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Surely I’m not the only person that loves perusing the “New Items” page on tack shop websites? I love seeing new season stuff, or new brands that a store is carrying. Some websites don’t have that page, of course, and others don’t update it very often. But Riding Warehouse… I’m there at least a couple times a month to see what’s new. And this month in particular, they have really delivered. I totally got sucked in over the weekend.

First and foremost, I don’t even like purple nearly as much as most of you people, but did y’all know that Kerrit’s has a new PURPLE show coat? And it’s only $130? Ok eventers, I expect to start seeing these pop up all over the place (Michele, I’m looking at you). I know y’all are into that, I see your cross country colors. A purple coat would be kind of badass. DO IT.

RW has greatly stepped up their stirrup iron game in the past few months too, now carrying everything from the Acavello Opera, the MDC line, a very Jin-looking Kavalkade iron, and a full range of Tech Stirrups. The ones above are the Tech Stirrups magnetic safety irons, which have a release mechanism at the top in case you ever get hung up.

Image result for tech stirrups magnetic

They’ve also got the Tech Stirrups 3-in-1 exchangeable spurs, where you can just change the tips as needed instead of swapping spurs. These are as close to “techie” as spurs can possibly get, and y’all know I love all things techie.

Mere weeks after I bought that cute Kavalkade bridle from Europe for Presto, guess what popped up on RW?

Clearly great minds think alike. High five to whoever it was in purchasing that decided to pick up Kavalkade, especially this Ivy bridle. I really like the styling of it, it’s different without being too “out there”, and super affordable at only $113 (hence perfect to be Presto’s first bridle). Totally would have bought it from them if I’d known it was coming. They have other bridles from the Kavalkade line too, including a patent dressage bridle, if you’re into that kind of thing. Which… we need to talk about that, dressage people, but that’s a subject for another day.

Also worth pointing out that the Kavalkade mesh bonnets are only $23. Just saying.

I’ve also got this kind of weird fascination with the TSF Stretchtec girths. I’d love to try one with my monoflap jump saddle, I just balk at the price. I really like the idea behind it though, so I remain intrigued.

There have been a lot of cool brands popping up on their website in general… Arctic Horse, Grand Prix, GPA, Kask, Pikeur. Makes it pretty fun to wander through and click on that New Items page every once in a while.

I find myself doing the same thing on the Divoza site (because they always have the weirdest european stuff and I love looking at it) and Luxe EQ (because they always have the PRETTIEST stuff) too.

Like the new Ego7 breeches. I must check these out. I love my Ego7 boots, so the brand has definitely piqued my interest.

The belt selection is so dangerous though. Especially when they’re Duftler spur belts and come in navy stingray.

There’s also non-riding related stuff like cute pillows with very true sayings

and cashmere. Delicious delicious cashmere.

I’ll be working in the Luxe Eq mobile later this week so I hope y’all are ready to see all the new pretty things that I find while I’m there. New pretty things are my favorite. Just not my wallet’s.



44 thoughts on “My favorite page on any website

  1. Hello Amanda. Thank you for all the great updates on your blog. Just wanted to share the NEW ARRIVALS link on our web site Our business model is based on introduction of affordable innovative products and are constantly updating our website with new offers. All our brands TuffRider, Equine Couture and Henri de Rivel are manufactured in our factories and this give us the ability to innovative and bring new products very quickly to market.


      1. Amanda, I am going to block you I swear. LOL Megan let’s get the coat together! SHALL WE?? I already have the blue one from Amanda’s interference (I mean help yeah that is it). SIGH….i wish it was a bit more purple though…..OMG you are killing me.

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  2. I hate my regular ap total saddle fit girth. For how much it cost its durability and quality have been very poor in my experience. The elastic has just about zero stretch, the leather on the outside looks like plastic, and the leather is discoloured on the inside where some dye had rubbed away even though I only used the thing for 10 rides before it went inside because I hated it so much. The kicker? Now the buckles are starting to rust. Inside. In a climate controlled area. Honestly in my experience I don’t think the cost is on par with the quality of TSF girths. I also tried emailing the company via their website and never got a reply, so even the customer service is lacking in my opinion. YMMV, but I could never recommend them to anyone.


  3. I love all the things and once again, we have the same taste because that belt. NEED. Yum. Please try on and bring back reviews on the new Ego7 breeches? And Strucks? And maybbbee the Dada Sports? Thanks for being my personal enabler/reviewer!


  4. I literally JUST received my Kavalkade bridle in the mail from Germany because the last time I checked the RW warehouse site they didn’t sell them… Would have bought form them for sure!

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  5. That belt! Ugh I NEEEEEEED!

    Too bad I can’t actually fathom spending that much on a belt…with the exchange rate. Boo. And I am not allowed to spend anymore money on horsie things..


  6. I try to avoid the new items page because I have a shopping problem. I always start at the sale/clearance section. But then you know, sometimes you need more stuff to get to free shipping… And then I might visit the new stuff page. It’s all downhill from there. Love that Duftler belt!

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  7. IF I buy that dang purple coat that would make 3 coats I own. I need to sell the EC black and the Kerrit Indigo if i do (both large) Anyone interested? LOLLOL RIDICULOUS YOU are so bad. Hrumph!


  8. I luv my TSF dressage girth – fits my horse well and super quality. I’m a patent leather dressage bridle gal. I can’t help it – the used dressage saddle I bought has a patent cantle so I HAD to match. But I tone it down with a gorgeous hematite browband instead of bling.


  9. Does anyone have a picture of the Ivy bridle without the flash? It’s the coolest/different looking thing I’ve seen with a removable flash, and my horse hates them.


      1. It looked removable in the photos, so I really hope it is. Otherwise I guess I’m stuck with boring bridles forever.


          1. I absolutely love the looks of those, and will likely get one when/if I get a dressage saddle. Right now, I’m looking for something fun to go with my jump saddle.


  10. I authorize you to buy the girth and report back because I also want one!
    Saw lots and lots of pretty show coats in Wellington. They were all a billion dollars though. I kind of like the maroon coats but already have two almost new coats as well. It’s a real problem!


  11. New Items pages are my favorite!!! Thanks for spotlighting ours at Luxe EQ. 💗💗💗And double thanks for holding down the fort while I’m gone. 👏👏👏👏👏


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