If you follow me on Instagram, some of you may have noticed that Quinn and I are in Tennessee this week at the Brownland horse show. No, not showing (hahaha funny)… I used a few of my abundant vacation days to come up here and fill in at the Luxe EQ trailer. Because you know you’re horse poor when you use the vacation days from one job to go work another. I’m not complaining, it works out well for me and my ever-withering bank account.

I picked up my rental car (because no one wants to drive a 16mpg truck all the way from TX to TN) on Tuesday after work, loading everything up, and my copilot and I were off. We made it to Texarkana by bedtime, then got up and drove the remaining 7 hours on Wednesday, putting us here shortly after lunch.

I’ve been to Tennessee a lot, but not this particular area. Brownland Farm is gorgeous and so is the entire area. Everything is so green and hilly. It is NOT Texas. I could definitely live here.

We got everything all set up and opened yesterday morning, so if you’re in the area, stop by and say hi. I already got to see and have dinner with friend and fellow blogger Hillary!

I don’t take pics of people as a general life rule so you’ll have to trust that Hillary is real, but can we talk about this Rose Gold set? Black and rose gold Duftler belt, black and rose gold Miss Shield. Someone please buy this so I can be cool vicariously.

I’ve also got a bunch of Motionlite jackets, approximately 9000 Cavalleria Toscana shirts, sunshirts, hats, and lots of lightweight breeches, which is good considering that it’s almost Texas-level hot and humid. (And yes, if you see anything you like in pics, I can ship it. Just saying…)

We’re here through Sunday, then Quinn and I will be back on the road and headed home. Pretty sure that if I had my horses I could just stay here forever. And the other dogs. And the cat. And I guess maybe the SO.

Don’t forget that Riding Warehouse is also having their 20% off Memorial Day sale this weekend! Time to stock up on fly spray, salt blocks, and dewormer…

14 thoughts on “Tennessee

  1. Stay in TN! LOL Tho you would still be a couple hours from me there. Love how Quinn is such a good helper! 🙂 And if you go back to work there I will go with you or meet you there!!

    Have fun and don’t buy yourself the rose gold stuff (Though I totally think you should) HA!


  2. i just want the straw hat with the pom poms on it

    i do the same thing with my weekends – why yes i use my days off to work other side jobs ISNT THAT WHAT EVERYONE DOES??


  3. LOVE THAT HELMET! I am currently obsessed with all things rose gold and have wanted a Samshield for ages. Why are you torturing me??


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