Sweetening the Pot!

This is your official reminder about the Willow Tree Warmbloods logo contest! You have until January 2nd to submit your entries and we’ve only gotten a handful so far. I also have a couple of notes to add:

There have been additions to the winner’s prize pack! Aside from the custom painting, Lund figure 8 bridle and reins, custom ornament from Hamer & Clay, saddle pad or jacket featuring the logo, Leistner brush, and a free download of the All Ears app, you will also get a super cute Ogilvy baby pad with the Hamer & Clay logo. Only a few of these exist and they are not for sale!


We’ll also be offering Riding Warehouse gift cards to the top 2 runners-up.

One other thing: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the rules on the original contest post thoroughly before you submit your logos. We’ve gotten a few that say “Willow Tree Farm” instead of “Willow Tree Warmbloods” in particular. Unfortunately that means they’re automatically unusable, which makes me sad. Please don’t make me sad.

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