By the time this post is published on Wednesday morning, we should be on the road – and hopefully at least half the way – to Chatt! Or actually, our “home” farm for the week near Birmingham. The plan was to leave Tuesday night around 10 and drive overnight (we have plenty of people to switch out shifts) so that the horses don’t roast in the trailer. Henry the delicate flower appreciates that, I’m sure.

This whole trip kind of snuck up on me. Between the MCP show the weekend before last and then Presto’s FEH show last weekend, I have not focused on Chatt at all. Like 0%. I didn’t even start packing until Tuesday afternoon, right before I needed to leave. I have no idea if I got everything, probably not, but hopefully I at least remembered the essentials. (YES MICHELE I GOT MY SADDLES, YOU A-HOLE. That was ONE TIME.)

I have no real plan for this whole excursion at all, since I’m basically along for the ride. I have no scheduled posts in the queue, so if anyone is actually interested I can try to do daily updates from my phone app like I did for Coconino. I’m not sure if y’all care about that or not. But basically I’m not back til the 9th/10th, so everything else besides the Henny adventures comes to a screeching halt.

I was excited to check the mail on Monday and see that a TraumaVoid EQ3 helmet arrived just in time to make the trip with us. Thanks Riding Warehouse! Yeah I know, I just got the One K, but I have to be honest… I don’t really love it. I expected to love it, because it seems like everyone that has one does, but the fit is weird on me, it looks huge, and for some reason it makes sweat drip like a faucet directly into my left eye. The air flow is decent though, and I like the dark brown color. It’s wearable, it’s just definitely not my favorite, so I’m glad I got it cheap.

There is nothing attractive about what’s happening here. At all.

The EQ3 though, which I was concerned I would NOT like, given the mixed reviews of the fit/profile that I’ve heard so far… I like a lot. The fit is definitely better, and I think it makes me look less bobbleheaded than the OneK. Not as flattering as my Samshield, but I mean, I DO have a big ol’ melon so I always looks bobbleheaded to some degree. The MIPS layer is really interesting too. So the EQ3 made it into my trunk to take with us, and the OneK got left at home. We’ll see how it handles the Southeast heat and humidity. Stay tuned.

why yes that’s a unicorn head on the mantle, why do you ask?

OH – one last thing while I’m thinking about it! The Central FEH Championships is still looking for sponsors. I know a lot of business owners are readers, so I’m throwing this out there for you guys (or for anyone who might want to sponsor privately, I suppose). Link to sponsorship info/form is here: Central FEH Championships. This is the first year for a Central championship and it looks like it’s going to be fairly well attended, so hopefully we can make it a good one!

15 thoughts on “Outbound

  1. Would love to read little Chatt updates! That would be a lot of fun for the rest of us living vicariously through your adventures ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also when I first tried the One K it didnโ€™t fit my head but then I tried it again and it did fit. I then ordered another one on tack of the day (the one that had the sun glasses that went up and down which I thought would be perfect for trail riding) and it didnโ€™t fit my head very well. I love my One K but definitely had to try on a few before finding one that worked. It was weird bc it was all the same style helmet. Who knows but glad you like the EQ3!


  2. i love the onek if it wasnt brown i would try to buy it off you. PS I knew you would forget your saddles cause you are actually hauling with Trainer A so I am sure she asked you ten times. WE will never let you live it down so live with it:)

    have fun!! if i can sneak away I will….

    and hell yes i want updates. wouldnt know what to do without your daily blog ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. I’m stupid excited for you. Can’t speak for anyone else, but I would love updates!
    Definitely think the eq3 helmet looks awesome on you. The One K is fine, but the other is better for sure. Plus that technology is pretty cool. My pink hat arrived! It’s a little bobbleheady, but the sparkles are awesome.
    Anyway, hope you remembered everything, and have a great time!!!!


  4. The EQ3 looks WAY better on you than it did on me. Can’t wait to hear about how it performs “out in the field”. Would love to hear updates from your adventures at Chatt!


  5. Daily updates from Chart aren’t optional. They are a MUST, at least for me they are. ๐Ÿ˜€

    The EQ3 looks like it actually sits around your head while the OneK just sits on. If that makes any sense at all.

    I wonder how feral Presto is going to be after 2 weeks away? Think of all the things he will have shashed in his forelock alone. ๐Ÿ˜€


  6. Yes, please update if you can! I donโ€™t comment often but read your posts everyday. Itโ€™s gotten so Iโ€™m a bit sad that you donโ€™t post on the weekends (completely understandable, of course, and I always love the weekend report on mondays ๐Ÿ˜)


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