Coconino Day 3: Pretty views and spoilers

Friday was a busy but fun day. Trainer was planning on doing a dressage school on Henry in the afternoon so I got on in the morning and took him for a long hack around the grounds. I still can’t get over how gorgeous this place is.

We explored some of the trails, then wandered out to the track (where the arenas are) and walked a lap.

We found Bobby and Halo on the backside, so we waited for him to be done schooling and then hacked the boys out together.

When we were done I left Henry to his usual morning siesta while Bobby and I went to pick up packets and check out the tack shop (because duh). Sad news, I managed not to buy anything. I’m starting to think I’ve already bought everything there is to buy.

In the afternoon Trainer hopped on, and Henry was good but definitely a bit tense. That’s just kind of him, though. He was making every effort to be good, so there’s not much more you can ask from him.

Then we cleaned tack, ate dinner, walked XC, and tucked the boys in for the evening. Saturday was starting off bright and early with a 7:something a.m. dressage for Henry! 

I’m gonna hold off doing a proper show recap until I get home next week and can get all the media together, but here’s a spoiler:

I think our barn did alright…

On to the 3 Day! But first, we’re gonna go do some sightseeing on our day off…

17 thoughts on “Coconino Day 3: Pretty views and spoilers

  1. Love the pictures. I grew up in Phoenix and spent every summer up in Flag at my grandparents cabin. It makes me miss it! Coconino was one of my favorite shows.


  2. This is so mean…how can you show us all these ribbons(how did you guys manage that many in one werbend, btw??) and the make us wait soooooo long for a recap?
    Mean, I tell you!
    Congrats though and the place really is gorgeous. Cannot wait to see more pics.


    1. If you zoom in on the pic you should be able to read the ribbons, but one is overall, one is team, and one is optimum time. He won prizes too, this show is awesome!


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