No Regrets

Remember when I was talking about the Labor Day sales and how well I restrained myself at Riding Warehouse? Yeah, well.

In that post I mentioned how I had a lot of regrets about not buying the brown TraumaVoid helmet and some Horze Grand Prix breeches while they were on sale. I wasn’t kidding. I had so many regrets. I didn’t even make it 8 hours past publishing that post before I caved and bought the helmet. It went on sale after Labor Day – $199 plus it came with a $25 gift card, and free shipping of course. That was an even better deal than during the Labor Day sale. And when I innocently added it to my cart there was only one left in my size. That’s a sign if I’ve ever seen one. Let’s be honest, I never stood a chance anyway. Resistance is futile.

The color is perfection

Did I neeeeed the pretty brown helmet? I mean… not totally, I have other helmets. But it did prompt me to toss my old GPA Speed Air (my previous daily schooling helmet) in the trash, where it definitely belonged. I’ve been wearing the brown TraumaVoid every day since, and I love it, and it perfectly matches my brown Ego7 boots, and now I regret nothing. It’s my new favorite helmet.

Image result for regret dr who gif

But it didn’t stop there.

Of course it didn’t.

As soon as that helmet arrived, and I registered it online at TraumaVoid, and packed it away back in it’s bag to take to the barn, I pulled out the $25 gift card and was contemplating where to put it so I wouldn’t lose it or forget I had it. Then, lightbulb moment.

Image result for idea gif

Why not put it toward the breeches I wanted? Riding Warehouse gives discounts if you buy multiples of certain things. With those breeches, if you bought 2 or more pairs, they were marked down from $109 each to $89 each. Already a $20 per pair savings. BUT WAIT! I also had a 20% off coupon code (I almost always have coupon codes, FYI). That knocked them down to $72 each. $37 off per pair! BUUUUT WAAAAAIIITTT!!! Toss in the $25 gift card I got from buying the helmet. BAM! Now they’re $59 per pair. $50 off the regular price per pair.

Image result for amazing gif

At that point it would be a crime NOT to buy them, right? So that’s how, within one week of posting about how I had resisted all this stuff, I found myself now owning ALL OF IT. Brown TraumaVoid, white Horze breeches, and black Horze breeches. Yes, that gift carded lasted all of one hour in my possession before I used it.

You win again, Riding Warehouse. You win again.

But it gave me a great opportunity to include so many of my favorite things in one post via GIFs. Now we’re all winning.


48 thoughts on “No Regrets

  1. The brown trauma void is gorgeous. Seriously. It almost makes me regret my black one except as I don’t have brown boots, a brown helmet really makes no sense (and no current budget for brown boots). But I love it. And now that I’ve worn it few times, I LOVE THAT HELMET!


      1. I am SLOWLY upgrading my breech game. The adult in me is recognizing the whole “quality over quantity” thing. But the 12 year old kid in me is still into quantity…


  2. ha i love the look of that helmet. Maybe if i ever get to a tack shop again i can try one one. I need a new helmet (I dont have brown boots either but a black helmet (Do they do navy) would be okay too. I would LOVE brown boots but not right now….STOP IT YOU FIEND LOL I am glad you like it so much! That is always a plus in my book when it passes the Amanda code 😉

    You are crazy though how you justify it all 🙂 HA

    Sarah you like your black one?? Is it comfy (from one headache person to another)?


    1. It’s REALLY comfortable. As long as it fits. Now that I figured out HOW to wear my hair, it fits REALLY well, so much better than my OneK (since obviously that never fit on my head). No headache at all. No pinching, just comfortable. I’m starting to really like the look too (took me a while)! I’m happy with the black for now… I am a boring hunter person and I have vet bills and a culvert to remove before the EPA sues me.


    2. I’ll be another bad influence because Amanda just gave me her code so I’m off to buy more breeches. What can I say haha. But it does come in navy! It’s in my RW wish list lol. Soooooo you should try it. 😉 and some boots, too. Brown boots 😀 lololol


  3. OMG that brown is LOVELY. No new helmets for me yet but my eye is firmly on that Trauma Void to try. Now you have me torn between brown and navy! Altho, there IS Black Friday approaching….. And I love the Horze Grand Prix breeches too! They’re my favorites, and they’re my go-to. I’m waiting for Black Friday as well (or well hey any sale, really) to buy a few more pairs because I love them lol.

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  4. I was so bummed the Trauma Void didn’t fit my head properly! I loved the look of it, I just apparently have an annoyingly small and weird shaped head. So sad, I wanted that navy so hardcore.


  5. I think the comment section may be better than the post! I’ll be keeping your vast treasure trove of coupons in mind when the day comes that I can spend money again.

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  6. Have I mentioned that I now basically consider you to be my personal shopper of sorts, and that once you recommend something, I somehow often find it in my cart? This happens both with things in which I was already interested (Trauma Void helmet) and even with things in which I previously had no interest (Motionlite coat, I’m looking at you).

    In other words, you provide a very valuable service! 😉


  7. Bahahahaha I knew this post was coming. I don’t ride in breeches (western rider, heeey) but your blog is making me want to buy a pair. Stop it.


  8. BOT Has all the Trama Voids on display at WEG. I may have spent lots of time trying them on and staring at myself in the mirror…. will probably be back to try them on again…. but now I know my size sooooo…. thanks for talking about how wonderful these helmets are non stop!!!! It’s making it really hard to say no….


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