Technology is Magical

Heh, “magical”. Because it’s about Presto. Get it? Yeah I know, I’m a laugh a minute. Give me a break, it’s been a hard week and it’s not even halfway over yet.

While I’m super thrilled that Presto is back at Willow Tree, the only downside of this is that he’s really far away from me now. When he was at the breeding farm it was possible for me take a weekend day and go see him. Two hours there and two hours back isn’t bad, as far as Texas goes. But Willow Tree is more like 5 hours there and 5 hours back, which becomes a little more complicated. I haven’t seen him for a few weeks, and because my and Michelle’s July schedules don’t sync up very well, I won’t be able to make the drive out there to see him until the end of the month. That’s where technology really comes in handy.

I already raved about the amazing invention that is stall cameras… they are the only thing that kept me even remotely sane during the end of Sadie’s pregnancy and when Presto first came home from his long stay at the vet. Being able to pop those things open and check on the him is a lifesaver for someone like me (aka kind of crazy) and it keeps me bugging Michelle 24/7.

look who can kinda reach the grass now without doing the weird bendy leg thing!

When Presto first came back from the vet I was watching him on those things A LOT, even waking up in the middle of the night to peek in on him. Nowadays I usually just go in once a day and see what he’s up to (usually nothing) and go back through some of the saved clips to admire how goshdarn cute he is or see if I can get a good glimpse at how his legs are looking. They’re out in the field all night, or sometimes during the day if it’s cool enough, so there’s not much excitement to be had on the cams.

Except when he’s inside and Liam is outside, so he screams for Liam to come in even though they’re both free to go in and out as they please.

Every once in a while when she has some time, Michelle will FaceTime me and show me what’s he up to out in the pasture. Usually it’s this:

5 more minutes

Because all he really does is eat, sleep, and play with Liam.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate all the cool things we can do now, in 2017? I can literally video chat with my horse, even if most of the time he simply cannot be bothered to even get up and say hi. It definitely helps get me through these long stretches where I’m not able to see him in person.


11 thoughts on “Technology is Magical

  1. He is such a handsome boy! How tall is he now?
    I love his shiny, sleek coat.
    Also, in that first pic, is Liam trying to bite him in the butt?


  2. Such a goober. All Joey seems to do is sleep and eat. If I see Joey cantering more than 3 strides, I get concerned because he’s so lazy and something must be wrong. haha. When you say you’re watching to see how his legs are looking…is he growing too fast/getting over in the knees?


    1. He’s been a little crooked from the beginning, a little bit over (that kind of went away and then came back) and the right front deviated out below the knee. He’s straightened up well as far as the deviated RF goes, but he’s still slightly over at the knee. Not really a surprise considering he’s been sick his whole life, so I’m sure his body is not as nourished as a normal foal, thus it has not self-corrected all the way yet. We started him on Rejuvenaide a couple weeks ago and it seems to be helping. I think it will resolve on it’s own just fine over time, but ya know… I love to stare at it and obsess.


  3. hmm anyone remember the Truman Show movie. I can totally seeing us having a Presto Channel. We would GET no work done but wouldnt that be fun! He is totally filling out growing up and I think his legs have definitely improved….
    Michelle is just such a good babysitter aren’t you glad you don’t have to worry about him there!!
    Hope you get to see him sooner rather than later. But if not he is in good hands 🙂


  4. Thank goodness for technology! I would be a lot crazier than you, especially after all you’ve gone through with him already.
    Love all the media of him, he’s just the cutest!


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