Rolex Day 1 

Basic summary of the day, if you’d rather just do a quick one-and-done, this video of Hillary opening our ciders with her Simko belt pretty much sums it up:

But before all that, we started out the day in Nashville. 

First we headed to Hillary’s barn so I could meet Annie and Houston and Luna (all cute, of course) and see her barn owner’s super adorable new colt. He’s very handsome, and a total little wild hellion. Loved him, naturally. Not as cute as Presto 😉 but a close second.

Then we headed out to Lexington, with a quick stop along the way to pick up our accommodations for the weekend. 

Hillary drove it, I parked it (I’m used to a bumper pull) and we had everything set up and ready to go within 30 minutes. Our camping spot is literally like 100′ from the entrance gates, we have our own beds, a shower, a kitchen… this is absolutely, 100%, the best way to do Rolex. This must always happen.

Then we went to a blogger meet-up taco party where we possibly drank a wee bit too much before walking back over to our RV (and only getting slightly lost along the way, go us) and falling asleep. 

This morning we’re headed inside to hit up the trade fair and stalk Michael Jung in dressage warmup. I’ve definitely had worse Fridays. 

11 thoughts on “Rolex Day 1 

  1. Your Thursday > My Thursday
    Your Friday is looking pretty good, too. Although I get to pick Cosmo up from the vet clinic he’s been at all week, so mine is not looking too shabby either. Although yours will probably be WAY more fun and hope less expensive.


  2. How much did your RV cost? I am thinking of going next year, and that sounds way better than a hotel way far away like I did when I went a few years ago.


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