I finally got all my digitals from Chatt and wow, the photo series from our rider miss/horse save are pretty impressive. Impressive enough to where I just had to share all of them in sequence today, because this is definitely a #misseditmonday if I’ve ever seen one.

First, how about that OH SHIT look on my face when I realize that we are really about to be screwed.


Yep… this is a problem.


Oh god.


Henny the Magician, pulling a rabbit out of his hat and saving both our butts. Pretty sure this is that fabled “fifth leg” that eventers are always talking about, in action.



And then, like… phsyics happened, and I came perilously close to becoming a lawn dart. You can see Henry questioning all the life choices he’s made that have led him to this destiny of being an amateur rider’s horse.


After that I just took a nap for a while I guess, while Henry was trying to decide whether or not he should jump the roll top with that sack of potatoes flopping around up there like that.

Oh hey look, mom, ROLLTOP!
Uh… mom…?

Then he realized he was on his own here, and maybe he shouldn’t jump the rolltop with me hanging off the side of him like that. At least one of us is capable of making good decisions. He veered gently left, and I finally got an arm back underneath me to push myself back up.





Alright, let’s try that again.

Take 2 went a lot better.



Henry for sainthood! Don’t botch an upbank, guys. 0/10, do not recommend.

17 thoughts on “#misseditmonday

  1. My favorite things from this: 1) Henry’s ears, somehow forward through that bank until he’s checking to see where you’re at, and then spotting the jump lol! 2) How golfcart lady #2 starts off looking down either at a phone/scoring and by the end they’re both cranked around to see how this is going to go 😂(related question: Are golfcart ladies jump judges?) Yay for Henry and yay for a great 2nd run through!


  2. I’m impressed you held onto your whip! Did you get lots of cheers for staying on? That’s always my favorite part.. people appreciating that I didn’t fall off!


  3. I am loving Henry’s “locked and loaded” expression, and then the “nah, I shouldn’t” as he veers left. What a good boy! And what a good save!


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