Call to Action

Last year was the first annual Friends of Ellie fundraiser derby at Pine Hill, and it was such a great success that they’re doing it again!

pic from last year’s derby

Ruth, the owner/operator of our local eventing venue Pine Hill, has a special needs daughter named Ellie. Last year the derby idea came about as a means to help raise money to give back to the charities that have done so much for her daughter, and the idea really took off. They’ve planned another one for this May, which means it’s time to start rallying the troops for division sponsorships and/or item donations for the raffle. Here is a little more info about the event and the organizations that it’s raising money for, in Ruth’s words:

On May 5th Pine Hill will host a fun day for showing and fund raising, networking and enjoying the Kentucky Derby.  As many of you know, my daughter, Ellie, is a special needs teenager.  Over the years we have been so fortunate to have been associated with organizations that help improve the quality of life for the special needs community.   These organizations have allowed Ellie to experience many of the adventures and activities that her typical peers take for granted.  For the second year our goal is to raise some money and awareness for these wonderful organizations.   Each one of these organizations has meant a great deal to Ellie and I and this is our way of “giving back” just a little for all they have done for us. 

Sponsorships & Donations—We are asking for sponsorships—businesses and individuals to help defray the costs of running the show.  There are a variety of opportunities and levels for sponsorship and we will provide advertisement opportunities and recognition for every level of sponsorship.  We also need donations for a Kentucky Derby raffle.   Please use the form on our website to send your donations or sponsorships.   We are very excited to have many of the awards and ribbons created or refurbished by two organizations that provide work opportunities for young adults with special needs:  Revived Glory and JoyRide Prep–Day Habilitation Program.  By purchasing from these organizations we help contribute to their outstanding programs.  The first thing we want to do is cover as many of the sponsorship positions as possible so that we can commission our trophies and awards from Revived Glory.


Ruth and Pine Hill are huge pillars of support for our local eventing, Pony Club, and h/j scene and have been for a really long time, so I would love to do everything I can to help “give back” and make this event a home run. Eventing could not exist in this area without people and facilities like them, so if a cause is important to them, it’s important to us. If you have something you would like to donate, or if you’re interested in sponsoring a division or learning more about the organizations that the show is benefiting, check out this page, and either get in touch with Ruth via her page or just let me know and I’ll help facilitate things for you. Businesses can do tax deductible donations, plus you can get your logo or ad in the event program or even a banner or your logo/ad on a XC jump! There are lots of different options for sponsorship or donation.

And if you’re local, consider coming out to the event! If you’re not an eventer, they’re also offering dressage tests or schooling jumper rounds.

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for your help! Back to our regular blog content tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Call to Action

  1. Do you mind if I share this with our driving club? We hold a carriage show out at Pine Hill every May and I think some of our people might want to volunteer or do sponsorships.


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