The Ghosts of Horses Past

While I was looking for a specific old video of Sadie last week, I found myself knee deep in my old youtube account. I haven’t really used it much since I switched to vimeo, which I much prefer, but man there are some blasts from the past contained within that old archive. Horses from up to a decade ago, even. A couple of them I had kind of forgotten about, or at least forgotten a lot about them, because they were project horses that I didn’t have for very long. I thought it would be kind of fun (and also funny) to share a few of the videos, with screenshots for those who hate clicking on videos cuz I’m kinda with you on that most of the time.


First and foremost there’s Gracie, a little grade western mare that I picked up for $800. Did she come from Craigslist? I don’t remember. Maybe. Did Craigslist exist in 2008? I think so. Odds are good. Anyway, I got her mostly because I was totally burned out on h/j but still wanted something to play around with. She was sour and rotten, but once we straightened that out she was a pretty cool little horse. Super on the trails. She ended up selling as a lesson horse to the barn I was boarding at… I think she might even still be there. I’m 90% sure I still remember how to put on a western saddle, but don’t hold me to that.


Then after Gracie there was Cruz, who I now realize (as I’m watching his video) reminds me A LOT of Emma’s horse Charlie. Cruz was a fairly unhandled 17h 4yo when I got him for something super ridiculous like $350, and I started him u/s and then resold him. I think he was about 6 months under saddle in this video. Last I saw him he was down in the Houston area, but I’ve definitely lost track of him over the years.

This one isn’t me or my horse, but Y’ALL, I have been stalking stallions for SO LONG that I have a video of the hunter stallion Shine, that I took while standing creepily beside the ring to watch him go. See, I’ve been crazy forever. Video evidence.

Then there was that cutting lesson I took once. I wish I could remember this horse’s name, he was a really cool older stallion. Tiny, so tiny, but what an athlete. Also if you touched your finger to his withers he would stop dead. It was a literal whoa button. I got a kick out of it.


After that came the Sadie years, when she was finally old enough to ride. She was only 3 in this video, just kind of hacking around. Also she was still super narrow, which is just amusing these days, knowing how freaking stout she ended up being. I’ll be happy if Presto can be this cool when he’s 3!


While Sadie was growing up I leased another horse that I’ve talked about on the blog a little before – Kai, an Oldenburg by Ideal. He was rehabbing from a ligament injury in his foot when I took over the ride, and once he was back in action we showed a little bit in the jumpers before he ended up going back to Cali. I learned a lot from this horse. He was definitely one of the most challenging rides I’ve ever had… as you can probably garner from all the spooking he’s doing in the video (such a little shit!). He sure made you work for every single step, every single day.


And the last horse on my old account, before the Henny videos started, was Salerno. He was a super cute little 4yo Sonntagskind gelding that his dressage-rider owner asked me to start o/f to help market him to be sold. He’d had about a month of jumping experience by the time this video was taken and he was just so super easy and chill about the whole thing. I loved this little horse, I hope he ended up in a great home.

Do y’all ever look back through old videos and find yourself reminiscing, or giggling at yourself a bit? It’s kinda fun…

15 thoughts on “The Ghosts of Horses Past

  1. All of my old videos are on VHS which is super annoying. I bought some stuff to hopefully get around to converting them though. Once I do, hope everyone following my social accounts is ready for a lot of bad riding videos!
    So fun to look back though isn’t it? Sadie is such a lovely mover! Kai reminds me a little of Jamp. “Holy Shit people! Can’t. Horse. When. There’s. People. IN CHAIRS!”


  2. Yes!!! I put up a couple of the videos from my high school eventing years on YouTube and love rewatching them every so often! Both of the horses I rode have passed on and the various events have changed a lot since I rode there. For example Carolina Horse Park was fairly newly built and there’s a rope around the show jumping and dressage was on grass but now it’s fancy enough to hold a CIC***!


  3. Some of my very old horse show videos (2005 and earlier) were video taped by a very good family friend. I’m not sure if the tapes are still around, but if they are I would love to try and convert them someday. In 2006, my family got a different video camera that actually used DVDs, so I have some videos of the last horse I leased in Alaska somewhere at my house, but I’ve never uploaded them anywhere. My old Youtube account and probably my Facebook account too are full of some older gems. I’ve gotta be feeling pretty brave to travel down that rabbit hole, otherwise I start getting too nitpicky and it ends up not being a very fun trip down memory lane.


  4. Mostly my old riding pics – I predate convenient video – horrify me. The hands. The suit jacket. The hunt caps. Hunt caps? How did we think those where safe? I owned a helmet for cross-country. Anyone remember Calientes? Yet, we showed hunters & stadium in hunt caps. Where was the logic? But I have wandered off topic.


    1. I admit to starting out in the hunt cap era as well. Without a chin strap. I remember that any time I fell off, my hunt cap did, too, and usually got to the ground before I did. It was purely decorative.

      I also remember the outrage during the first season when HELMETS with CHIN STRAPS were required. The old mushroom-head helmet didn’t look good on anyone. But at least it did offer head protection!


  5. My fave is the one when you were a kid and fell off 🙂 LOL…..Sadie was so laid back. I doubt you get that lucky again 🙂 Gracie was so cute…..and CRUZ does look like Charlie. So funny, love looking back…


  6. Thank gawd there are no videos of me riding. It’s bad enough looking at the photos! What a lovely mover Sadie is, and Gracie, for all that she seems unsure of just where her head should be, actually does a genuine jog, not that hideous 2-beat walk you see at shows. And mostly her ears are level with her withers, where they should be. Kudos for your equitation. Took a non-horsey friend to a quarter horse show once, aiming to see a trail class, but it was behind schedule and we got stuck with Western Pleasure. After a few minutes, my friend said, “With pleasure like this, who needs pain?”


  7. Omg I totally see the Cruz Charlie resemblance lol…. And yea I like looking back on old memories but have very very few photos of older action shots and basically no videos. Which maybe explains why I’m so insane about them now lol


  8. I love doing this, but I lost a lot of footage when an old computer died and they weren’t backed up anywhere else sadly


  9. I loved this.! I love also how you can see how much you have grown as a rider in these too. I watch my old video’s all the time, it reminds me that I may not be as good as i want to be, but I am better than I was and that’s what matters.
    Now i am on youtube i shall have to check out VIMEO.
    By the way, that showjumping video with that horse jumping sideways and stuff. Well ridden mate! Genius stuff there.
    Have a great day
    Mel x


  10. A Rio half brother!! Doesn’t look anything like him, but sounds like they have the same great brain. Also LOL’ed a lot at the jumper video from Waco, those were some pretty funny spooks, good riding!


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