Six Months

Holy crap guys, guess who turned 6 months old on the 16th?

omg who???

Time flies, huh? 6 months kind of seems like the official point at which I can’t really call him a foal anymore… he’s a weanling now. Well, he will be after his inspection next week, anyway. Then Sadie goes back to her normal life, focusing on growing her 2017 Diarado baby, and Presto learns what the world is like with no mom to help you through it (or step on you, or use you as a scratching post).

This is also probably the last time he’ll look even semi-attractive until next summer. Is there anything worse than weanling awkwards combined with winter woolies? I think not. After the inspection photos it might be a while before y’all get anymore full body views of the wildebeest. Granted, he’s looking really really moth-eaten right now anyway, so maybe we’ve already crossed into wildebeest territory. It’s like his coat still hasn’t quite recovered from all the sickness and he’s kinda patchy. And gangly. If his chest would actually start to sprout outward, that would be great.

He’s got a big fall and winter ahead. His BFF Liam will be leaving (which I think will make both of them really sad, they’re such bros) and he’ll be getting gelded. He’ll have to do more “big horse” stuff now. Mostly though, he’s just gonna be eating and growing. For like… 4 more years.

He keeps getting better and better though, as he slowly recovers from all the issues he had as a foal. He’s still weedy (maybe he always will be) but his legs have straightened out beautifully and he’s right on target for size, with legs for days. We’re also FINALLY starting to get glimpses of his gaits, too, including the first real trot I’ve ever actually seen from him. His typical preferred gaits are standing still and galloping. I knew there had to be a fancy trot lurking in there somewhere.

giphy (7)

Going forward I think the “birthday” posts will be reserved for years instead of months, but you’ll still be seeing lots of Presto updates here, especially once I figure out how to get him a bit closer to me. I need more of this nugget in my life on the regular. Can’t wait to see him next week and get him all prettied up (well, as much as possible at this point) for his inspection!

11 thoughts on “Six Months

  1. Yeah, I’m trying to prepare myself for the next 6 months of wooly Joey and it makes me sad already. Though he’s doing through some weird late season foal molt x2 right now and shedding off a sooty buckskin color instead of the butterscotch barbie dream horse color he did have going. Idk what I’ll have come spring. haha I can’t wait to see Presto’s inspection details!


  2. Ahhhhh he’s about to enter a new stage of life and he has no idea what’s coming lol!!

    I can’t wait to see him all handsome for the inspection… and in like 4 years doing real things!!


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