Mooraffe? Girmoose?

Guys, I got actual scientific verification of Presto’s species. Let me set the stage for you…

I was sitting in Discount Tire on Monday afternoon, delighted to have found a National Geographic while pawing through the magazine collection in the waiting room. Can we all agree that National Geographic is the best magazine? They definitely have the best pictures, at least.

Anyway, I was thumbing through kind of mindlessly when a little blurb at the top of an article caught my eye.

I know that animal. That’s Presto!

National Geographic seems to think they’re extinct, but I definitely have one. It’s official: he’s a Girmoose.

NOT FUNNY, LADY! (also, maybe I should have named him Legs?)

Even the height part of the girmoose is starting to feel a bit too accurate. While Michele was here on Tuesday I asked her to help me measure him for a blanket. I can normally guess pretty well just by looking at a horse, but his proportions are so ODD that hell if I even know. He’s really long but really narrow. And yeah I know, it’s way too hot to even be thinking about blankets right now, but this is prime blanket-buying season and my favorite HUG sheets were on sale.

Skeptical girmoose

After we did that she asked me how tall he was now, and I said I dunno I stopped measuring him. But I also cave to peer pressure pretty easily, so we sticked him and… he’s freaking 15.2h. He’s grown an entire hand since March – so about an inch a month. What the hell, kid? Usually that’s how much you’d expect them to grow in their entire yearling year! If he would like to pump the brakes a bit on the height and focus on his topline, I’d be ok with that.

Gotta admit though, he’s got great hair.

Surely that growth rate has to start slowing down at some point, right? RIGHT??? His mother didn’t do this, she grew really really slowly. He’s already as tall as she was as a 2 year old.

I ended up ordering him a 72 sheet. Really I wanted to order him a 70, he’s a few inches shy of that right now, but figuring he won’t wear it until Dec/Jan, I was trying to guesstimate what might fit by that point. But for some reason the 72 was $30 cheaper than the 70… so he might be wearing a bit of a dress. Or it might fit. Who knows. Trying to guess how big a girmoose might be in 5 months seems fairly hit or miss.

I also caved to a clearance sale and snagged him a pretty navy and hunter green scrim sheet for $20. I figured he can wear it at FEH Champs to keep the dust off and look fancy. Or to cover up all that kind of embarrassing sun-bleaching until the last possible moment before he goes in the ring. Whichever.

If I only take pictures of him when he’s wet, you can’t tell how buckskin he is

I’m not sure if the ponying on the hills is helping or if it’s just natural maturity, but he does seem to be filling out at least a little bit. Sometimes, anyway. He looks different every day. He’s almost as wide as a 4×4 now, instead of a 2×4. Of course, FEH Champs are still 2 months away, so who knows what he’ll look like by then. Fingers crossed it’s a little more horse and a little less girmoose.



14 thoughts on “Mooraffe? Girmoose?

  1. I have a yearling that’s a couple months younger than Presto and she’s 15 hands. I feel better knowing I’m not the only one with a giant baby.


  2. I keep telling her to buy Remus size stuff so I can buy it off her when the giramoose grows up even more LOL. He is seriously huge for his age and his legs go for days. Crazy…..glad the turmoil when he was so sick doesn’t seem to have stunted his growth. I look forward to giggling many times about how big Presto ends up! 🙂 He is 2 inches taller than Remus now! (But half as wide)!


  3. Wowza. My yearling was just shy of 14.2 at 11 months and is now a hair over 14.3 at 15 months. Seems like a more reasonable growth rate. I’d like for her to end up around 16.1-16.2, but I don’t want a giant. She seems to have been filling out more recently, which probably means she’s due for another growth spurt here soon. It’s so interesting to see how different horses grow.


    1. Yes yours seems reasonable to me. Presto was 14.2 at 12 months and now 15.2 at 16 months. That’s the crazy part… he’s gotta slow down now right???


      1. That is an insane amount of growth in that time! Maybe he’s just an early bloomer and will grow up early and then grow out later? Fingers crossed for you that’s the case. Otherwise you will be riding an actual giraffe lol


  4. Well… maybe he’s one that will grow fast early, but level out young too? One can only hope! Even if he’s in a bit of a Girmoose stage, he’s still freaking adorable! Lastly, I fully approve of him in hunter green 🙂


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