Vet Check

Last Friday I had the vet come out to get all of Henry’s paperwork in order for our trip to Georgia, and asked him to look at a few general things on Presto while he was there.

how Henry waits for the vet

Henry was quick and easy, just some paperwork, a health certificate, and a look in his mouth. And we had our annual talk about how he’s been handing the heat, and why the horse is so damn weird. The vet thought he looked really good (aside from where the hair all fell out on his face because I dared to try Equiderma when I ran out of his usual tea tree spray… so that’s cool right before a show…) and we decided we’d wait and do his teeth after we get back since there was nothing urgent happening in there.

Henry got to go back to his stall, and I nabbed Presto to drag him inside. I wanted to check a few things on him – mostly just a bunch of little things and a general wellness check, because I will never stop being completely insane when it comes to this horse.

Nug 1 and Nug 2

First he felt him up again, to see if there’s been any progress on the inguinal ring on that stubborn right side. He said he thinks it feels better, and gave the go-ahead to geld him once the weather cools down. So, like… October/November probably. We still haven’t had any colt-related problems with him, and he seems happy living with his donkeys, so that’s fine. Honestly, development-wise it’s probably better that we wait a little longer anyway. Maybe some of that testosterone will kick in and help his topline? A girl can dream.

I also stood there and drilled the vet over basically every tiny little thing. Does that leg look crooked to you? I mean yeah I know it’s normal for them to toe out before the chest sprouts, but is it TOO toed-out? What about the hocks? What about this foot? What about how he’s wearing this hoof down? Will you look in his mouth, he’s been making weird faces lately?

Presto is not okay with this

And so on and so on. The poor vet, he was looking at me like I was the top nominee for Crazy Horse Lady of the Week. I was just like, look, this is going to happen pretty much every time you’re here so get used to it and I’m sorry. I can’t help it.

The only thing the vet really agreed with me on, as far as being slightly concerning, was the fact that his coat is kind of rough-looking in a couple places. He liked the deworming schedule that I’ve done and didn’t think he looked particularly wormy, but agreed that I should go ahead and send in a fecal sample next week (which I was gonna do anyway). I asked him if it would be worthwhile to run a full blood panel, just to be sure nothing looked weird, and he said that he didn’t think there would be anything abnormal on the results but agreed that it couldn’t hurt.

So we pulled some blood (while Presto gave me the evil eye), and that’s about it. Nothing looked weird in his mouth, although the vet did note that he already has some big ass wolf teeth in there. I won’t be putting a bridle on him until those come out.

Maybe that was money I didn’t really need to spend, but it makes me feel better. I see Presto every day and tend to worry about every tiny little thing. We’ll see if the bloodwork shows anything “off” – hopefully not – and then I’ll nab a poo sample for the fecal. After that I’m done being crazy. Well, probably not. But hey, at least the vet is making some money off of my craziness?

10 thoughts on “Vet Check

  1. Glad Henry is set to go for your trip! And the wellness check would’ve made me feel better too. When it comes to Presto, we all want to know he’s doing well too 🙂 The only good thing about Amber being a weird one is that my vet has now witnessed Amber having things happen to her that don’t happen to most horses so when I act like a crazy horse lady, he tends to believe me now that my concern warranted lol.


  2. I just figure I send a good Christmas bonus to help make up for my crazy. I mean, I pay my bills on time and aside from being crazy, I’m easy to deal with and I don’t mess up appointments so…. money will make me friends, yes?


  3. youre so cute about presto

    after his very emotionally taxing start i do not blame you for being a little crazy. i think its smart you’re running a fecal.


  4. I’m about to call my vet for my perfectly sound horse because sometimes she’s weird about taking the bridle off, and she caught her toe once lunging last night and now I’m certain there’s something Very Wrong. You’re not the only crazy horse lady, not by a long shot.


  5. crazy horse ladies unite 🙂 i am glad you ran bloodwork and doing a fecal on Presto. If it comes back okay so you were a nervous nellie if it comes back with something going on you will be glad you did. I think he looks good but can see where the fecal is something to rule out stuff!!

    And Henry in front of that fan 🙂 When do you leave for Chatt?


  6. My poor vets have been getting this from me ever since Rio got sick four years ago… And now with Jampy having foundered, they get it two fold. Poor guys. I hope they don’t fire me as a client!
    Better safe though, never hurts to make sure, right?


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