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I was pretty sad this year when I sold Henry’s PS of Sweden quarter sheet. I mean… it didn’t fit him anymore since he decided he’s a beefcake, and the attachment method that it had didn’t really work with monoflaps, but I loved that thing. It was wool and it was pretty and it was a discontinued model. Alas, it’s gone now, and that leaves me in need of a new quarter sheet.

That time I made my own wool quarter sheet for Sadie and she seemed embarrassed about her homemade clothes. Never doing this again because sewing sucks.

Shockingly (insert heavy sarcasm) I’m really picky about what I want.

1) I don’t do fleece on a horse at all. So no fleece or fleece lining. I have a slight preference for wool but a waterproof nylon would be good too. Not super crappy thin acrylic wool though. Blech.

2) It cannot be hideous. I don’t do plaid. Or neon. Navy or black would be my preference.

3) It has to be removeable while riding, so I can’t do the ones that go completely under the saddle.

4) It has to work with a monoflap. While I loved the attachment design of the PS of Sweden, the attachment points were too high to work unless you had a dual flap saddle. Of course, this means that most of them will have to go over my legs, which I don’t love but can live with.

5) I’m cheap, and I only use a quarter sheet like 10 times a year, so I’m not looking to spend a lot of money.

Are we having fun yet???

There is a Horze one that is $40 that would probably work, but I have yet to come across anything of the Horze brand that I would consider to be good quality. Granted, I don’t use a quarter sheet that much so it might be fine? The Z is hideous but still a thousand times better than if they spelled out HORZE, so I could probably live with it. It claims to be “water resistant” but not waterproof. But do I really want to give my money to Horze?

And then Riding Warehouse has this one by Bucas on sale for $70, which is of similar design and materials but I’m guessing probably much higher quality given the brand. It says it’s waterproof. I like giving my money to RW.

Riding Warehouse also has this little waterproof nylon one for $42. Super basic, nothing fancy, and it doesn’t say a brand name, but I like the price. And RW has a good return policy, if it sucked.

Centaur makes a “climate control” exercise sheet that is supposed to have good breathability, but I’m not sure that I’m super enthused about spending $80 on something that essentially looks like a giant saddle pad.

Or I could just say screw it and buy the Back on Track exercise sheet when they do their Black Friday sale, which would make it like $110. Because who needs money anyway? I know that Henry likes Back on Track stuff though, and they’re well made.

Ceramic Exercise Sheet Nylon
can we take a minute to ponder why the stock photo has a reflection? Is the sheet magically hovering over water?

Are there any other magical quarter sheets out there that fit my criteria that I haven’t seen yet? Anybody have one of the above and love/hate it? I’m so uncharacteristically indecisive on this one.


46 thoughts on “Help me shop!

  1. Buy the back on track one. Henny is worth it. And really from 80 to 110 pocket change (Says someone who just maxed out her credit cards due to you and your advice 🙂 LMAO 🙂


      1. I went and looked on the website before finishing my comment to see if it was in any other color. Sorry to disappoint on that front. You can get 10% off the regular priced items during the fall sale, but that would be over $100 and at that point I’m not sure if you’d just prefer the Back on Track.


          1. Purple and silver look nice together, purple and black is classic, purple and navy might not be bad.

            Can you tell I’m considering ordering one for my horse? 😂


        1. You can get any color you want, but the purple is the only one that’s part of the fall sale. The others can be purchased for 10% off regular price.


      1. I don’t own anything from Saratoga other than their wraps, but I have browsed about every online fall sale they have had. I may finally bite the bullet and buy a quarter sheet.


  2. I have a navy wool one from Schneider’s that I’ve been really happy with. However, the closest thing to it on their site now is ––wool-blend-quarter-sheets/
    I honestly can’t say if mine is a wool blend or 100%. But I do know it’s not fleece. This one looks different from mine though – mine has tan trim.

    But, I also got the BoT one last year as a gift and I HIGHLY recommend. My old man has had some SI issues in the past and I really wanted to make sure that I give his back as much time as possible to warm up and as much help as I can. Big difference with this sheet. I actually don’t even use the Schneider’s one much anymore.

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  3. If you love old school and things you can/should keep forever then check out the newmarket quarter sheet at Friday Fox It is closer to the BOT price point, but it is BEAUTIFUL wool and if you didn’t want to use it on your horse you could totally use it to decorate your house. 🙂 I bought a bunch of stuff from them last year and they are a DREAM to work with. Their dog blankets are also very well made and well priced. 😉


    1. Real life confession. I have a rain skirt (and a winter skirt on the way) and still ride my turtles with a quarter sheet on top of that. Thoroughbreds are not meant to live on the arctic tundra and not have a heated indoor, or so they’re trying to convince me (and by arctic tundra, I mean Minnesota).


  4. i actually kinda dig that centaur one – looks like it has good coverage while still leaving room for your leg. brita has the BoT exercise sheet and adores it tho. if you can stomach the cost, that’s honestly probably the best choice. charlie currently goes in a hand-me-down green fleece varietal that has multiple holes from mice chewing through it. it’s….. a unique look.


  5. I have an amazing schockemöhle one similar to your old ps one but the attachment is higher up so it goes round my stirrups leather keeper perfectly, however it’s really old and they don’t make them anymore. Rambo make one that’s described as ‘waterproof fleece’ I’ve no idea what it actually is but I can promise it doesn’t feel like fleece, sort of like a soft shell? Failing that I have 2 weatherbeeta ones, a nice thin waterproof one and a fleece one, both were cheap and have held up to my abuse well. I have monoflaps too and I put them over the saddle and put my stirrups over the top of them meaning I don’t have to wrap them over my legs which would annoy the hell out of me.


  6. I have the Bucas one, and I wouldn’t recommend it. It has a fleece (or very close to fleece material) lining that always seems to shift and pull on my mare’s haunches. She’s a princess, and definitely does not appreciate it. However, I have yet to find one that we are both happy with!


  7. Even though I kinda dig the look of the ginormous saddle pad – I am not a fan of Centaur products. They simply don’t last. If you don’t want to hold out for the BoT one, I like the RW one with the bit of accent stripe. Props to you on even TRYING to sew anything. I couldn’t even make a simple square pillow in home economics in middle school. Sewing machines are the devil.


  8. I have the Back on Track Qtr sheet and really like it. I haven’t used it a ton as I got it last year but like all my BoT it is well made and serves its purpose. If I were you and you didn’t end up getting the BoT I would get the Bucas – I have 2 coolers from them that are my favorite.

    Still wishing we could find a PS style one that connects lower 😦


  9. I have an unused size 81 back on track that I can sell for $75 plus shipping. It is however the fleece version. I somehow have 2. I regularly use 1 and love it.


          1. Fair enough. I will say the one I have has been used 3 years and washed once. I get way more electrostatic discharge pulling off a nylon blanket.


  10. I’ve given up on quarter sheets. They never fit right! I just do it hunter princess style (even though I am a jumper) and throw a wool cooler on them and tuck it over my legs for walking and cooling out


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