous though. So funny. (Not to you but to me it is hysterical)> You will need a helicopter to lower your ass onto him if he keeps growing. He is technically a hand taller than Remus now 🙂

    enjoy the view up there. He is such a good baby though….you really do have a nice colt (i mean of course we all love him and his mouthy ways). I am so happy he seems to have such a good brain!


  2. Yeah, I have a tiny girth on the saddle I put on Joey, but I’d be willing to bet despite the size difference, he and Presto use a similar size because Joey has belly for days haha. He’s going through an awkward spurt now too…I too will be happy when we have shoulders that match our butts…it’s the little things in life…lol. Presto would like you to know that it’s important for his head to be big to store all these big things he’s learning by the way 😉


  3. Those shoulders may be narrow from the front, but from the side I love the shape. One good mover coming up! 🙂

    I would love to jump forward in time just to take a peek at this blog two or three years from now, at a post remarking on how tall Presto was as a yearling. In comparison with that future time. Maybe something about a mounting block. 🙂


  4. Ugh, he’s practically a grown up already! I’m glad he’s not aware of his manliness though, he’s too big for that nonsense!
    He looks fantastic, even if he is spare parts at the moment.


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