Summer Vacay

In case I haven’t mentioned it 10,000 times already, it’s hot as balls in Texas right now. Like… 30 seconds outside and you can literally feel your skin melting off and your eyeballs shriveling up. That type of hot. If you’re unfamiliar with Texas summers, go turn your oven on and stick your head in for a while. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Image result for melting gif
this is what it feels like to live here

I usually try to give Henry a decent “vacation” period every year anyway, so it wasn’t exactly a hard choice to do it after Chatt when we came home to triple digit temps. Pretty much the same thing we did after Coconino 2 years ago, really. People who live in normal climates do winter vacations for their horses… but winter is way more pleasant here. Very early mornings are still kind of bearable for riding (I mean, compared to afternoon, anyway) but still, the horse has earned some downtime.

Auntie Michele of fatbuckskin came to visit yesterday, so she took over walking duties for the day! First time he’s had a saddle on since Chatt. Dunno why she looked at me like I was dumb when I asked if she wanted to hack out bareback…

Of course, Henry being Henry, this doesn’t mean that he just gets to be turned away for a month in a pasture. 1) HAVE I MENTIONED IT’S REALLY HOT? He spends days snoozing in his stall in front of 3 fans. And even then he’s fairly miserable. 2) He doesn’t actually do well when he isn’t ridden at all. He loses that SI and hind end strength pretty quickly, especially since he’s fairly sedentary in his pasture at night, so I’ve been getting on him bareback with his sidepull every other day and going for a 45 minute brisk walk hack out in the big fields. 3) He would die without a dozen cookies a day and his 10 minutes of currying, pretty sure.

When a “cold front” is a high of 99 degrees.

Henry actually quite likes his walk hacks, I think he enjoys getting out of the barn area for a change of scenery. I’ve been taking Presto with us too, hoping to get a little bit of “conditioning” on him before FEH Championships. I mean… walks in the field won’t hurt either of them. Keep the event horse loose and retain some fitness, and try to put a little bit of a badonk on the baby. I think the only part Henry doesn’t really love is that Presto tags along, but… thems the breaks, kid. Big brother duties, that’s just how it goes. It doesn’t stop him from spooking at every bird that flies within 30 feet of him. The yearling is less spooky than the 11yo.

Also Henry gets SO sweaty with this heat that I have to hose him off and put skin stuff on him regularly or he would be totally hairless. As it is, I’m barely keeping the rest of the hair on his face. He’s just so gross right now, he gets sweaty and crusty and itchy in an endless cycle.  He does seem to enjoy his afternoon baths too, though. He seemed to be handling the mid-90’s temps decently enough, but the 105-110 degree days have just been killer.

He’ll get a couple more weeks off and then I’ll slowly start putting him back into his regular program. I don’t have any show plans for him until October, so no rush. He’s already getting a little fat though… might have to cut his food back a bit!

We’re all just laying low right now, taking a bit of time to recharge the body and mind, and dreaming of some cooler temps.

10 thoughts on “Summer Vacay

  1. yeah i would have summer break too if it was that freakin’ hot. as it is it’s been so humid i show up at the barn, get sweaty enough that I’m a fly trap for hay, decide we’re going to lunge and give up.


  2. it seriously is hot there. Henry is definitely approaching halter horse Quarter Horse status with his weight 🙂 also if people in Northeast go south for the winter, wonder if you should go somewhere cooler for summer. 🙂 HA


  3. There is a cold front next week! The highs will only be in the 90s! Now, if it would only rain, too. Happy vacation Henry! Be careful or Amanda will have you at fat camp in September. 🙂


  4. I had an observation about the heat … 111F causes the sensation of chest pressure and suffocation, while 98F does not. I think this means that we are actually slow-roasting/cooking in 111F.

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  5. I think your boy looks fiiine, too! But then, I know eventers aren’t really supposed to have invisible ribs. 😉
    What time of day are you doing your walk-hacks? Also, thanks for the reminder of why I don’t live any further south…


  6. Ugh. I love hot, but triple digits is too much even for me. It’s been decent here temperature wise, but the humidity has been pretty oppressive.
    I think you have a great plan with the walking and ponying. Rio was the same when he was a working horse. His SI and stifles needed to keep a certain level of fitness.
    The skin stuff is really annoying and frustrating, but it’s great that he sweats so well. Jamp doesn’t, and I worry about him a lot when it gets especially hot and humid.


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