2017 Goal Review

Happy New Year! I celebrated last night by staying up until almost 11 watching Black Mirror, reading until I fell asleep, and getting woken up again at midnight by all these idiots with their fireworks freaking my dogs out. So, a typical New Years celebration for me. I hate all holidays that involve fireworks.

Quinn is the only one that doesn’t care because he’s the only one that’s deaf

But now that 2017 is officially HISTORY, it’s time to look back on all those goals I set for the year and see how we did. My big huge main goal for the year was to dial WAY back on my competitiveness and stop putting so much pressure on myself when it came to showing. I had finally realized that my mindset was infringing on my fun, so I threw a lot of my more rigid goals out the window and stuck to things that I thought would be worthwhile achievements without pushing on my tendency to go a bit… overboard and morph into my own worst enemy.

This is what it looked like:

So with that revelation in mind, I scrapped almost all of my original goals and started again. 2017 is to be the year of “chill the hell out and have fun with it”. I’m not aiming for anything super ambitious, I’m not setting out an intricate show plan or worrying about qualifications or scores or points or any of that stuff. This year I’m fixing my brain and working on having confidence in myself.

Complete at least 4 Training horse trials – Done! Barely. My show budget took a pretty huge hit, but luckily we were still able to manage.

Score under 35 in dressage at Training – Did this 3 times I think, if I’m remembering all the tests. Granted, I don’t think I’ll ever do a goal like this again, because a couple of those under-35 tests didn’t deserve it, and a couple of those over-35 tests did. Therefore I think that this goal really doesn’t hold much weight as far as measuring progress, which makes it a bit useless. The numbers are nice and all but do they really mean anything when they’re so wildly subjective?

Take at least one lesson a month – Pretty sure this averaged out. There were a couple months where I didn’t have any, but other months where I had several. And since October we’ve been doing dressage lessons 2x a month. Need to get back in the jumping lesson swing.

Attend another course/seminar related to the Young Event Horse program Did the FEH clinic in late Feb, which was awesome, and I’m saying FEH counts toward the general sentiment of this “furthering education” goal. I think Bundeschampionate counts too, since watching the German young horses compete is an education in and of itself.

Get Baby Horse registered, inspected, and microchipped with RPSI We ended up going with sBs instead, which is an upgrade in my mind, and it’s done!

Get Baby Horse lifetime recorded with USEF – This was included with the sBs registration, so it’s also done!

Chill the eff out, you psycho – I definitely did this with showing, which is what it was aimed toward. I chilled way out. I probably did not do this about my horses in general though after Presto gave me the heart attack of a lifetime but I feel like I get a pass there.


Finish half marathon under 2:40 I honestly don’t remember my finish time. I think it was over that since I stopped with 100 yards to go and waited for my dad so we could cross together. Guess that technically makes it a fail, but it doesn’t feel like it, so again, I didn’t structure this goal well because I kinda missed the point.

Keep running 3x a week I’ve actually done this, for the most part. Sometimes if the weather is shit or I have a lot of horse stuff going on, I skip days, but I still run on a regular basis.

Work on my core strength LOL.

Take a non-horse related vacation – Thank goodness for that Utah Christmas vacation swinging in there at the last minute or this one would have been a fail. I’m great a horse vacations. Less so at non-horse ones. It’s hard for me to want to spend money when horses aren’t even involved.

As usual, way better at the horse part of the goals than the personal part. That’s not surprising.

There were 3 goals in my original list that I ended up taking out for various reasons (read 50 books, go foxhunting, get a year end award) and I actually DID accomplish all of those. Still kinda glad I didn’t put them in there though, it made everything happen more organically instead of me doing it because I felt like I had to check the box.

I think there were some good goals in there, but also some bad ones too. When I’m setting these things I need to do a better job of thinking of the big picture, and what I’m REALLY trying to accomplish, not the numbers on the paper. This stuff goes a lot deeper than that… or I think it should, anyway, if it’s going to mean anything. I’ll have to fix that for 2018!

5 thoughts on “2017 Goal Review

  1. I think you knocked it out of the park with your goals this year, and you showed as much strength and perseverance as Presto did. Be proud of yourself!


  2. Hahaha core strength… who needs that? (Jk!) Overall I’d say you had a pretty kickass year for goals! And glad little Presto is here to give you new goals for 2018 🙂


  3. With everything else going on in your life, I’m really impressed you manage to run consistently! And you totally get a pass on chilling out with Presto’s roller coaster – if you had been completely chill, it would probably mean you’re a sociopath.


  4. Omg i watched 2 episodes (first 2 of season 1) of black mirror and it left me feeling so funny and depressed. Good on you for the goals- especially with continuing to run!!


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