Betty White 2.0

Some of you may remember my trailer, Black Betty turned Betty White, that I bought a few years ago for $500 and subsequently fixed up to make road-worthy. The $900 horse in the $500 trailer… it was quite apropos. Betty is the first trailer I’ve had in a very long time, and though she is far from fancy, she granted me the priceless qualities of freedom and independence. I’ve spent the last 2.5 years driving that old 1980’s model trailer all over the state of Texas. She’s logged many many miles and been nothing but a faithful servant throughout.

However, even with all the remodeling I did a couple years ago, she really shouldn’t be anything other than a “runaround town” type of trailer. She’s sound and solid, but she’s really old, and she’s not had the easiest life. Now that I have two horses to haul around, am traveling a lot, and logging more miles, it was well past time to upgrade to something newer and more suitable.

OG Betty White and Betty White 2.0

I made this decision only a few weeks ago. I was cleaning Betty out, checking her over, and thinking that I was probably pushing my luck by asking as much of her as I did. Hauling long distances with both horses in it was likely toeing the line of trouble. So I did some online research, figured out what kind of budget I was looking at, and started very casually window shopping. I knew that I wanted pretty much the same configuration – a 2 horse bumper pull straight load, no mangers, with a ramp. I really wanted a dressing room this time (I have a lot of crap, y’all) and it definitely had to have the capability to take the divider and centerpost completely out to convert to one big box stall for long hauls. I also wanted at least 7’6″ interior height since it appears that Presto is going to be… large.

On the east coast, that would be a dime-a-dozen type of trailer, popular and easy to find. Down here in Texas, not so much. This is the land of the western QH… most people either have little tiny 2 horse coffin trailers with mangers, or they have big slants with living quarters. They definitely DON’T have them in extra tall height, either. Plus the budget that I was comfortable with meant that I would definitely be shopping for a used trailer of a good brand, because my only new options would be pretty low-end. I hunkered down and prepared to wait until the right trailer came along, even if it meant I had to wait 6 months or even drive out of state to get it.

And then, as if the horse trailer gods heard my silent wishes, she appeared. I was browsing fairly mindlessly through the trailer ads when I stumbled across a 2 horse Sundowner that was located just a couple hours away at a dealership. I closely examined all the photos, called and talked to their sales manager, and made an appointment to go see it a couple days later. The price was excellent, below market value (like I said, these kinds of trailers aren’t exactly high demand here), and I had their sales people draw up the financial paperwork so I could get an idea of the exact numbers I’d be looking at. From there I decided how much of my savings that I wanted to plunk down for a down payment (bye money!) and was surprised at how relatively quick and painless the payments would be. Hmm… interest piqued.

I went ahead and got all of my own paperwork in order, money moved around, insurance plan in place, etc, and then drove up bright and early Saturday to look at it in person. I mean, why not, right? They’d actually done some work on it since the online photos had been taken, replacing some lights, light covers, wheel caps, given it an acid wash and full service, etc. It looked good. Really good. I was the only one at the dealership that early, so the mechanic who had done all the work on it went around and told me/showed me everything he’d done, while I thoroughly checked out the trailer. If I was being super picky I wish the head windows were dropdowns instead of sliders, and the tack room actually does not have any saddle racks in it. Those are quite minor though… I can live with the windows and I can put saddle racks in easily. The floor, roof, and all the major components are in excellent condition. Clearly the previous owner really cared for this trailer well. Aside from a few minor dings in the horse area from some naughty hooves, it’s pretty darn spotless.

It also had all the main qualities I was after, including a generous dressing room and a 7’6″ interior height. The horse compartment is huge. Plenty of room for Presto’s donkey ears in this thing!


So even though I hadn’t really been planning on buying a new trailer yet, I couldn’t think of any good reason not to buy this one. It seemed almost serendipitous. Since the paperwork had already been done, it was just a matter of signing things and writing checks.

One of the buttbars had been set exceptionally high (I’m assuming a draft horse occupied that spot?) so I did ask them to lower that down to a normal height, in line with the other one. That took all of 5 minutes. As did changing out the ball on my current hitch, which of course was a different size. Within 40 minutes of my arrival at the dealership I was back on the road home, this time with a very shiny, very fancy, VERY upgraded Betty White 2.0. She hauled easily (although wow she is definitely bigger than OG Betty) and Henry seemed very interested in checking her out once I got home.

Dis mine

Aside from saddle racks I’m also going to add a fan on each side and a wireless camera system so I can see the boys inside the trailer. All of those things are already here, ready for installation. Along with a lot of other really random stuff from Amazon that I wanted for the tack room. I’m still deciding exactly how I want to set up that space, but that’s a post for another day.

Otherwise there’s not much to do. She’s road-ready! Granted, we’re on a mid-summer pause in activities, so she might just end up sitting for a little while. I won’t get tired of looking at her any time soon though. Hope you like your new chariot, boys!

These horses, they are really rotten.

