Friday Odds and Ends

I’ve got a serious case of the randoms today, but I have a bunch of little things that I’ve been waiting to mention that don’t really warrant a whole post on their own. Pardon this weirdness that you’re about to experience.

First, hinging off of yesterday’s post, I had a few people message me and ask for suggestions on what kind of breeches to try in place of Tailored Sportsman. It’s been a while since I’ve worn any TS, so I’m not a huge help here. I know some friends that have switched to Pikeur Ciara’s, RJ Classics Gulf, or Equiline, but that’s about it. I figured it was better to pose this question to everyone and see what kind of suggestions you have. So, TS-wearers, what other brands of breeches are you finding that are similar?

Second, I totally forgot to announce the winner of my little contest a few weeks ago. Whoops. Congrats to Rhiannon, she won the Presto calendar, ombre lead rope, and Riding Warehouse gift card. Watch this space, because sometime in February I’ll be launching the annual Guess the Foal contest and I’m currently working on putting together the prize package (which should be pretty awesome)! We’re less than two months away from the first foal. OMG.

Speaking of foals, it’s possible that I’m ordering a bonnet for Presto. No it won’t fit him for a while, but when I saw that If the Bonnet Fits can now do logo patches, I might have had a bout of temporary insanity. She’s managed to make a patch out of the Willow Tree logo, so clearly Presto NEEDS a bonnet to rep his birthplace. Henry might wear it a little bit until Presto grows into it. Yes I have a bonnet problem. But… logo patch?

Last week while I was scrolling through my blog reader feed, I came across a post about a recipe for easy horse treats. It seemed super simple, and I had to go to the grocery store anyway, so I grabbed the ingredients I needed ($5 investment) and went to town on Sunday afternoon. I did modify the recipe a bit, first by doubling it, but I also decided to use a little bit less applesauce and a little bit more molasses. It seems like the recipe is pretty hard to mess up, and easy to add or take away and still end up with something a horse would happily eat. I thought the cookies were still quite soft after the 15 minute baking time so I let them go for another 10 minutes. Like I said, it’s pretty foolproof. Doubling the recipe made 63 cookies and Henry absolutely loves them. Will definitely do this again… for $5 worth of ingredients and 30 minutes of work, it was worth it. We go through a lot of treats.

Last but not least, Ovation is giving away one of their new Comfortflex body protectors! It’s very easy to enter, just go here and put in your name and email address.  They are pretty much always running a giveaway on something, so I definitely suggest following them on facebook if you aren’t already. Everybody likes free stuff.

19 thoughts on “Friday Odds and Ends

  1. TS still fits me the best although I had mostly abandoned them already because I found them too cottony. (If I had an unlimited budget, I’d just have a closet of Animos…)
    That said, I really like my RJ Classics Gulf, but I find they run a little smaller in the waist than TS and the fabric is more tech-y. I found a pair of Winston breeches secondhand that fit almost identically and are really nice, but they’re definitely a different price range. I know a lot of people like Romfh and I’d like to try those too.


  2. For breeches, I would say the Romfh Sarafinas are superior to TS: more technical fabric and a stretchier waist. I am wearing a pair of LeFash breeches right now and they seem similar to TS, with slightly different styling. I did not pay full price for the LeFash, though.


  3. I think Pikeur has a pair that’s almost the same as TS. I got mine at a second hand shop though, so no idea which ones they are. I put them on and they fit almost identical to TS, maybe even a little better? I left them down in FL, but when I got back I’ll try and remember to see if they say which ones they are. Also, my used ones were $45 and is the only chance I’d ever own Pikeur breeches! They’re so expensive!
    LOVE the custom patch idea… Now that I’ve made myself a logo I might need bonnets too. But not until after my credit card comes out of hibernation. Might be awhile. Also, you probably already know this, but Swanky saddle can put your logo on boot socks. I got a couple pair and I love them! They’re the nylon type, not cottony like Dreamers and Schemers. Nice and thick (for nylon) though. Loving them!


    1. Probably the Ciara’s. Pretty sure that’s the Pikeur model that a lot of people switched to a few years back. It’s not hard to get Pikeurs on sale, which puts them in a more reasonable price bracket.


  4. I think I will make some of those cookies this weekend! Even with my store discount, I am getting sick of buying Kick cookies.
    BUT I do have a million containers from them now to put homemade ones into!


  5. Thank you again for the prize pack! The Presto calendar is now hanging on the bulletin board behind my desk. 🙂

    As for breeches, I’ve not had a need to buy many in recent years, but I just started working in a tack store that carries RJ classics, Horze, Ariat, Irideon and FITS. I plan to start trying stuff on, mainly so when people come in to shop I have more first hand experience. It will have its pros and cons I’m sure. Pros: wear all the fancy things. Cons: realize I need to lose 10+ pounds before I’ll actually want to purchase them and wear them myself.

    I had a pair of TS trophy hunters a few years ago and they were nice enough. I’m still trying to get on the tech fabric band wagon, so I’d probably go back to TS only because that’s what I’m used to, not because it’s actually what fits best or is most comfortable. I’m trying to broaden my horizons and stay away from TS and cotton-y fabrics.


  6. I primarily wear my TS, which fit like a glove, but I’ve also found a similar fit with the Aqua X (wear the same size as TS), Animo (run pretty small), Pikeur (same size as TS), and Struck Apparel. Granted I wear the front zips, so I have no recommendations for people who wear side zip TS (they fit me sooooo strangely).


  7. As a (former) TS lover, I’ve found the Elation Platinum Brooklyn breeches super satisfying. FIt is identical to TS on me, lots of great design details, good colour options, and basically always on sale (at Greenhawk, the big Canadian tack shop). I have worn mine to death and they’ve held up beautifully. Currently $129 CAD, which I think is basically free in US dollars lol?


  8. I loooove my tredstep breeches! I wear a 28R in tailored sportsmans, but a 26L in tredsteps and they fit perfectly! And they are stain resistant so I use my tan pair for hunting and a white pair for eventing! I also love my romf sarafinas, Pikeur, and Ariat breeches. I have an insane amount of breeches in every color, it’s kind of a problem.


  9. What is the recipe for the horse treats? Would love to make some!!

    Also, I love the Romf breeches. Very comfortable, hold up well, and about the same price. 🙂


  10. I haven’t found a brand to replace my TS, but I would say the most comparable is the RJ Classics Gulf breech. The fabric is a little slicker, but they styling and look is super similar.


  11. Really like the TS, but only buy 2nd hand. I found a pair of Trainers Choice that fit very similarly, a little over 1/2 the cost. I cannot wear Pikeur or Romf-they are just not cut right in the legs (of all places!). I had a pair of Harry Hall side zip eons ago, they were super cute, cut long enough in the crotch AND actually had a waist. (I am 5’6, 130#, small waist). SmartPak pipers will never fit, booo…….


  12. I never liked TS breeches much in the first place. The fabric seems super thick and I HATE VELCRO!
    I love the Ariat Olympia breeches (~$200) or the Ovation Aqua X (~$100).
    I like Animos, but they are too low rise to be my favorites.


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