Do you ever see a horse that looks so much like your own that you have to stop and do a double take? A few months ago one of my Instagram followers messaged me to say how much Presto reminded her of one of Allison Springer’s horses, Business Ben. And, um, yeah Kate you are 110% right. It’s almost freaky!

The markings, the color, the face shape, the build… he’s really really similar looking to Presto. And yes that photo is from Allison’s Facebook page because I’ve turned into a legit stalker with this horse now. Not sorry.

Ben is an 8yo full Thoroughbred that came up through and had some success at the YEH program. He had the 4th highest jumping score in the country at Championships as a 4yo and is now competing at the 2* level. I would be 0% upset if Presto decided to take after Ben not only in looks but also in talent and aptitude.

Henry also has an upper level eventer doppelgänger of his own, except – and this should come as no surprise – his is a mare.

The first time I ever really got a good look at Daniela Moguel’s 4* mare Cecilia was at her Rolex debut. Watching her go around XC was like watching a (much more talented) copy of Henry. Her slightly downhill build, her overall demeanor, and especially her facial expressions… dead ringer for Henry.

She too has the happiest XC face in all the land.

And she too is really fed up with all the rest of your bullshit.

Her resting mare face is almost as good as Henry’s.


It’s too cute. She’s Henry’s long lost twin, and yet somehow despite the fact that they’re both TB, they really don’t share any common bloodlines in the first several generations. And yes, of course I stalk and root for Cecilia as well. How could I not, with a face like that?

Do your horses have doppelgängers too?

17 thoughts on “Doppelgängers

  1. My old TB gelding looked exactly like his dad, Summing. The first time I showed a pic of Summing to my mom (without telling her who it was), she asked me where I had taken Phoenix, because our barn didn’t have a pasture like in the pic. Luckily for me Phoenix didn’t inherit his dad’s graded stakes winning abilities and never made it to the track.


  2. Everyone thinks Taran is a PRE (which is hilarious… have you ever actually *seen* a PRE???) so I think all grey Andalusians are his dopplegangers?


  3. A hundred years ago when I did the junior hunters there was a much more famous horse than mine that looked very similar to him. The other rider’s mom nearly bought an enormous photo of my horse thinking it was her daughter.
    Rio looks a lot like his dad (Indoctro) and a lot of them look very similar. But none have the lightning bolt star he has.


  4. The one nice thing about having a loud coloured pinto is that she is supremely easy to pick out of a lineup (or herd). I might grumble about cleaning all the white and worrying about face sunburns but there have been zero times that I have thought another horse looked like Kachina for even a second. Downside: no doppelgangers for us


  5. Ruby has two paternal half-sisters and minus some face white, they’re all dead ringers for each other (despite the fact that they’re purebred and she’s only 3/4). My friend has an Andalusian mare who is SO SIMILAR to Cinna in facial expressions that sometimes I have to do a double take when I see her photos in my news feed! So yeah, I have a special affection for my horses’ dopplegangers!


  6. One of the nice things about having a very loudly colored horse is that there aren’t any at all like him. I’ve never even seen another similar roan. He’s realllllly distinctive.

    That said, in terms of build, he looks a lot like DIY Horsemanship’s Eugene. Similar jumping style, too. Tooooootally different personality, though.


  7. Hah… no. I haven’t seen a May doppelganger running around any FEI events (in any discipline). I have seen a few, height-challenged, round, palomino horses around, but none of them have her same… spark of sass.


  8. Frankie used to go out with a plain bay TB who looked EXACTLY like him from a distance, but was just slightly shorter. They were nothing alike under saddle, but we thought my trainer had a sick sense of humor to confuse the barn workers like that.


  9. There was a junior hunter that looked a lot like my first horse, right down to the unusual face marking. I think my TB’s doppelgänger is the chestnut at the center of the Sam Savitt” Guide to Horses poster, right down to the short tail (when I bought him.). The pinto WB I used to ride has a doppelgänger…from certain angles. I took a picture from above of one of them and the owner of the other thought it was hers. 😂


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