As for OG Betty, don’t worry, she’s going to a great home. I’m passing her on to a friend of mine who bought her own farm a while back and doesn’t have a trailer yet. She has two teeny kids at home so she doesn’t really haul anywhere, but now she’ll at least be able to if she needs to, or when the kiddos get a little older and her schedule frees up a bit. It’ll be the perfect semi-retirement home for OG Betty, and she’ll get to bring someone else all the freedom and happiness that she’s brought to me. Happy Trails, OG Betty, and welcome home Betty 2.0!

28 thoughts on “Betty White 2.0

  1. A BIG CONGRATS to you and The Boys on Betty 2.0! When you’re not even trying very hard and something just drops into your lap, I always feel that it is the right thing to do. So happy for you. And then you said you were passing OG Betty to a friend to continue her blessings of freedom and happiness for a new owner (not just selling her off). You are the best!

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  2. Congrats! And a wireless camera is life, I can’t imagine hauling without one now. One glance and I can see mi papi stuffing his face and watching traffic go by.

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  3. Yay! Your desires for a trailer are exactly what I wanted (and ended up with) as well. I found it used while casually browsing craigslist for an amazing price. I love my trailer and Gwyn practically swims in it, which is perfect for her part draft self.

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  4. My barn manager got a sweet deal on a GN trailer from Texas with a side ramp. They are super desirable on the east coast but not so much there I guess. Congrats on Betty 2.0!!!! Looks like you really scored a deal!! And like you said the freedom is priceless! So is the tack room!


      1. I think you could squeeze a cot in there easily if you get tired of the truck tent… so go right ahead and brag about YOUR new LQ trailer! πŸ˜‰

        Congratulations on your excellent find. My new car kind of magically appeared last week, too!


  5. Your SO bought a a robo-shitbox, so I think it makes sense you get a new toy too! Congrats on the new wheels! I had the gooseneck version of this trailer and really loved it. I only traded mine because I wanted something with a side ramp. Also, mine was from the years of the steel frame Sundowner, and I was worried that I might be on borrowed time with that. (Thankfully, since I kept it serviced, it was actually fine.) I’m in the same boat, with brand new wheels and no where to take them! But it’s still kind of fun just to stare at it. I mean, it will never be this clean again, that’s for sure. I want to read more about the camera and the fans, (and your tack room setup!) so hopefully you’ll share that!


    1. Yeah, I totally did a “here hold my beer” to his $500 cat shit robot purchase. Plus it’s almost my birthday, so happy birthday to me? I always get myself nice presents. πŸ˜‰

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  6. I loved the cribs-esque tour you did of it, it looks like it’ll be perfect for both guys, especially your growing boy! and I’m excited for you to have a tack room.


  7. I had the eyefi camera installed in my trailer (which is essentially the same trailer) and it was so worth it! They essentially nap the whole time. πŸ™‚ Mine really only has room for two saddles on a swing-out saddle rack , I have to figure out how I want to deal with that. I will be interested to see you saddle rack solution! Congratulations!


    1. I’ve gotten so used to being able to see the horses through the front window of the old trailer, I don’t think I could handle not being able to see them anymore! I’m excited about the camera.

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  8. Major trailer envy here. I was thinking of how soon I could move on from my “box on wheels” current trailer, and then, you know, the horse went into self destruct mode. Oh well.
    But that’s a fancy wagon you got there!


  9. Similar story to when I got my trailer! Casually looking turned into the perfect trailer in a hurry. I love when it happens though, has a great meant-to-be feeling when the perfect thing just falls into your lap.


  10. I have the 2018 version of that trailer, and love love love it! I don’t have the nice big window on the tack room door like yours, but I do have a window from the stalls into the tack room, and then two windows in the front of the tack room itself, all of which open for increased ventilation. Which can suck if you have them open and drive through an unexpected rain shower. Mine is also 7’6″ tall and I had them put the ceramic coating on the roof. Makes such a huge difference! My old short, three horse slant was so incredibly hot, that getting one as open and airy as possible was a high priority for me Even the dividers are slatted instead of solid. I added some different rails and hooks and such in the tack room, put big carpet squares down on the rubber mats, and also put some on the wall between the tack room and stalls where my bridles hang to keep them from banging and chipping the paint. But that’s about all the customization I’ve done, as I’m not very creative – so I’ll be looking forward to getting great organization ideas from you! Oh, and my Stanley fits in there just fine. I laughed when I read your post when you found yours, I bought one back when I had the mustang yearlings to take to the competition in Fort Worth. That was as close as I came to a major show, but I still use it to store the tools I need for changing a tire and such. They are very handy. Mine is not decorated like yours though…..again, I’m not the most creative person in the world.


  11. Very slick!

    And also interesting that those style of trailers are unpopular there. Most trailers in Aus are two horse straight loads with a ramp, although the angle loads are getting more and more popular. Trucks and goosenecks are a rarity and generally only for those with serious $$$ behind them.


  12. Congrats!!!

    I’ve made the stupid responsible decision that I need to own a trailer before I have a horse up here (because evacuating in case of forest fires is a thing) and I am Not Looking because Looking Leads To Finding……


  13. Very nice!! Love how it fell into your lap. The best things in life always seem to just plop into place whether we’re “ready” for them or not!


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