What Up, Rolex?

Oh hey there, guess what, today is ROLEX DAY!

Image result for rolex kentucky best weekend
if you never hear from me again it’s because I got arrested for stalking MJ
I flew into Nashville last night to meet up with Hillary, and in a little bit we’re going to head down to Lexington, grab an RV, and set ourselves up in the campground for the weekend.

Not gonna lie, pretty excited about the RV. Beds, shower, toilet, kitchen, and we don’t have to ever leave KHP? Yes please. And considering the constantly changing forecast I think it’s a good idea that we didn’t try to tent camp.

My carry on, naturally

We have a few things planned already, plus a blogger meet-up or two, but if you’re there and want to say hello, hit me up! Or if you aren’t going and there’s anything in particular you want pictures of, I can try to do that too.

20 thoughts on “What Up, Rolex?

  1. Are you going to the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center brunch on Sunday? It’s a benefit brunch for OTTB’s out at the park. It should be pretty fun! Plus there’s mimosa’s!


  2. Buy me a saddle while you are there 🙂 LOLLOL thanks and have fun! (for some reason when i think of you guys in a RV i think of Eddie on Christmas Vacation and his RV 🙂 HA


  3. Will you do me a solid and figure out what their grooming secrets are? In the pictures of the jog, their horses are glossier than a new car.

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  4. Have fun! Went last year and had the best time! Settling for live streaming it on home ‘puter whilst working on work ‘puter today and tomorrow.


  5. Amuse me! Blog posts. Instagram. Twitter, if you must. I expect your weekend to be unendingly dedicated to my entertainment. … oh, did I say that out loud? … slinks back to livestream …


    1. Good grief, apparently I didn’t proofread my comment before hitting post. Creepereal? That should have been creeper. Nother? That should have been not an active commenter or blogger.


  6. Omg I want to trailer camp with you guys next year… how fun would that be to have a handful of trailers and all do horsey stuff all day and hangout/eat/drink st night?!


  7. I will be at the head of the lake. Even though we don’t know each other, I love your blog and would love to meet you and tell you how awesome Henry is!. Stop by for a mimosa or sangria if you want to. I’ll be the one with the little brindle Great Dane, 2 kids, and a gaggle of tipsy ladies on the hill over looking the water jump by the lake!


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