Friday Faves

I’ve got 3 things that I’m really into this week, and they aren’t enough by themselves to make a post for each, so ta-da…. Friday Faves!

Ribbons for Winners

If you follow me on Insta then you’re already acquainted with my new favorite ribbon. I saw this on facebook last week and just Had To Have It, because nothing has ever described my riding career as accurately as that thing. It’s got positivity, humor, and perseverance all in one. How could I not buy it?

It’s from a company called Ribbons For Winners and they say they have new styles coming in the next few weeks as well. They’re also open to suggestions so if you have any brilliant ideas, hit them up on facebook!


Majyk Equipe/Jonty Evans

Fans of international level eventing have probably heard about the significant brain injury sustained by Irish rider Jonty Evans last month during a fall at Tattersalls. His condition has stabilized, although he is still hospitalized and faces a long hard road ahead with his recovery. They haven’t said much about his prognosis, I think a lot still remains to be seen, but he will for sure accrue some extremely high medical bills during this time. To help ease the financial burden, Majyk Equipe (one of my favorite companies!) is sponsoring a giveaway to benefit Jonty. The prize pack includes lots of great stuff, worth over $500, including things you can’t actually even BUY! The winner will get: Color Elite XC boots in Turquoise, Sport/Dressage boots in Turquoise/White, ME’s new Luxury AP saddle pad, a Team Majyk jacket, and other Majyk team gear.

To enter: make a donation to the David Foster Injured Rider’s fund, being sure to reference “Majyk/Jonty” in the comment box. The suggested minimum donation is just 5 Euro, but feel free to give whatever you can. These funds will go directly toward Jonty’s medical bills. After you complete the donation, forward the email confirmation to – this will be your raffle entry.


Rebecca Farm/Aachen live streams

I. Love. Livestreams. It is modern technology at it’s very finest, if you ask me. And this weekend we’ve got TWO fantastic live streams available – Young Rider Champs from Rebecca Farm, and Nation’s Cup dressage/showjumping/eventing from Aachen. Both are FREE! To watch Rebecca you need a fan membership from USEF, which you can get for free with the code NAYCE18. The live stream is available on USEFNetwork. Shoutout and best of luck to my friend Georgia, who is riding her OTTB (that she picked out and brought up through the levels herself in just 2 years!) Menue Rendevous in the 1*!

To watch Aachen you will need a membership, BUT you can sign up for a free 30 day trial and not have to pay (you can watch for a little while before it asks you to log in). Totally worth it to see some of the best international level horses, of all disciplines, in the world. Aachen is pretty incredible. Definitely on my bucket list of shows I must attend in person someday.

The best part about Clipmyhorse’s coverage?


Yep, they include the breeding information for each horse right there on the screen! I love this about the Europeans, they always have that kind of stuff easily available.

Happy Friday everyone!

2 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. That is the best ‘participation’ ribbon ever! That is a NEED! lol

    Agree that livestreams are the best. The more cameras, the better !!! A good ref pic, I have always enjoyed watching Oiwa ride, the few times I’ve seen him on a video or livestream.

    Thanks for the pointer for Jonty. That is great of Majyk to throw some support his way. His situation is tragic, he apparently has not yet regained consciousness, if the news reports are accurate (we know that they don’t have all the details). Although I think he’s on a government-based health care system (not sure?), nonetheless there are always many expenses that are not covered by a system or by insurance. Not to mention the lack of income that he would be earning for whatever dependents he has. And a future that is apparently undetermined at this point. Praying for the best for Jonty.


  2. You definitely need to go to Aachen someday. It is simply amazing. Oh and definitely stay after the SJ Grand Prix on sunday for the “Nations’ Farewell”. Nowhere else will you find something like this, where modt of the riders come into the jumper stadium to say goodbye to the fans.
    If they livestream it, def. watch.


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