The Unveiling

Remember way back at the very end of January when I finally got to order my long-coveted Tucci boots? Guess what came?

And not a moment too soon, because despite the fact that I have 3 pairs of tall boots in my closet, all of them are in various stages of death. My previous show boots, the Ariat Monacos, have several holes in each boot. My super soft TuffRider boots finally popped a few stitches (and are too short to show in anyway), and the brown Mondoni’s have very admirably held up to constant use over the past year but are definitely not much longer for this world.

remember this sad comparison?

So I’m not gonna lie, I might have squealed a little bit when I saw the Tucci box. And I have to give them extra points, it’s a damn nice box. Very fancy.

I very sloooowly opened them because these boots are supposed to last me a long time, therefore who knows when I’ll get the pleasure of opening a new boot box again. Y’all know how glorious it is when that new leather smell first hits your nostrils, and then the excitement of slowly peeling back the tissue paper to reveal The Lovelies underneath.

And they are really, really lovely.

I ordered the Tucci Marilyn, which has all the fancy punching around the top, heel, and the wingtip toe. Thank you eventing for being a sport that welcomes individuality, because I’m not sure that I would have been ballsy enough to order these if I was still in h/j land. I know a lot of people are meh about a wingtip, but I freaking love it.

fanciest toes in the barn

I special ordered them with a navy top, because… do I really have to explain? I’m just a really big fan of navy, ok? Although I do admit I was a bit worried that with all the punching and the wingtip, the navy might send them over the edge of “too much”. For some people I’m sure it does, but for me the navy is subtle enough to where it’s pretty perfect. From a distance you definitely can’t tell it’s navy, you have to get close up to see for sure.

But how do they fit?

Pretty freaking perfect. Granted, I am not that hard to fit, these are an off the shelf size… 39H (regular calf, extra tall). They are definitely tall on me at the moment, it is not very comfortable to snap them behind the knee yet, but my #1 pet peeve is boots that end up too short. Cannot stand it, even if it’s just the tiniest fraction too short, so I always err on the side of too tall. They’ve already started to drop some and I think in another week or two they’ll be the perfect amount of slightly too tall – exactly how I like them.

There are a lot of features of the Tucci’s that I think are really interesting and the construction seems pretty impressive. I’ll do a formal review and get more into all of the details once I’ve had them for a while. For now though I just want to stare at them and tell them they’re pretty.

16 thoughts on “The Unveiling

    1. Probably the brown Ego7’s, sticking with the Tucci brand. I’m hoping I can save up enough to buy them when we’re in Europe, since they’re waaaay cheaper over there. Hopefully the Mondoni’s can hang in there for that long… it seems sketchy at the moment.


      1. That would be awesome to be able to buy in Europe and save some $$. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed that the Mondonis hang in there.


  1. They look so soft already! They will be even more beautiful when they get a little wear on them and look Real.


  2. They look awesome! I love how you said you got the navy, just because you like navy! For a moment (brief, but still happened) I almost gave up on pink and switched to navy. The boots look awesome, shame to have to hang up your old ones, they look so comfy 🙂 Happy Riding. Mel x


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