Everything Hurts and I’m Dying

Or – Happy No Stirrup November, everyone!

because nothing has ever been more accurate than this shirt

Normally I don’t really participate in this kind of stuff. I have enough struggles in my riding without introducing new and better ways to make it even harder. But something came over me yesterday. Some kind of “I will do this and I will be a better rider!”. Why do I do these things to myself? Who sold me on this hype?

First of all, I was in my dressage saddle. Which… I don’t even want to say this in public but I’m riding in it so much these days that I’m actually more comfortable in that one now instead of my jump saddle. Clearly this whole dressage thing has gone way too far. Anyway, getting ON the horse was the hardest part. Why is the cantle so high? Why is the mounting block so short? Why did I take my stirrups off BEFORE I was mounted?

Image result for vaulting gif

I did about 10 minutes without stirrups before I wanted to work on a few little things that I thought would go better if I had them, so back on they went. It was fine, my legs were already a bit grumpy anyway. I figured this morning would be rough, but I woke up feeling surprisingly great. Until about halfway through my morning run, when I debated just laying down in the middle of the road and waiting for morning rush hour.

Part of it is that it’s still so hot. I kind of just wanted to die this morning when it was 75 degrees with 95% humidity at 5am while I was running. Don’t get me wrong, that’s way better than two months ago, but still… it’s NOVEMBER. We had like 2 days of brisk, fall-like weather before it was back into the mid to upper 80’s, where it’s gonna stay for a while. Henry and I were kind of enjoying being able to breathe, and not sweating profusely. He is about as unenthusiastic as a horse can get at the moment, and it looks like I’ll be body clipping him AGAIN (for approximately the 9 thousandth time this year) next week.

We’ll see how much no stirrup work I actually do this month. I think for a lot of people this is their off season, but we still have shows going on and I still have a lot to do. For instance, we’re headed to a small local show on Saturday to do a couple of dressage tests. Yeah, dressage ONLY… Henry is gonna be pissed. I briefly entertained entering Training A and Prelim A, but our sitting trot work is still pretty inconsistent. Some days Henry is solidly “there” with me, other days we struggle with tension. I didn’t think it was ready to roll out in public yet. So Training A and Training B it is.

On Sunday I’m going to try to pop over to Dressage Trainer’s barn and audit the Charles de Kunffy clinic. There is entirely too much dressage in my life right now.

14 thoughts on “Everything Hurts and I’m Dying

  1. Good luck at the dressage competition mate 😃🦄

    It’s hot and humid here now, but wow that’s high humidity u poor bugger 😩

    Mel x


  2. I’m already there trying to do 2pt lol. Now I’ll just fall in a mess of goo doing no stirrups lol. But! I know it’ll help me soooooo I gotta. At least a bit until the show then I can torture myself lol!


  3. I realized half way through my ride it was November 1st, and was going to drop them, but then realized I dropped them in August for a full lesson so I gave myself til today to start.

    Totally get the running part and wanting to lay in traffic – idk why but at the gym this AM I honestly thought about letting myself fall off the treadmill so I had an excuse to stop.


  4. C4 made a belt with “everything hurts and I’m dying” on it, that I alllllllllmost purchased. I think it would be very No Stirrup November appropriate because #truth.


  5. Getting on for my bareback lesson was a major struggle bus last week. And I don’t care, I’m jealous, I will take 85 and 100% humidity, I’m already over winter and cold and 40 degree lessons. Why did I move to the midwest?!


  6. i have not ridden without stirrups in YEARS and choose to continue along that vein.. I hurt enough with the damn stirrups. UGH

    And that is wayyyyyyyy too much Dressage just saying 🙂


  7. You’re braver than me. I have to cool down with no stirrups to start. I’d be better off just cinching up my bareback pad at this point and puttering around the indoor. Good luck!


  8. I used to do some no stirrup November, but it no longer seems terribly safe… It would be fine on Rio since he’s not likely to part ways with me, but he only has muscles on one side if his body, so that’s super awkward. I’ve made the executive decision that riding Jampy in 40 degrees in the dark is not allowed. Maybe on the weekends when it’s light out though.
    Seriously though, how DID you get on?


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