Coconino Day 2: We made it!!!

No offense, New Mexico, but you ugly. Our layover spot was awesome but I was glad to be back on the road and leaving the dust behind.

That fine red dirt manages to attach itself to everything, inside and out. Don’t believe me? Exhibit A: the dashboard of the truck.

Otherwise the drive was uneventful, except when Henry started bucking in the trailer because I dunno, Henny angst?

We did a quick pit stop before Gallup and both boys traveled even better than day 1. Henry drank a whole bucket of water and pooped/peed a lot, and both were bright and energetic. The weather held out too – we got to higher elevation before it got hot, so it was actually really pleasant.

When we rolled into Flagstaff we were totally blown away by how gorgeous it is. Mountains, pine trees, and a nice cool breeze. It’s heaven.

Once we got the boys settled and all our crap unpacked, Trainer took Henry for a quick flat ride and Bobby went for a walk on Halo.

Then we were off to the feed store to buy hay, and omg even the HAY here is beautiful. How is theirs so much prettier than ours? I want to eat it myself. The boys were THRILLED when we tossed them a big pile. 

After that we set up our tent (memory foam mattress topper for the win, it’s SO comfortable), cleaned ourselves up, ate dinner, and popped open some celebratory drinks. 

We sat around talking until it got dark enough to see all the stars, then we just stood there for a while and took it all in. What a gorgeous place to be, doing the thing that we love so much with the horses that our lives revolve completely around. I’m not even sure I have the words to describe just how awesome it really feels… I’m just so damn happy to be here. With all the craziness going on in the world lately, my soul really needed this.

WE MADE IT, y’all, and it’s everything I had dreamed of and more. Best showcation ever, and we haven’t really even gotten started yet.

21 thoughts on “Coconino Day 2: We made it!!!

      1. Wow, it looks amazing compared to the coastal we’re getting here right now. Funny how lower heat and humidity are good for all the things (like not cooking hay).


  1. I’m glad the drive out was uneventful, the scenery looks GORGEOUS!! You guys will have the best time! πŸ˜€


  2. Glad to hear you made it! We don’t have those levels of dust, but we do have those levels of pollen, and in the spring everything looks like that, only green tinted. Also, jealous of the Henry’s that is my new favorite adult beverage.


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