Upping that Tech Game

It’s probably no secret that I’m a real lover of equestrian-related technology. My Cambox helmet camera is probably one of my all time favorite purchases, and I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with the Seaver smart girth. I’ve looked into automated camera systems like Pixio and Soloshot, since I always ride alone and therefore rarely have media of it, but have never been able to justify the cost. It was easy to just pretend like they didn’t exist, purposely avoid their social media, and try not to be too jealous when other bloggers posted about theirs.

Image result for lalalala ignore gif
me, every time somebody talks about their Pixio or Soloshot

And then, because I’m pretty sure the universe loves to taunt me, I made the mistake of going to Riding Warehouse’s “New Items” page again last week. Yeah, the page that always ends up getting me into trouble. I can’t help it, y’all, I love looking at all the new stuff so I check it all the time. And it seems as if RW has been really busy upping their technology game, because there were several fun little gadgets that stopped me in my tracks.

First, of course they’re carrying the Soloshot now, both the Optic65 and the Optic25 models. OF FREAKING COURSE. The Soloshot is the camera system I wanted. My US Rider discount would bring it down to $466 for the Optic25, which, while a lot better than the sticker price of $550, still puts it solidly in the “hahahaha no effing way” territory for what is essentially a for-fun item. Owning two horses on a small budget does not leave that kind of play money left over. Still, I can’t decide if I’m really happy they’re carrying it since it makes the price more realistic, or really sad that they’re carrying it because now I get to be taunted by it all the dang time.

I also noticed that they’ve added a bunch of Trailer Eyes products to the lineup, including the Trailer Camera system and the WiFi Trailer Cam.  I’m kind of obsessed with those things. I LOVE being able to see what the horses are doing in the trailer and keep an eye on them to make sure nobody is in trouble back there. Luckily with my small little, um, vintage trailer I have front windows so I can at least see their heads and make sure they’re upright/eating hay. Next trailer, though… I will definitely buy some kind of trailer camera system. I’ve gotten so accustomed to being able to see them that now I’m beyond paranoid if I can’t, and the camera systems are pretty cheap considering.

Image result for uhwk helmet camera

As if those weren’t enough, I kept scrolling and saw that they’re carrying the new UHWK helmet camera. It’s a bit bigger and bulkier and less fancy than my Cambox, but has a similar front mount style and is specifically designed for a helmet. It definitely looks way better than a GoPro or the side mount cameras. The most interesting thing about it is the price – with a discount it comes in around $150. I’m far too in love with my Cambox to stray to something else, but it could be a really interesting option for those who like the design of the Cambox but don’t want to spend quite that much money. Somebody buy it and try it and report back!

Anybody own any of this stuff? Actually, don’t answer that question if you own a Soloshot. Unless you hate it, then feel free to tell me how much I don’t need it.

We won’t even talk about all the fancy new Majyk Equipe pads, or the fact that they’re now carrying all the MotionLite colors or the EQ3 MIPS helmets. I’m trying to pretend like none of this exists. Why do I even go look at the New Items page all the time? WHY? I need a 12 step program. Or a winning lottery ticket. Preferably the latter.

35 thoughts on “Upping that Tech Game

  1. SHIT i promptly forgot about the helmet cam due to how busy I have been. I hate that i have to CALL RW to use my credit. ANNOYING. But maybe….

    I think you need a solo or whatever. it is so worth it for us to see more of your riding 🙂 HA maybe do a crowdfund? 🙂

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  2. Don’t do the solo shot. I have the two and they stopped supporting it as soon as they started making the three (well before it was released). I can’t even get new replacement parts as it gets older (they could only offer refurbished and I still don’t have it functioning correctly again) and I did not find the original ones to last as well as I thought they should.


  3. I don’t even own a trailer yet and I have been eyeing a trailer cam set haha.

    I am too broke for anything else so I don’t even look at anything new like that. I am hoping to at least up the clipper game this year because my current clippers aren’t powerful enough for Luna’s coat.


  4. I am annoyed with SoloShot. I supported them when they were a Kickstarter and was one of the very first people to sign up. And then I waited something like four years to get the damn thing (I lost track. It was ages.) and I STILL don’t have the indoor accessory that allows you to use it in an indoor, which is where 90% of my rides take place because our summers are so short and often rainy (meaning the outdoor is usually too wet to ride in.) It also takes quite a bit of time and energy to get the damn thing set up and operational, and then it doesn’t always work correctly because of how sensitive the GPS is to anything, like power lines nearby or how close you are to a big metal building. For how GD expensive they are, the bugs have definitely not been worked out yet. I’d wait a bit until they have the technology down a little better before dropping that cash. It’s such a GREAT product in theory…


    1. Wait, there is a special something for using it in an indoor? That…really sucks. I’ve been looking into getting one, but with our long Winters and rainy springs inside is where it would be used the most.


  5. I really want to do a camera in the trailer, and since I don’t trailer often, I keep forgetting to look into it. Thanks for the reminder!
    Also, I got a soloshot for my b-day and I can’t even use it. That’s some special kind of torture though, no?


  6. I feel your pain! I want a mips helmet and the soloshot! I am going to start picking up every lost penny I find on the street and dig through people’s couch cushions, haha


  7. I’m trying to get my hands on a used Soloshot on eBay, but crazy eBay peeps keep bidding them up to close to or even over what they sell for new. Blows my mind. Going to keep trying, but I may end up getting one from RW during one of their sales…. I also have been wishing for a trailer camera. My window is higher than my back window, so I can’t see Sydney. I typically end up finding a spot to pull over half way through our trips to make sure everything is okay. I miss seeing her head through the window of my old trailer.


  8. I tried the EQ3 MIPS helmet and I REALLY wanted to love it. Like, REALLY REALLY wanted to love it. But the fit was weird. I need a helmet with a rounder shape and it didn’t fit me. But, oddly, it also didn’t fit the salesperson in the tack store who has a very oval shaped head. So I guess you need something in between? It also had a strange feel to it, if you put your hand on the front and rock it like you are settling the helmet on your head you can feel the movement between the outer shell and the inner part. I’m hoping they’ll come out with another design that will fit me better.


  9. I use a baby monitor for my trailer, works perfect and cost me less than $40 on eBay. The camera is battery operated, so all I had to do is zip tie the camera into the traile4 and turn it on 😉


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