Reunited and it feels so good

Guess what??? I rode my pony!!!

My favorite ears

It was only for about 20 minutes, mostly at the walk, with maybe 5 trot circles. The rehab place hasn’t finished their ring yet, and there’s not much cleared flat space, so I couldn’t really do much. I think Henry felt pretty good but I’m reserving judgment for a time when I can get a better ride in.

He’s so hairy

Which should be sometime this week, since he’s moving to his new place tomorrow. He’s a week overdue with his feet though, and his shoes are barely hanging on, so hopefully I can get the farrier out ASAP. He’s still got one more day of aquatred and spa time, then it’s back to the real world. Sorry Henny.

He’s up to 30 minute sessions, with all the resistance jets

The rest of my weekend was dedicated to a few less exciting but equally important things.

1) Helping a friend get a bunch of stuff for her new horse property (well, I really just laughed at her as she ran her overstuffed cart into all the aisle displays at Lowe’s. Lesson here: choose a better friend than me.) and haul it home for her in my truck.

Just one of many displays she ran into while I cackled and took a picture. Friend of the year, I am.

2) Cleaning all the things. First I cleaned and conditioned all my tack, which took a ridiculously long time.

There is never enough.  

I also completely cleaned out, washed, and reorganized my tack trunk. It’s amazing how the wildlife completely took over in just a month’s time, there were cobwebs everywhere. I think I came across at least 15 different species of spiders.

So fresh and so clean clean. Stanley needs more stickers, a few did not survive the washing.

Saddle pads, fly mask, and XC boots also got washed too. Everything is now cleaned and packed and ready for the new barn tomorrow.

3) Getting stuff ready for HALLOWEEN. It’s my favorite holiday, and we always have a party at our house on Halloween night. I made lots of food and wrangled some last minute costumes (I haven’t been very good at the whole preparation thing lately) for myself and the dogs. They’re going as emojis that match their personalities.

He’s a little shit. But his cuteness cancels it out.

Happy Halloween!

22 thoughts on “Reunited and it feels so good

  1. Your nice clean trunk makes me want to clean out my own. We added new sand to the run-in (it’s inside my barn) so there is dust kicked up on everything from hangry pacing ponies.


  2. Reading this reminds me of how badly I need to do “horse laundry” and clean my tack, but I’m going to ignore that feeling until it goes away haha. Poor Henny, spa vacay is over! But I’ve missed seeing daily derp faces so I’m glad you guys are reunited 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. i’m impressed by how well the trunk (and stickers!) held up to what certainly must have been a blazing fire to get rid of all those spiders. solid construction! also tho, yay for Henry healing and coming back into the real world soon!


  4. Fun fact: in the average American home there are over 10,000 species of arthropod (spiders and insects, but also crustaceans which I imagine are not terribly common). Source: arthrpodologist on the radio.


        1. That’s true, I got attacked by a lot of freaking bugs while I was trying to clean my trunk out yesterday. Bees, mosquitoes, spiders, flies, gnats, lizards. All in 90 degree weather. Texas is wonderful.

          Liked by 1 person

      1. ha never say never (re being bucked off) LOL I used to say that Remus couldnt do it either (ahem in the right alignment of stars it could (And did) happen LOL). But glad you got to ride your boy and glad he moves today! Happy Moving Day!!


  5. I’m so excited for you and Henry!!!
    Nice work getting everything cleaned and organized. My whole life needs that right now. Barn stuff, house stuff, car… all of it. I had grand plans for much of that this weekend, but hypothyroid won and I did none of it.
    I tried to dress my dogs and myself in the same Unicorn costume this year. It was an epic fail, but hilariously fun.


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