IT’S THAT TIME: Hamer & Clay coupon code!

It’s officially NOVEMBER (holy crap) which means that if you want to order awesome, custom Christmas presents for people, now is the time. I post every year about Hamer & Clay because it’s one of my absolute favorite companies that makes some of the absolute best gifts for horse people or animal lovers in general. Plus it’s a small business. Plus the artist is a horse person. Plus they’re super affordable. It’s a winning combination all around.

For those who aren’t familiar with Hamer & Clay, they make custom ornaments or magnets of horses, dogs, cats, unicorns, or just about any other animal you can imagine – real or imaginary.

complete with glitter rainbow mane and tail, naturally

Every year when I decorate my tree, my H&C ornaments are my favorite thing to put on. They make me smile every time I see them, and they’ve also been a huge hit every time I’ve given one as a gift (which is a lot by now).

Part of what makes them so great is the impeccable attention to detail. Color, markings, distinguishing features, tack details and color… H&C does some pretty incredible things with clay.


If you don’t put up a Christmas tree, or if want to get something that you can enjoy year-round, I highly recommend a magnet! You can stick your favorite animal on your fridge, or on your file cabinet at work (not that I’ve done this or anything) and get to see it every day.

The thing about H&C is that she can only make so many ornaments in time for Christmas, and orders are filled on a first come, first served basis. If you want to make sure you have them before the holidays, get those orders in NOW! Just in case you need any incentive to do that, H&C has offered a coupon code exclusively to my readers. SHOP THROUGH THIS LINK (which applies the code likemagic to your cart automatically!) to get 30% offย  *TODAY ONLY*.ย ย 

And while you’re thinking about holiday orders, remember that this Friday November 3 is the deadline for custom holiday orders from Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks and It’s a Haggerty’s sunshirts! If the Bonnet Fits also posted this morning saying that they only have room for FIVE more bonnets in time for Christmas delivery!

Oh, and don’t also forget that the Two Socks Designs saddle pad giveaway closes on Friday as well.

17 thoughts on “IT’S THAT TIME: Hamer & Clay coupon code!

  1. Just a customer testimony:

    I ordered one for a friend’s birthday and it took a while (longer than normal – she had some stuff going on), so she was gonna work with me on a discount. I said I wanted to order two more for more friends so that’d be great, and she gave me a HUGE discount. My friends absolutely love them, I love them, and the attention to detail is PHENOMENAL. She got saddle pads and weird bridles and didn’t bat an eye when I made strange requests. She even reached out to me to verify whether one of the horses had a star, because it was just barely evident in a photo I submitted.

    Sooooo… I guess I’ll be ordering a Whiskey today to go with my Archie. โค

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  2. I didn’t even get through the entire blog post before I ordered 3 of the dogs for my friends for Christmas. I usually flood them with horse stuff, so figured I’d shock them all with dogs. ๐Ÿ™‚ And 30% off is AWESOME!!!!


  3. I love her stuff and have been wanting to order things from her for about a year now. The coupon was all the convincing I needed! I ordered an ornament for each of my animals (horse, dog, and cat) and am so excited!


  4. The one time I check your blog a day late it has a one day only code. hahaha. Thinking about one of these as a gift for the owner of Joey’s sire since they were amazing and gave me a free breeding for 2018.


  5. I’m kinda glad I was late to the party on this, cause I think it’s pretty clear how much damage I could do to my credit card over there… I love these though, I’m sure I’ll have a magnet of Rio done at some point.


  6. Those are so cute! I love the sparkly mane and tail on the jumper you posted. I’ve saved her store to come back to later!


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